Top 10 Dog Foods Compared


Your dog is more than a pet and deserves to eat the best. As a member of your family, and best friend you want to keep your dog happy, healthy, and active. The food you feed your dog will play a vital role in its health, which is why you always want to read the listed ingredients. Additives and meat by products do not contain any nutritional value, and can end up hurting your dog’s health. While there are several top rated dog foods to choose from, it can still be difficult finding one your pet likes. To help you find a nutritious product that your pet will eat we have listed the following brief reviews of the top 10 dog foods.


Taste of the Wild Hi Prairie


1.Taste of the WildWith the flavors of roasted venison and buffalo and real meat listed in the ingredients, it will be hard to get your dog to stop eating this premium dog food. You’ll appreciate the grain free formula that is perfect for any stage of an active dog’s life, and with its ability to help support a healthy canine immune system you can enjoy a long life with your best friend. Complete with natural antioxidants, along with plenty of nutritious vegetables and fruit you can feel good about feeding this dry food to your dog.

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Wellness Core


2.Wellness CoreFull of natural ingredients and missing any animal by products you will always feel good giving your dog this nutritious dry food. Containing more protein than similar products and recommended to maintain optimal health, it is easy to see why many consumers consider this the best dog food. It contains natural ingredients that is perfectly suited to keep your healthy dog fit and active.

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Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition


3.PedigreeThis well known brand has been keeping dogs in peak health for years, and it still features the same great tasting formula your pet will love. Not only does your dog have the benefit of a well balanced diet, the included antioxidants help to keep your pet healthy and active. This dry food also contains fiber that helps to keep your dog’s digestive system healthy and functioning normally. With a flavor most animals love, it is easy to keep your dog in great health with this nutritious dog food.

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Purina Pro Plan Savor


4.Purina Pro Plan SavorThe first thing you’ll notice is that the number one ingredient is real chicken, and adult dogs love the great taste. It features all of the different textures and tastes that help stimulate your dog’s appetite, and you’ll appreciate its affordable price. Feeding your dog delicious and nutritious food doesn’t have to be expensive, and this blended formula is the perfect example. With plenty of fiber and protein included to keep active adult dogs healthy, you’ll love knowing you can feed nutritious food to your four legged friend on a budget.

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Canidae All Life Stages


5.CANIDAE All Life StagesYour dog will love the taste and you’ll love how much nutrition is packed into the bit size kibble. Designed to support the health of your dog in any stage, it is easy to digest and great tasting. With real chicken, fish, lamb and turkey meat for plenty of protein, along with vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy skin and coat your dog will look as great as he feels. Since this dog food is formulated for all stages of life, it is also ideal for multiple pet owners.

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Diamond Naturals


6.Diamond NaturalsPacked with vital nutrients essential for your dog’s health, this dry dog food also has a taste your pet will love. Made from real meat and rice, your dog will get all of the protein he needs to live a long and healthy life. The included antioxidants promote a strong immune system, and you also have the benefit of the well balanced fatty acids for healthy skin and fur. With crunchy kibble to remove plaque and tartar, it will be easy to keep your dog fit and active.

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IAMS ProActive Health


7.IAMS ProActive HealthOften recommended by veterinarians for its nutritional value, this dry food has been successfully keeping dogs’ health for years. It features a great tasting formula that dogs love, along with complete nutrition for your active companion. You have the benefit of the included protein which helps dogs develop strong bones and muscles, along with crunchy kibble to keep canine teeth clean.

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Hills Science Diet Advanced Fitness


8.Hills Science DietWith complete nutrition included in this dry food, you can keep your dog fit and active for years. The kibble has a taste that dogs love, and you will appreciate the long list of healthy benefits. Strengthen and support good digestive health and your dog’s immune system with the included nutrients, and the dry food is also easy for sensitive stomachs to digest. Keep your dog’s coat sleek and shiny with the omega three acids, and improve heart health of a continued active life.

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Nutro Max Large Breed


9.Nutro MaxIf you want to brush your dog’s teeth and keep him eating healthy, this might be the dry kibble you’ve been looking for. Featuring a chicken and rice flavor that dogs love and a price that you’ll appreciate, this food contains plenty of natural ingredients to keep you both happy. The hard kibbles work to remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth, while also providing nutritious to support continued good health. Improve joint and muscle function and promote digestive health with this nutritious dry dog food.

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Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken & Brown Rice


10.Blue BuffaloProtect your dog’s health for life with this great tasting and nutritious dog food. Featuring natural chicken and rice among the top ingredients, you will love the nutritional value and how easy it is to get your dog to eat. The included vegetables provide vitamins and minerals for all stages of your dog’s life, and the whole grains keep your best friend healthy and active. This dry kibble also includes plenty of protein for strong muscle development, and the amino acids needed to keep your dog’s coat shiny and health.

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