What to Consider When Buying an Electric Power Edger


An electric power edger can quickly take care of long grasses that might have been missed by your mower, and give your lawn a manicured appearance that will be the envy of your neighbors. There are a few factors to consider before you make a decision and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you choose the best electric power edger in 2019.

Best electric power edger-


As stated in the best electric power edger reviews there are two types to choose from, each with its own advantages. Cordless models have the advantage of being able to move freely around, and are not limited by the length of the power cord. Corded models are often priced lower and you don’t have to worry about keeping the battery charged, but your movements are restricted by the attached cord.



You want the electric power edger to be easy and comfortable to use, and feature a durable construction. Lithium batteries included with cordless models can provide a longer running time, and straight shafts are easier to maneuver around corners and underneath bushes. An additional wheel next to the blade will help guide the edger around creatively shaped beds, and you also want to ensure that it is easy to start.



The best electric power edger reviews state that it is also important to consider some additional features. Adjustable shafts help make it more comfortable to work with, and can prevent arm and shoulder fatigue. You also want the edger to be lightweight and easy to use. Some electric power models can adjust the cutting depth for different types of grass, and others will also let you manually change the angle of the cut. Depth controls conveniently mounted on the side can be easy to read, and you also want to choose a power edger with adjustable speeds. Some electric power edgers can also be converted into trimmers and mowers which is always an advantage.


Top Rated Electric Power Edgers in 2019


While we can choose the right tools for your lawn, we can show you some of the top rated electric power edgers of 2019. Featuring a lightweight and durable construction, these power edgers are designed to be easy to use and to keep your lawn looking great without spending a lot of time and effort.


Black & Decker MTC220 Electric Power Edger


1.Black & Decker MTC220This cordless electric power edger is designed to be convenient and easy to use. You will love not having your movements restricted by an electrical cord, and the rechargeable 20 volt lithium battery will provide you with plenty of power to finish your smaller yard. As an added advantage this edger also includes an additional battery, so you never have to worry about running out of power before the job is finished.

One of the reasons this convenient lawn and garden tool stands out is that you can easily convert it into a trimmer and mower. Simply press on the pedal with your foot and you can easily trim and remove stubborn weeds and tall grass to have one of the best looking yards on the block. The edger also features an adjustable deck, and with the ability to cut a 12 inch path through weeds and grass you can finish your yard chores quickly and easily.

The straight shaft can also be adjusted to a comfortable height, and you will also appreciate how easy it is too maneuver under bushes. The padded handle also rotates for more control, which is always appreciated when you are edging next to flower beds. Lightweight and easy to handle, it’s not hard to see why this electric power edger remains a consistent best seller.

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GreenWorks 27032 Electric Power Edger


2.GreenWorks 27032There is very little not to like about this corded edger, including its extremely affordable price. It features a lightweight and durable construction, which is also designed to leave a small carbon footprint on the environment. The 12 amp electric motor is powerful enough to cut through tall grass and stubborn weeds, and your neighbors will appreciate how quiet it is when you are working.

This electric power edger features a 7.5 inch cutting blade with a double edge, so you can easily cut thick weeds and grass. This also helps the blade last longer and retain its sharp edge. The front wheel is designed to help guide the edger as you are working, and since it is spring loaded you can easily adjust the cutting depth as needed.

You will appreciate the electric cord that will lock into place once it is plugged in. This helps to prevent annoying interruptions in your power supply while you are working. The straight shaft can be adjusted to a comfortable height, and the handle can also be rotated to give you complete control. With its affordable price and included warranty this electric edger might be just what you need to keep your lawn neat and well maintained.

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Sun Joe SB601E Electric Power Edger


3.Sun Joe SB601EOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is its incredibly lightweight design. Weighing only 5.5 pounds this top electric power edger¬†is easy and comfortable for almost anyone to use. It will quickly and easily edge along sidewalks and driveways, and you will love being able to convert it into a trimmer. Since this model uses a sharp blade, you also don’t have to worry about advancing or replacing the cutting string while you are working.

The 4.5 amp motor is designed to last a lifetime, and is powerful enough to handle stubborn weeds and tall grass in your small yard. The electric cord is also designed specifically to securely connect to an outdoor extension so you can easily move around your yard. The secure connection can also help prevent you from accidentally tripping over the cord while you are working.

The straight shaft makes it easier to reach under low growing shrubs and bushes, and you will also appreciate the pivoting handle. The handle can rotate 180 degrees when you are ready to convert the edger into a trimmer, and also make it easier to maneuver around your yard.

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