Top rated electric guitars in 2019


If you love guitars and you have been saving for a wonderful electric guitar, well you definitely need to know which brands are great. Reading the comment and reviews from customers will really help you choose. In fact, I have compiled here the best electric guitar reviews for me so far. I managed to rank the best electric guitar options, leaving details that can really help you pick which brand is perfect for you budget, as well as your taste.


Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst


Best Electric Guitar ReviewsLes Paul is an excellent collection of electric guitars and it has been a customers’ favorite for a long time. This Particular LP-100 unit from Epiphone has all the signature features that Les Paul is known for. Plus, it is almost like a more affordable version. You will experience and extremely comfortable and lighter feel with this unit because it is thinner than the standard LP models. Its Mahogany body is both classic and retro. The LP-100 is considered as a forerunner of the list for the best electric guitar reviews.

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Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar


2The LP Special II guitar is really special and is considered the best electric guitar in 2019. It is perfectly affordable, especially for starters, while still presenting all the signature features of a Les Paul guitar. It has a rosewood fingerboard and a mahogany body and neck. Considering the appearance, it looks just as stunning as the rest of its higher end models. It lets you change its string really easily. Most users find this one really easy and satisfying to play.

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Legacy Solid Body Electric Guitar


3Considered as the best electric guitar in 2019, this legacy guitar definitely does not put its brand to shame. It allows really great music playing at a very affordable price. This is no doubt a top seller, with its added colors and stylish detailing. It is extremely lightweight which makes it really comfortable for playing. It has a contoured solid alder body, a maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. This model is perfect for beginners and professional players alike.

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Squier by Fender MINI Strat Electric Guitar


4This squier Mini guitar is an electric guitar which is perfect for travel for players who are constantly on tour. It is definitely a wonderful guitar for beginners, because even with its master features it is fairly easy to play. The Squier has body made of laminated hardwood coated with a polyurethane gloss finish. You will definitely love its master tone controls that come with position selector switch. It gives off really strong tones and consistent notes.

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Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar


5Without any doubt, this model is a top rated electric guitar in 2019. It has a wonderful paulownia body which is complemented by a natural finish that gives it a really exotic look. It features a three-way toggle dual dean humbuckers that has excellent volume and tone controls. What is best about this design is that you can easily replace it for any neck troubles that you encounter. The Dean Vendetta gives you precise intonation with its excellent Tune-o-matic bridge.

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