Top rated Dome Security Camera in 2019


People consult the best dome security camera reviews when they want inconspicuous surveillance of a wide area. Dome security cameras have a rotating orientation, effectively enabling them to cover a space all around. The tinted glass or plastic covering prevents people from knowing which way the device points at. Here’s a short list of good products worth buying.



R-Tech RVD70B 700TVL Outdoor Dome Security Camera


Built with 35 pieces of infrared LEDS in the lamp, the R-Tech RVD70B 700TVL Outdoor Dome Security Camera is able to capture movement with ease. This device has been rated highly in many best dome security camera reviews thanks to its delivery of superior image quality by employing 700 TV lines of resolution. The 2.8-12mm Vari-focal lens effectively covers a wide area. This surveillance camera has an impressive IR range of 98 feet, ensuring high-performance video-taking even when the area is in complete darkness. Optimal picture quality is obtainable due to Backlight Compensation and Auto Gain Control.

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GW Security Inc. Indoor Outdoor SONY CCD Dome Security Camera


The GW Security Inc. SONY CCD Dome Security Camera offers versatility with its indoor and outdoor functionality, eliminating the need to buy different types of security cameras for use in and outside the house. The device is waterproof, allowing you to position it around the house, on the eaves, walls, etc. This is one of the top rated dome security cameras 2019 lauded for its low illumination color, which allows it to do its job undetected by people. The camera is also vandal resistant, so it can’t be taken apart easily or quickly removed from its position.

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VideoSecu Outdoor CCD CCTV Security Dome Camera


Considered by happy buyers as the best dome security camera 2019, the VideoSecu Outdoor CCD CCTV Security Dome Camera is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It has a weatherproof dome that is easy to assemble, giving you a cost-effective, versatile and two-in-one surveillance device. The unit is compact at 3.5 inches, enabling it to perform well while staying unobtrusive. The compact housing is eye-catching, ensuring that it won’t clash with the rest of its surroundings and making people think it’s just a decorative house ornament. Installation is simple and performance is topnotch.

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EVERTECH EV-CDM168VWeather Proof Dome Security Camera


Housed in a strong vandal-proof and weatherproof casing, the EVERTECH EV-CDM168V Weather Proof Dome Security Camera deserves to be the best dome security camera 2019. This device is perfect for various surveillance applications in the home or place of business. It works well even in dusty or wet environments, giving you dependable security and peace of mind. The infrared color camera works day and night, automatically switching to black and white images come nightfall. Crisp, high-resolution pictures are delivered, with objects remaining visible up to 66 feet. The device comes with manual pan and tilt for convenient wall and ceiling mounting.

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i-Secu IR Dome Outdoor CCTV Security Camera


Keeping your mind at ease in terms of home security and surveillance, the i-Secu IR Dome Outdoor CCTV Security Camera offers    high-definition resolution 0f 800 TV lines for clear images. Thanks to the built-in Automatic gain control, images in low light do not present with noise or snow on the screen. Thanks to the Auto/Manual White Balance, images are delivered in as crisp detail as possible, making them easy to view on the screen. The built-in 24 IR LEDs help the camera work efficiently in the dark. The device captures images up to a distance of 60 feet, so you won’t miss important details.

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