Best electric kettles for the money


A kettle is an essential appliance in every home. It does not only allow you to make that perfect tea or coffee or hot chocolate but it also aids in some culinary needs. Finding a good kettle is easy if you know the qualities you are looking for in one. We listed five of the best electric kettles for the money you have.


Proctor Silex K2070Y 1 Litter electric kettle


Best electric kettles for the money It runs with 1000-watts that will heat your water in a very short period of time without experiencing any hassle at all. This kettle comes with a detachable cord that makes its storage very easy. With this model you never have to worry about spills because this kettle comes with a no spill spout. It also has an automatic shut off system. This kettle is very reliable, it will surely give you the right temperature you need.



Presto 02703 electric tea Kettle


This beautifully designed kettle elucidates elegance at the same time is surely very reliable. It has the traditional whistle that signals that the water is already hot and boiling. This kettle actually boils quite faster than the microwave helping you save more time, time that you can use to do more important things. It has a large spout that you need not to worry about spilling the content of the kettle and because of its wide spout you can easily pour the content of your kettle without any problem.



Aroma AWK-115S Hot H20 X-Press 1-1/2-Litter cordless water kettle


This awesome product has proven itself in by the time it was released in the market. It was given several positive feedbacks and reviews in the past which attest to its reliability. It is a cordless kettle with a polished stainless steel exterior. It can be filled with up to 1-1/2 litters of water. One key feature of this product is its water level indicator; it will make sure that you will put just an ample amount of water in it.



Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfectTemp 1.7-Litter Stainless steel cordless electric kettle


Cuisinart is known for their high quality and top of the line products and this model is sure to live in its standards. This product show not only professionalism but as well as reliability and durability. This kettle is run by 1500-watt/110-volts electric heating power. It has a very stylish control that is easy to locate since it is mainly on the handle itself making it one of the best electric kettles for the money you earned through your hard work.



Hamilton Beach Large cordless kettle 1.8-Litter


This kettle is a cordless kettle and it heats up faster than a microwave. You can bid goodbye to your stovetop kettle with this electric kettle. Plus this model also comes with an automatic shut off system to ensure your safety at home. This model was also given a high rating in a review because of its positive features.