In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best dumbbell set? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice.We have gathered plenty of information on dumbbell sets by consulting plenty of best dumbbell set reviews and comparing the ratings there to what the actual consumer feedbacks say. Out of all the products we looked at, we believe the CAP Barbell Hex is the best because of the solid cast iron construction of every one of the 10 dumbbells in the set. The dumbbells come in pairs from 5 to 25 pound weights, in 5-pound increments. The raised numbers on the dumbbells enable easy reading of the weight so you won’t even need to look to know how much each piece weighs. The dumbells are suitable for sculpting and toning the back, shoulders and arms. There’s a huge likelihood that this top rated product will easily run out but we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best option, the Body Solid SDRS550.



How to Choose a New Dumbbell Set


Enabling you to practice functional fitness or functional movements, the best Dumbbell sets in 2019 are readily the most popular pieces of fitness equipment both for home use and gym use. Dumbbell sets enable you to  movements that your body frequently does like squatting, sitting and reaching, while developing overall strength and ensuring that the core muscle groups are toned well for flawless mobility. To ensure you’re getting the best product, we recommend looking into the following aspects in your dumbbell set purchase.

best Dumbbell set reviews

Comfortable and easy use

Some dumbbells carry a round shape but for beginners, it is best to choose a set with square or hexagonal-shaped weight components. A hexagonal shape keeps the dumbbell from rolling off easily when laid down on the floor. If you do intend to replace the dumbbell immediately on the rack, a round dumbbell will do fine. Handling the weights is easier if they feature ergonomic grips that will not hurt the hand.

The grips should also not be slippery since you might end up breaking something if you suddenly let go of them from your hand. It is best to find the grip that offers the most comfortable handling. It should not be too wide for your hand while ensuring the weight feels comfortable as well while you’re holding the dumbbell.


Space-saving design

Although hexagonal dumbbells can be stacked atop one another, it pays to get a dumbbell set with stand to ensure safe and convenient placement of the weights. An important consideration when getting an entire dumbbell set is the amount of space available for the fitness equipment. Dumbbell kits with adjustable weights take up little space but if you hate having to fit the dumbbell grips with your selected weight every time, you are better off getting a dumbbell set with individual dumbbells for each weight increment. The entire set can take up more space but lifting is more convenient since you just have to choose which weight to lift and that’s it, no more fixing or fitting. You can finish your workout more quickly.


Weights composition

Weights look different from one another depending on their construction or the materials they are made of. Brightly colored vinyl is used to coat some dumbbells, while others use solid metal or rubber. Often colored, vinyl and rubber coated dumbbells use their colors for easy identification. The rubber also ensures protection when the weight is inadvertently dropped. Colored weights offer a less industrial look. Solid metal weights are often characterized by raised numbers for easy identification of each weight. Metal weights are easy to hold even with sweaty hands, but tend to damage or cause blisters on your hands when they are textured.



Top Rated Dumbbell Sets in 2019

There are plenty of dumbbell sets on the market and buying one will not be an easy task. Hopefully, the buying guide above will help make you an educated buyer who knows what to look for and why. We have also showcased the best products below for an easier buying journey.



CAP Barbell Hex


1.CAP Barbell 150 lb. Hex Dumbbell Set with RackConstructed of solid cast iron, the CAP Barbell Hex enhances your entire fitness regimen including yoga, walking, running and jogging, and even your physical fitness routine with hand weights. Every time you increase the weight, you can achieve steady progress on your workout intensity. The weights in the set are great for sculpting and also toning your shoulders, arms and back. To give you better hand grip, each weight comes with contoured handles that also ensure safety and consistency. The set comes with ten dumbbells in all, in pairs or 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 pounds.

Each weight features raised numbers that indicate how much it weighs. This enables you to easily select the right pair every time. Definitely one of the best dumbbell sets with rack, this product comes with a solidly built stand that provides easy storage and placement of the weights while ensuring safety during use, so the weights are not just left lying around on the floor.


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Body Solid SDRS550


2.Body Solid SDRS550This dumbbell set features hexagonal weights that ensure a no-roll design. The durable rubber finish ensures protection when the weights are accidentally dropped on the floor. The hex dumbbells boast matchless durability thanks to their rubber coating that resists fading and cracking while protecting equipment and floors. This set boasts an innovative Patent-pending Secure Dumbbell System that blends together one-piece cast iron heads with steel inserts that have been been subjected to pinning, press fitting and welding to ensure secure attachment and durability.

The dumbbells also come with a compact design that makes each of them shorter and easier to work with compared to standard dumbbells. This is a pretty large set comprising a pair each of 5- to 50-pound hexagonal dumbbells, all made of solid cast iron and with the six-sided shape ensuring no-roll use. As stylish as they are durable, the dumbbells feature securely fastened heads for low maintenance with no spinning and loosening.


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XMark Fitness Hex


3.XMark Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbell SetAvailable as a set of dumbbells from either 5 to 25 pounds or 5 to 50 pounds, the XMark Fitness Hex comprises rubber hexagonal dumbbells that ensure protection for floors and equipment. The rubber coating ensures cushioned impact when a dumbbell is accidentally dropped while exercising. The handles are ergonomically textured to enable easy and comfortable gripping while enabling you to hold the dumbbells tight in your hand. You won’t get hand fatigue easily .

Use the dumbbells to tone and shape your arms, shoulders, chest abs, back and legs. The hexagonal shape of each dumbbell ensures that it won’t roll away easily on the floor. The dumbbells are durable thanks to the premium rubber casing, which also adds a touch of style. Do weight training easily and confidently with the dumbbells in the set, which enable you to experience the exhilaration and power of your workouts and fitness routines and also ensure greater benefits for your health. Execute squats, shoulder presses, lunges and bicep curls easily using the dumbbells.


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