If you are looking for the best dog leash and you want short and to the point information on the topic, you have come to the right place. To help you out, we examined a lot of reviews on the best dog leashes, and also monitored sales figures and social media comments. Among the product we read about, one in particular stood out: the EzyDog HANDY 48. This model offers you the possibility to always be in control of the leash, as you can retract it or release it as you see fit. The leash feels comfortable, as its neoprene glove style grip will not allow any chafing or rubbing to occur. It also uses top of the line shock absorbing technology that helps with overall comfort. If you cannot find the EzyDog HANDY 48, the Pet Neat is the next choice, as it offers almost the same advantages.



Buying Guide


Whether you like walking your dog in perfect safety, or you want to train it properly, a good leash is a must. There are many good dog leashes available on the market, and picking one may seem like a difficult decision. There are different lengths, and some are advertised as being better for training or for jogging along with your furry friend. Follow these recommendations, and you will find it much easier to get the leash you want for your dog.

How many types of dog leashes are out there?

When faced with this question, you may feel tempted to think only about two types: standard and retractable. There are others, but we will talk about them a bit later. Standard leashes are those that consist only of a long cord that attaches to the dog collar and can be held in one hand. They can be used for walking and some basic training.

A better choice would be a retractable model. The best retractable dog leash reviews recommend them for the adjustability they offer. You can release the cord or retract it, thus limiting the movement for your dog, so you can keep it closer to you when you need it, or let it roam freely when you are in a safe area.

Other types of leashes are available. For instance, you can use a dog leash for jogging that attaches to your waist on one end, so you can use your hands for balancing yourself while running. Another model is a leash for attaching the dog to the safety belt inside a car. You can also use a multiple dog leash if you have more than one dog.



Dog leashes can be made from various materials. Nylon models are quite popular because they are durable and cheap. The fabric resists to wear and tear, and it can be cleaned easily. Another advantage is that nylon leashes can come in different colors and patterns.

Leather leashes are another option. While they are more expensive, they look classier, and they are very durable. They offer a more comfortable grip than nylon models that can cause some chafing when dealing with a more energetic dog.

Chain leashes are not exactly popular with dog owners, but they may be the best choice available for dogs that have a tendency to chew on the leash to break free. In case you like walking your dog late in the evening, a reflective model may be another option you can try.



An aspect you should not neglect is the comfort factor. A leash must be comfortable for both the owner and the dog. The best dog leash for puppies should be comfortable, for instance, because puppies need training, but, if they are constantly annoyed by small discomforts, they may not be so easy to train.

The grip on the leash must be ergonomic. It should be easy for you to hold the leash in your hand, without any excessive rubbing and chafing. Your dog should not be able to pull the leash out of your hand easily, either.



Top Rated Dog Leashes in 2019


You will find below the top dog leashes currently available. Scoring high in dog owners’ preferences, they are all fine choices, as they come equipped with the needed features for training or simply walking your dog in the park.


Our recommendations


EzyDog HANDY 48


The EzyDog HANDY 48 is a great dog leash you can try at the moment. You can either use it for letting your dog run free or as a training leash since it can retract as you see fit. You will be the one in control all the time, which means that your furry companion will be well protected against any kind of accidents, and you can also teach it a few good manners.

A nice touch of this dog leash is the shock absorbing technology used. You will not feel like the leash gets jerky when you retract or release the cord, and overall, it will feel comfortable in your hand. For its convenience, this model has already garnered a lot of positive reviews from buyers.

Let’s take a look at the hand grip. It is very important for any dog owner, especially when taking care of more energetic pets, to make sure that the grip is solid. The design of the grip, in this case, consists of a neoprene glove that is soft and comfortable to the touch. It doesn’t allow slippage, and it is a robust feature that contributes to the overall value of this model. Your dog will be happy with you, and so will you.

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Pet Neat


The casing on this dog leash is made from ABS, a sturdy material that guarantees that you will enjoy it for a long time. Actually, the manufacturer places so much trust in this product that they offer lifetime warranty with any purchase.

In terms of ergonomics, this dog leash scores high, as well. The grip offered allows you to maintain a steady hand on the leash, without worrying that it might just slip away when you least expected. Especially if your dog is the energetic kind, you will want to have such a feature available.

The maximum weight of a pet that can be easily handled with the help of this leash is 110 pounds. That means that you can use it for both larger and smaller breeds with the same results. The leash is made from sturdy nylon, so your dog will not be able to break it, even when performing sudden moves.

The casing has a break and lock button. Releasing the cord is easy, as is retracting it back. This way, you will know for sure that Fido won’t be able to roam just as it likes and will always turn back to heel as needed.

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Hertzko Bungee


One thing dog owners are not particularly fond of when they are walking their pets is that their hands easily become strained. That can be solved with the help of a sturdy leash that is designed to offer superior comfort to the owner. The flexible bungee installed on this hands-free leash acts as a pretty reliable shock absorber, so you will not feel the usual discomfort when running or hiking with your dog in tow.

The waistband is designed to be comfortable, and it can be adjusted after your waist. The maximum length is 48 inches, so bear this aspect in mind when you shop for a new dog leash, and this one catches your eye. This hands-free leash is made to resist all weather conditions, and it is made from durable materials. Using the Tri Glide adjuster, you can opt for more or less cord.

A nice touch added by the manufacturer is the reflective stitching that makes it easy for the leash to be spotted in the dark. Especially when jogging late into the evening, this will help protect you against possible accidents. The reflective stitching stretches all along the leash length for easy spotting.

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