An Expert Buying Guide on Double Edge Knives


Double edge knives are quite a handful, so to speak. They have been a fixture in people’s pockets for centuries, and from cutting food to even saving lives, they seem to be the best ally one can have in the most mundane as well as dangerous situations when human lives are at stake. A good and reliable double edge knife is a great item to have around, and picking one can be a bit difficult, with so many models available. The following guide will help you decide on the best double edge knife 2019 money can buy.



There are so many things you can do with your double edge knife. But is its size important? If you feel tempted to just go for the biggest knife you can find, you may end up seriously disappointed. The main problem with larger models is that they cannot be used for more delicate operations like carving a small piece of wood or cutting small game. This does not mean that you should settle for a small one, either; plenty of best double edge knife reviews point out that small knives cannot be used for chopping, which requires more force.


Fixed or folding?

Another question to ask yourself is whether you should go for a fixed blade or for a folding model. It may look like the latter is more convenient, because you can flip it in and gain more space; plus, you will be able to protect the blade without additional gear. However, a fixed blade is more durable and more reliable. Accidental folding cannot happen, and you will also get to enjoy your blade for a lot of time.


The full tang feature

When you are reading best double edge knife reviews, you may notice a term that comes up here and there: full tang. Full tang means that the blade is made from a continuous piece of metal with the handle, so that it ensures more durability. Of course, a full tang blade can only be found on fixed models and not on folding ones. The rule of thumb is to never go for a partial tang, as it can have a serious impact on the blade durability.


Top Rated Double Edge Knives in 2019


Seeing that picking a double edge knife can be a little difficult, we decided to compile a list containing the top rated double edge knives 2019 you can purchase at the moment. These products are highly rated by consumers and they are really great to have for hunting and camping.


Cold Steel 80NTP Chaos


1.Cold Steel 80NTP ChaosIf you are looking for a knife that features a cool design, the Cold Steel 80NTP Chaos is an absolute winner. Inspired by ‘Trench Knives’ used by soldiers during both World Wars, this knife will not let you down, regardless the situation.

For modern day hunters, the Cold Steel 80NTP Chaos is quite an indispensable item. You will definitely appreciate the fixed blade that does not allow the knife to fold back exactly when you need it most. From the tip to the handle, this tactical fixed knife is built for your comfort and appreciation. The handle comes with a D ring, to ensure perfect grip.

Considered to be the best double edge knife 2019, this product from Cold Steel is not only for hunting, but also a good piece of equipment for law enforcement. The specially designed guard makes sure that the user’s hand is protected when engaged in hand to hand combat with an opponent.

In terms of durability, this knife doesn’t disappoint at all. It is coated with Tuff-Ex, a special type of coating used by this company, to protect the knife against corrosion and to ensure better friction when cutting things, without exposing the blade to wear and tear.

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Gerber 22-01874 Mark II Knife


2.Gerber 22-01874 Mark II KnifeFrom the first look at this knife, you will surely appreciate its cool looking design. All in black, it is your best ally in all kinds of situation, whether you choose to go hunting or camping, or you must engage in more dangerous situations. The best double edge knife reviews praise this knife as a great add-on to anyone’s arsenal and a good tool and weapon, easily available at your disposal.

The blade is made of 420HC steel and it is coated with black oxide for increased durability. The handle is made of aluminum, so you will feel the blade lightweight in your hand. This makes for easier handling, as well. The ballistic nylon sheath ensures blade protection when you are not using it.

Even more, this is a knife for collectors. Introduced to the market for the first time in 1966, the Gerber 22-01874 Mark II Knife is one of the best selling items of the kind in history.

Limited lifetime warranty is offered by the manufacturer, a clear sign of the faith the company making this double edge knife has in its products. A combat knife that can serve in so many different situations, the model reviewed here is a must have.

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Columbia River Knife and Tool 2020 AG Russell Sting


3.Columbia River Knife and Tool 2020 AG Russell Sting Razor Sharp Edge KnifeIf you are among consumers that are not particularly interested in getting a combat knife and prefer more of an utility model, you cannot go wrong with the Columbia River Knife and Tool 2020 AG Russell Sting Razor Sharp Edge Knife.

Made of 1050 HRC 54-55 carbon steel and coated with a type of non-reflective powder, this knife is handy whenever you need to cut through things and you must have a reliable tool at your fingertips. You will find plenty of best double edge knife reviews on the Internet, listing this particular model among the most reliable you can purchase today.

Smaller than other models on the market, it is not meant for rugged operations, but it still gets the job done when you need to accomplish small tasks. Easy to carry around, it comes with its own Cordura Zytel sheath, so the blade is well protected when not in use.

The blade is built to last and it is durable. The handle carries a particular design, so that it fits in your hand without a glitch. All in all, this is a knife you can use for all kinds of small tasks without a glitch, and the comfort it provides when handled is worth mentioning.

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