Top rated Drum Machines in 2019


My friends and I are planning on building a small recording studio of our own and we are currently scouting for the best recording tools that we think is needed a lot. We got most of the items finalized except for the drum machine. There are many awesome units on the market and it is really hard to choose which one to buy. I thought the best drum machine reviews could help us choose basing on customer feedback and it did! We have narrowed down the list to five items.


Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine


Best Drum Machine ReviewsExperience the best music beats with a doctor in rhythm. The Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm drum machine received a lot of positive feedback from the best drum machine reviews online because of its impressive features that come in a package with a very affordable price. It features 440 different drum and percussion sounds which you can use to program almost any beat for a variety of music genres that you are interested in.

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Alesis SR18 Drum Machine with Effects Engine


Create music and beats like a professional with this Alesis SR18 drum machine. This impressive tool features an innovative effects engine, making it the best drum machine in 2019. It has sensitive pads which lets you change a sound according to your tone preference. It has a simple yet functional design for a better and more effective sound playing. There are built-in effects and an impressive 32MB sound set memory.

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Akai Professional XR20 Beat Production Station Drum Machine


Take the baby steps to being the DJ that you dream with this impressive Akai Professional XR20 beat production drum machine. It has a set of preloaded content that has more than 700 sounds. It covers a wide variety of genre that you can apply and it has amazing effects that make your creation the best. This drum machine has microphone and headphone inputs. It is ran by a battery and you can operate it through a digital display that has blue backlight.

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Zoom RT223 Rhythm Trak Drum Machine


Are you looking for the best drum machine in 2019? The Zoom RT223 Rhythm Drum machine is the product you are looking for. This machine has built-in kits where you can choose sounds from rock and voice percussion. You can also create your own drum kits with it. There are 440 preset patterns which covers various genres and musical style. The touch sensitive pads are intended for easy use. You can quickly create your own original sounds with this easy-to-use drum machine.

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Alesis SR16 Drum Machine


Create your own sound like a professional with this top rated drum machine in 2019. The Alesis SR16 drum machine is one of the best products on the market. It features 12 sensitive pads and it contains 50 preset drum kits that has 233 different sound from various music genres. It has an all-black stylish design. It is made from high quality and durable materials and it plays realistic sounds that you can use to make your original beats and rhythm.

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