Tips for Buying a Top Electric Fireplace


The electric fireplace finds its way into more and more homes. With so many models and functions available the buyer must know more before committing to a purchase. One must understand the various differences between various electric fireplaces in order to make the perfect choice for their home. Here is some information that will help you make the best decision.


Size and depth

The first most important aspect that one must know about the electric fireplace is that its size and depth must match the size of the room and the thickness of the wall on which it will be installed. Large rooms with plenty of open space may require a larger fireplace, capable of heating the entire room, while smaller rooms work better with a smaller fireplace.

When looking at the depth of the fireplace, you may have to consider the thickness of the wall on which the fireplace will be mounted. Thin walls cannot accommodate a thicker electric fireplace, therefore the depth of the fireplace must be smaller than the thickness of the wall.

This is why most appreciated electric fireplace reviews look at the size and the depth of the electric fireplace above all other specifications.


Wall mounted or not

Does your fireplace need a wall socket, like a classic gas fireplace, or can it sit on the floor? This is a very important aspect when looking for an electric fireplace. While some modern fireplaces can be placed inside a wall socket, just as classic older wood or gas fireplaces, other electric fireplaces do not require a wall with a wall socket in order to function. Some of these freestanding fireplaces come with an entire package including a mantel, cabinets or even their own media center.

The best electric fireplace reviews point out that users also look for electric fireplaces that can easily be moved from room to room or from one place to another. These mobile electric fireplaces can even be used in RVs delivering the best experience when on a trip.


Heating power and flame effects

Electric fireplaces do not only make a room cozier, but also warmer. Electric heating elements are used to provide the necessary heat. Usually, the more power am electric fireplace has, the more heat will be delivered. All modern electric fireplaces have remote controls that can be used to adjust the heat and flame effects.

A good flame effect will greatly enhance the overall ambience of the room. This alone is a strong selling point for most electric fireplaces today. Lights and 3D fireplace effects are controlled from the remote, simulating the entire range of flame effects just as real flames. For home owners that prefer avoiding all the smoke and dangers involving classic fireplaces, this is just the best solution.


Top Rated Electric Fireplaces in 2019


Top rated electric fireplace reviews indicate the following three models as being the best electric fireplaces in their respective categories. These electric fireplaces will keep you warm and provide your home with a cozy atmosphere you will love to get back to, after spending a long day at work.


Electric Fireplace Lifesmart LifePro Infrared Quartz Fireplace


Best Electric Fireplace ReviewsIf you are looking for the best electric fireplace 2019, you will be more than pleased with this specific model. One of its biggest advantages is that it can be practically installed anywhere you like, as there is no need for venting, like in the case of a classic fireplace.

Looks meet functionality in this electric heater. The oak mantle surrounding the fireplace makes it look good in any room, and your guests will not easily guess that you are using an electric unit instead of a classic model. Be aware that the Lifesmart model is designed to heat a large room, so you may not want to have it installed in a bedroom, for instance. The infrared capabilities make it very efficient in producing heat, and for a large living room, this beautiful fireplace can be a great choice.

In the same time, the fireplace is not an energy hog, a great plus, since the heating costs usually go up during winter. Consuming as little energy as a hair dryer this electric fireplace makes for a great recommendation, especially for larger rooms, where it can produce the right amount of heat for a cozy atmosphere.

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Best Choice Products Electric Wall Mount Fireplace


Among the most popular electric fireplaces 2019, you will also find this particular model. In case you are searching specifically for a unit that can be mounted on a wall, there is no better choice you can make. It is equipped with all the convenient capabilities you should seek for in any electric fireplace, such as a remote control for easy adjustments.

You will definitely like the aesthetic appearance of this fireplace. The glass front makes the model fit seamlessly in any room layout, and the overall design is elegant. For a smokeless fireplace, this wall mount model is as close to the real thing as possible. You only need to plug the unit into an electric socket and enjoy the warmth it provides, as well as the nice flame effects that make it look so similar to a classic fireplace.

CL certified, the unit comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the heat as you like. The 3D flame technology helps project beautiful effects, and you will spend great moments looking at the beautiful fire simulated by your electric heater. Because of its high popularity, many indicate this model as being the best electric fireplace 2019.

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e-Flame USA Regal Electric Fireplace


An economic model, this e-Flame USA unit enjoys a lot of popularity with consumers. Ideal for cutting heating costs in winter, and easy to move around from one room to another, the portable model is deemed as one of the best choices for home owners, by the best electric fireplace reviews you can read online.

If you are looking for a compact model, you will find the e-Flame USA fireplace to be a great choice for all your needs. Whether you want to heat up a small room, or you want to make the atmosphere in the living room more welcoming, it is easy to just move around the fireplace and fit it anywhere you like. Portable and smaller than average models, it is also less expensive, so you may find it a good option if you are shopping on a budget.

You do not have to worry that your kids or pets might get hurt by touching the fireplace. Cool to the touch, it provides heat without presenting any danger. For entertainment purposes, the model is equipped with 3D flame technology, so you can simply enjoy it by looking at it, when you want to spend a pleasant evening by the fireplace.

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