How to Choose a Reliable Drill Press


Drilling by hand doesn’t quite give you the exact level of accuracy and power that you can expect from the machines featured in the best drill press reviews. With the drill press, the metalworking trade has offered more potential for craftspeople to optimize their creativity. Buying this kind of gear requires that you be more informed on what particular aspects to look for in a unit to ensure a great purchase.

A.1. Drill Press

Ample Horsepower

The units featured in the best drill press reviews are power tools, so you will need to ensure that your machine has more than enough energy provided by a robust motor to handle the various applications in your workshop. A higher horsepower rating offers a greater hole drilling ability through even tougher materials. Ideally, the machine should offer at least ¾ horsepower, so it can handle plastic, wood, glass, ceramics and metal.

In addition, you will want the motor to be sturdily constructed with an adjustable motor bracket support, which ensures proper belt tension along with a strong build.


Quality and Solid Construction

To ensure long life and guaranteed precision work, the top rated drill presses 2019 boast a solid construction. To ensure rigidity and strength, the base and table should be ribbed and also slotted. The table should be equipped with ledges or slats that enable you to clamp the stock down while also ensuring safety and convenience. A cast iron head is ideal, as it provides exceptional protection and support for the entire machine. Make sure the manufacturer has established a record of reliability of quality craftsmanship as well.



The best drill press 2019 is equipped with variable spin speeds. Some models offer as many as sixteen various speeds that allow handling of diverse applications and materials. The speeds can vary between 250 rpm and 3,000 rpm. To eliminate the guesswork and ensure drilling accuracy, a depth gauge is highly useful especially for repeated drilling to the same depth.

Easy adjustment of the table up and down is convenient for adapting to different drilling requirements. Accuracy is also assured if the table is ground flat. A flat base and large table offer ample support for holding even large work pieces.

A chuck that can be tightened by a wrench offers ease of use. A ½-inch capacity offers the ability to accommodate various bit sizes. A taper-mounted chuck outfitted with a self-ejecting key ensures that the user doesn’t accidentally leave the key in the chuck.


Top Rated Drill Presses in 2019


If you love doing woodworking and metalworking projects, you need to ensure you own the best drill press to ensure excellent work results. Buying this kind of gear will require meticulous research to ensure a great purchase. If you can’t spend an extra ten minutes or so reading and comparing products, we suggest getting any one of these machines to enhance your workshop’s productivity.


WEN 4208 Drill Press


1.WEN 4208 Drill PressOffering an 8-inch swing, the WEN 4208 Drill Press may be small but is engineered powerful enough to drill through a variety of materials including plastics, wood, metal and others. With a maximum drill capacity of 1/2 inch in 1 inch thick cast iron, the WEN 4208 comes with five speeds to allow it to handle a variety of drilling applications. No handheld drill can offer the same level of accuracy and precision when making repeated drilling compared to this mean machine. It is the perfect size for your home workshop while being portable enough to transport to the jobsite.

The WEN 4208 is made with a strong and rigid frame of cast iron, from the head to the table and the base, providing ample support throughout. The powerful induction motor is equipped with ball bearings that ensure long life while guaranteeing a balanced and smooth performance even when the machine is used at high speeds. The JT33 spindle taper on the ½-inch chuck offers versatile accommodation of a diverse variety of bits. The worktable rotates 45 degrees to both right and left, effectively enabling you to do angled drilling with repeatable accuracy.

The predrilled holes on the base let you mount the machine on a work stand or bench for comfortable elevation.

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Delta 18-900L Drill Press


2.Delta 18-900L Drill PressIdeal for a variety of woodworking applications, the Delta 18-900L Drill Press is outfitted with a hardworking motor that ensures powerful performance. The drill press is rugged enough for the jobsite while being versatile enough to handle various home workshop applications. It comes with an Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System that facilitates effortless speed modifications. Boasting 16 speeds in all, the Delta 18-900L is able to power through a variety of materials with precise and clean results. The oversized woodworking table accommodates even the largest and oddest shape work pieces.

This machine is engineered with a rack-and-pinion height adjustment so you can effortlessly handle various sizes of stocks. The Delta 18-900L Drill Press has locking levers that can be adjusted at various angles for tricky application. The bright TWINLASER ensures drilling accuracy during project execution. The drill press delivers deeper drilling results with its full 6-inch quill stroke, which suits a variety of industrial applications. Be assured of consistent power from the ¾-horsepower induction motor that can tackle demanding applications effortlessly.

The work table comes with an exclusive design and rotates zero to ninety degrees on both sides while tilting forward zero to forty-eight degrees for tackling tricky drilling projects. The T-slots ensure secure clamping of the stock.

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Skil 3320-01 Drill Press


3.SKIL 3320-01 Drill PressOutfitted with a highly capable 3.2 amp motor, the Skil 3320-01 Drill Press is an ideal woodworking machine that any modern workshop should be equipped with. The Skil 3320-01 has a cast iron base and work table that ensure a solid construction for long life and exceptional durability. This machine is built with an exclusive Laser X2 2-beam laser system that ensures repeatable drilling accuracy when working on several pieces to be cut to the same depth. The Skil 3320-01 is engineered with five speeds between 570 rpm and 3,050 rpm to handle a variety of types of materials and applications with minimum effort.

The work surface bevels 0 to 45 degrees left and right to enable you to be more flexible with drilling styles. The exceptional depth adjustment system locks the selected drilling depth in and ensures accurate drilling every time. Drill on the center of a ten-inch work piece without worrying about entering the stock at the wrong point, thanks to the superior depth adjustment system. Count on this drill press to equip you with a perfect woodworking and cutting partner for various building and large-scale furniture projects. The three-year limited warranty serves as your guarantee of superb craftsmanship and materials.

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