Top 10 Electric Smokers Compared


Buying the best electric smoker seems like a daunting task, particularly if you have not made up your mind about what you might be interested in a model. There are multiple features and specs that can make the difference between a product you love and one you regret buying. Size is one of the most important details to consider whenever purchasing an electric smoker. Digital or analog temperature, along with the presence of a window make up two major advantages.

If you have little experience with smoking meat or vegetables, we recommend getting an uncomplicated unit.


Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Digital Smoker


1. Masterbuilt 20070910This is an affordable large-sized model that is widely acclaimed for how spacious it is. It comes with 730 sq. inches of cooking space, digital temperature settings and timer controls. Thermostat temperature control is yet another innate characteristic of this unit, and buyers can choose any between 100 and 275 degrees F. All of these modifications can be performed using the top controler of the model.

Since the MasterBuilt unit speaks to the needs of beginners and advanced users altogether, it’s considered to be one of the easiest to use on the market today.

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Bradley Digital BTDS76P Smoker


2. Bradley Digital 4-Rack SmokerThe Bradley 4-rack smoker is a high-quality device that makes the brand proud of having developed such a top-notch product. This is an outdoor barbecue smoker that can be customized according to the preferred temperature, time and smoke. It contains 4 racks destined for cooking anything from meat to vegetables. The temperature can be set up to 320 degrees F.

It’s not the largest item of the line, but it does a great job and it can be attached to a generator. More than 150 individuals left positive reviews on this model.

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Smokehouse Products Little Chief Smoker


3. Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load SmokerMoving on to more affordable products, we’ll say that this one is a true bargain. It’s a front-loading electric smoker that can be used right after getting out of the box. It’s durable and fit for use in the great outdoors. Regrettably, the temperature of this one cannot be adjusted according to the needs and preferences of the user, as its heating element constantly operates at 165 degrees F.

The manufacturers are offering a 2-year warranty on this unit. This is an authentic American product that has gathered around 120 positive reviews.

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Bradley Smokers BS611 Original


4. Bradley Smokers Original SmokerThe Bradley name rings a bell for the ears of people keen on smoking their meat. This particular model is for hardcore barbecuers and advanced users that know their craft and are willing to invest in it. It might be a little more expensive than the models we’ve already described, but it comes with a stainless steel interior, it can be used as a slow cooker or a slow roasting oven and it also is a sight for sore eyes.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty. It might be pricey, but it’s highly acclaimed.

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Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker


5. Old Smokey Electric SmokerThis is a somewhat inexpensive variant, that’s a bit on the old-fashioned side. It’s smaller-sized than other units we’ve described before, and it can only be utilized by handling the flat top. This might be a slight disadvantage for some people, but if you’re advanced enough to know the precise time your meat will be ready, you can definitely go for this model. The temperature of the smoker can be controlled on account of a heat thermostat.

The pack includes a drip pan, two cooking racks, carrying handles and smoking chips.

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Char-Broil 11201677 Electric Vertical Smoker


6. Char-Broil Electric Vertical SmokerThe Char-Broil model is a spacey alternative, for people looking for an affordable electric smoker. It’s insulated and double-walled, and these two details largely contribute to it being dependable and long-lasting. Three chrome-plated cooking grates are included in the pack. This is a 30-inch vertical unit.

With more than 70 positive reviews, it’s safe to say that this is one of the top 10 electric smokers of the line. The model has been characterized as being good quality and sturdy, and some buyers have even gone as far as saying they would recommend it to anyone.

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Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker


7. Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric SmokerAs is the case with the Char-Broil unit we have described above, this one is a vertical electric model. It also costs around a couple hundred dollars. It offers three temperature settings and only two cooking grids. If you’re an amateur barbecuer and want to use the device for cooking anything from meat to vegetables, you might want to have a look at this product. It can be assembled quickly and easily and transportation is no hassle on account of its 2 side handles.

Customers have described it as being highly convenient.

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Masterbuilt 20078715 Digital Smoker


T8. Masterbuilt 20078715he thermostat temperature control of this Masterbuilt product is easily adjustable, from 100 to 275 degrees F. As is the case with other vertical smokers, it offers a total surface of 721 sq. inches of cooking space and 4 racks. Since smoking can get a little messy, the manufacturers have included a front-access drip pan. Buyers can use this model for any type of meat, be it pork, beef or seafood.

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to assembling a smoker. Customers claim this one can be put together in a matter of minutes.

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Smoke Hollow 26142E Smoker


9. Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric SmokerThis Smoke Hollow product is clearly more affordable than all of the aforementioned models. Considering the fact that it comes with the same two chrome-plated cooking grids as the Smoke Hollow unit described above, it goes without saying that this one is the perfect choice for beginners. It is a 26-inch smoker, but if you only do the occasional smoking, this won’t be a disadvantage. It comes with a quality heat indicator and a 1500-watt heating element.

Transportation is as easy as possible with the Smoke Hollow 26142E, as it has side handles.

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Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker


10. Masterbuilt 20077615This Masterbuilt model is one of the top rated electric smokers we have come across, and that comes as no surprise, considering the number of irresistible features it offers to users. First off, it has a cooking space of 721 sq. inches and an 800-watt heating element. Furthermore, the temperature can be adjusted up to 275 degrees F. The truly neat thing about this unit is that it comes with a window, so anyone can see just how cooked the meat is.

The pack includes a smoke cover and a smoking recipe CD.

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