Top rated DVR Security Systems in 2019


Reading the best DVR security system reviews helps you with information on which standalone system to get for your security surveillance needs. Far better in reliability and performance than its PC-based counterpart, a DVR security system is geared for a single application. Some units even provide remote monitoring capability, giving you peace of mind when you’re away.


Q-See QT228-8B5-5 Security-Surveillance DVR System


Best DVR Security System ReviewsGet extended recording times with the pre-installed 500-gigabyte hard drive of the Q-See QT228-8B5-5 8-Channel CIF/D1 SecuritySurveillance DVR System. The eight full-color CMOS cameras cover every vital corner of the home, providing crisp and clear images with their 480 TV lines of resolution plus 50 feet of night vision range. Quality images with activity are captured by the enhanced 0.25-inch sensors. The cameras provide reliable night vision due to their24 infrared LEDs at zero lux. The pre-assembled triple-axis mount allows easy positioning of the cameras on the ceiling, wall or other flat surface.

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LaView LV-KDV0804B6S DVR Security System


Definitely the best DVR security system 2019, the 8-channel LaView LV-KDV0804B6S DVR Security System helps you feel protected with its four 600-TV line Day/Night Silver Bullet Cameras, which monitor four different areas at the same time. The pre-installed 500-gigabyte security hard drive allows you to record for longer periods. The security system even enables personalization of your DVR by letting you schedule and manually or motion-activate it to record according to specific needs. Connect to the internet and utilize the downloadable app for 3G smartphones to remotely view live video.

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Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB H.264 Internet/3G-Phone-Accessible DVR


With the Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB 4-channel DVR, you get the best DVR security system 2019 that gives you advanced remote viewing via the internet or select 3G smartphones. Use Internet Explorer or your iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry. The four indoor/outdoor cameras each come with a 60-foot cable for easy installation. The cameras integrate well with the pre-installed 500GB surveillance hard drive and the point-and-click interface to enable convenient security monitoring. This DVR system is just what you need for your home or small business, giving you reliable network access plus exceptional VGA video output.

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Zmodo 4CH/720P PoE NVR HD Security-Camera-System


Praised in many best DVR security system reviews, the Zmodo 4CH/720P PoE NVR HD Security Camera System sets up in just minutes. You won’t even have to be knowledgeable about computers or networks as installation is simple. The same network cable powers the IP cameras to transmit both power and video, a fuss-free structure that requires simply connecting each camera to a single cable. Your DVR system instantly commences video recording once the NVR is plugged in and the cameras are connected to it. Easy control and monitoring on your tablet or smartphone is possible with the Zsight app.

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ELEC® New 8-Channel/HDMI DVR Security System


The ELEC® New 8-Channel/HDMI DVR Security System is definitely one of the most popular DVR security systems 2019 thanks to its eight high-resolution outdoor/indoor cameras that let you cover several different areas of your property. Every corner of your home is monitored constantly, giving you a view of the most vital areas. The security system comes with eight units of 60-foot video and power all-in-one cable to help you set up the security cameras successfully. A User’s Manual and Quick Guide help you install the security system on your own.