Knowing how troublesome it can be to research about the best double din receivers on the market, we have undertaken to help consumers find a good product for their needs via this short paragraph. In evaluating a host of different products on the market, we compared some of the popular options based on quality and value. This has led us to a heavy consumer favorite, the Pioneer AVH-280BT. With its 6.2″ WVGA Touchscreen with LED Backlight Display, this model makes interface effortless and can be used even in the darkened interiors of your vehicle, helping you optimize its features on the go. It is always ready to roll thanks to its direct connectivity with your iPhone or iPod so you can enjoy your favorite music using your very own music library. Beautifully displayed on the large touchscreen are the artist, song, and album information to eliminate the guesswork. Due to its tremendous popularity among consumers, the Pioneer AVH-280BT might be out of stock when you search for it but rest assured that there’s still the market’s second best option, the Kenwood DPX501BT.



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These days, it’s rather tricky to get the absolute best double din DVD receiver as we’ve noticed that more and more systems are coming out every year. With such a broad variety of alternatives, it might be difficult for you to make up your mind on a single model, which is why we recommend you to have a look at our guide. After all, it’s packed with useful info that you can use to understand the main concepts of a double din head and the most important characteristics you should look for in such a product.

Pioneer AVH-280BT

What does double din receiver mean?

Car stereo heads come in two typical sizes with regard to width and height. Single din receivers usually measure 7 by 2 inches whereas double din receivers measure 7 by 4 inches. DIN stands for the Deutsches Institut fuer Normung, where the technology was first invented for the first time, in the 1980s. In other words, you do not have to get all worked up about understanding the terminology, as it’s only an acronym. A double din receiver is the centerpiece of your stereo system, that can complete multiple tasks such as allow you to listen to music, watch DVDs and movies, and even connect to your mobile devices and stream online content by relying on a Bluetooth network.



This is a primary consideration when trying to make the difference between the best double din audio receiver and one that doesn’t satisfy your requirements. How can you use the unit efficiently? If what you want is connecting your iPhone or Android device to the double din head so that you’re able to make calls and answer the incoming ones, it’s important to see whether the model you’re prospecting comes with built-in Bluetooth and even has a microUSB port that can be used specifically for mobile devices. The higher the quality of the Bluetooth technology employed in the development of the product you want to spend your cents on, the better, as you’ll be able to hear what the person at the end of the line is saying without making any effort in this sense.



On the one hand, the screen of a double din receiver has to be sturdy enough to put up with a little abuse now and then as you might use a bit too much pressure on the display while you’re driving. Most of the interfaces that are available today are touch screen alternatives, which is rather convenient for the user. Aside from the actual resistance of the screen, you also have to consider the amount of backlight it can use so that you rest assured that you can see the data being displayed even when the sun is shining directly on the device. You certainly suspect that the screen should not melt or become too hot. If this is a detail that you might fail to come to know by reading the product description, we urge you to refer to some customer reviews.

Pioneer FH-X720BT

Interface and ease of use

Operating a double din receiver is, in most cases, quite simple. However, some models are just too complicated to use by individuals who lack technical understanding or who have no prior experience with any car navigational system, tablet, or any other mobile device of this sort. Normally, the interface is rather straightforward and gives plenty of information regarding the ways you can change your route, select the songs you want to listen to, or answer to the calls. Try to think of your own abilities or the ones of the person who will do the driving and often use the product. This practice will allow you to understand whether you have to focus on ease of use or not.



Top rated double din receivers in 2019


Some of the best double din receivers are showcased below. Most of these units have received a good degree of appreciation on the part of professional and regular drivers as they allow them to enjoy their drives as much as possible. The models are available for sale on most internet retailers’ websites.


Our recommendations


Pioneer AVH-280BT


2.Pioneer AVH-280BT

The AVH-280BT is yet another fully capable alternative that comes with all the features you might have ever wanted in a double din receiver. For one, it has a 6.2 inch LED backlit display that will surely impress all your passengers. Just like with other models, this is a touchscreen in-dash system that is Bluetooth-capable and as such, gives owners the freedom to stream internet content via their mobile devices. Both CDs and DVDs can be used for this alternative, and the supported media formats range from MP1 to AVI.


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Kenwood DPX501BT 


3.Kenwood DPX501BT

If what you plan to do is spend your money on something worth your while, maybe you ought to check out the specs of the Kenwood DPX501BT as we’ve noticed that it’s accessible yet entirely functional. While it might have limited features compared to some of its competitors, it does the trick for the possible buyer who’s looking to get a double din receiver that comes with built-in Bluetooth and has enough power to offer the audio quality you might have been looking for. Some of the supported media file formats include MP3, AAC, WAV, and WMA. This device is not intended for streaming movies.


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Kenwood DDX470


Kenwood DDX470While you are driving you can listen to your favorite music through the Kenwood’s Bluetooth connectivity with your Smartphone or iPod. This DVD receiver includes a USB port that provides you the plug-and-play option. A steering wheel remote is also included in the system for a fast and easy operation. For your safety this device has a rear view camera. As soon as you switch to reverse gear, this camera starts working but it’s not a mandatory option.


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JVC KW-HDR81BTThis stereo system is an affordable one which entertains your behind the wheel times with high quality acoustic playback. It has a built in HD radio tuner that provides crystal clear sound like you have never heard before. Rear and front USB ports of the system allow you to play directly from the flash drives or other devices like iPods, cell phones etc. To upgrade your driving experience, the best double din receivers reviews provide you the top five lists of best stereo systems in the market. This unit charges an advantageous price with the assurance of quality audio playback.


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Pioneer FH-X720BT


1.Pioneer FH-X720BT

This model is one of the most popular ones on the market. It’s reasonably priced and makes for a great addition to your car, whether you’re interested in the sound quality or the Bluetooth capabilities it comes with. If you’ve been thinking about Apple CarPlay for a while now, perhaps you’d benefit from checking the Pioneer FH-X720BT out, since it comes with integrated iOS device controls and therefore, it can be used with iPhones and iPods alike. More than eight hundred people have nothing but good things to say about this model, which goes to show just how efficient it is.


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Clarion CX501


Best Double Din Receivers ReviewsThe Clarion Receiver’s built in wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows hand free operation. You can communicate through the car’s audio system with the outside people. This device easily connects with your cell phone using Bluetooth technology. As you enter the car, this system pairs automatically with your iPod or cell phone. You can also play and burn CDs in this amazing stereo system. It provides a great sound quality with hours of playback option. This cool Double Din receiver has a very affordable price for what it has to offer.


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BOSS 822UAThe BOSS car stereo is a powerful system and provides 80 watts through four channels. A wireless remote control is included for safe operation while driving the car. There are USB ports and SD card jacks in the front panel so that you can easily connect your cell phone or iPod for audio playback. The illuminated color buttons of the system help you to see clearly while driving at night. This stereo system is much cheaper than any other system.


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Products which are no longer available



Planet Audio P9745B


The Planet Audio car stereo system has every single feature that you have wanted ever. Whatever car you drive does not matter, this system is good enough to increase your car’s driving value. A 7 inch TFT screen provides a top picture quality that means you can now experience a music video in your car. This item will surprise you further when you will learn through best double din receivers reviews, that it charges a next to nothing price.