Best discounts for electric snow blowers


Toro 38381 18-inch 15 Amp electric snow blower


Best electric snow blowers discounted Being one of the best electric snow blowers discounted, the Toro 38381 Power curve snow blower is ideal for residential use. It’s packing enough muscle to clear fast any snow form the driveway or front door walkway. The Toro 38381 has a solid and compact structure, deep cutting blades and a strong and extremely powerful electric motor which can ensure the elimination of snow from the places you desire. This electric snow blower can easily be controlled and with the Power Curve technology, the Toro 3831 has the capacity to blow snow in a short period of time without clogging.



Greenworks 26032 electric snow blower


Greenworks electric snow blower is perfect for any home that want to cast aside snow from their driveways fast and without any problems. This snow blower has a solid 12 amp electric motor that can throw snow and thus clear a 20-inch path and in a depth of 10 inches within a short period of time. Furthermore the Greenworks electric snow blower is a professional alternative to the gas powered devices. The model can discharge snow in any direction with the 180 degree directional chute, fast and within your control through the adjustable handle. It comes as no surprise to see Greenworks model as one of the best electric snow blowers in 2019.



Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp electric snow thrower


Efficiency and effectiveness makes Toro 38361 Power Shovel shine among its competitors. It represents an effective tool which can be used to clear driveways and walkways fast. It features a 7.5 amp electric snow blower and the ability to cup up to 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep in one single pass. It is the perfect device to get the job done faster and more efficient. Its durable plastic body and a sturdy metal handle makes this Power shovel is perfect for any type of snow environment. It also features 180-degree adjustable chute which deflects the snow in different directions, full-bail ergonomic handle, zip deflector, and lightweight design.



Snow Joe SJ620 18-inch 13.5-amp electric snow thrower


Snow Joe SJ620 is designed to provide the capacity to provide real help during snow clean-ups. This electric snow thrower can move by up to 650 pounds of snow per minute having the capacity to cut 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep quickly. Moreover, it also comes with a fully adjustable discharge chute which rotates to a complete 180 degree and a powerful chute deflector that controls the height of the snow stream. It works on a 13.5 amp motor that moves up to 650 pounds of snow per minute, and 5 steel blade rotor throws snow up to 20 feet.



Power Smart DB7659 22-inch 208CC Compact gas powered snow thrower 


More and more people switch to Power Smart DB7659 22 electric start model, one of the best electric snow blowers discounted. It runs with a 208cc powerful LCT professional and strong snow engine and through its compact design, it enables the user to clear the path with comfort. The basic structure and extended features of the Power Smart make this snow thrower ideal for residential usage. Some of its features are 208 cc, lct storm force ohv engine which delivers powerful performance, 22-Inch wide coverage and 16-Inch intake height for moderate to heavy snowfall, and 4 forward and 2 reverse speed options.