What to Consider When Buying the Best Electric Stapler


If you frequently find your collating large piles of documents you might want to invest in an electric stapler. Designed to quickly and efficiently staple over 20 pages at a time, an electric stapler can be an invaluable office tool. Before you rush out and buy the first stapler you see there are a few aspects to consider. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you find the best electric stapler in 2019.

Best Electric Stapler


According to the best electric stapler reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the type. There are three main types of electric staplers, and each one has its own advantages. Electric staplers that are battery powered are designed to be easily portable, and are ideal for light stapling jobs around the office. Staplers constructed for moderate use feature a flat design that helps to keep documents neatly aligned, while models that use cartridges can keep up with busy offices.



The design is also important, and the best electric stapler reviews suggest choosing one that is convenient and easy to use. Models designed with guides will help to ensure the staple is placed neatly on the documents and an extra storage compartment is always convenient. This lets you keep extra staples close by for quick and easy reloading. You also want to consider an electric stapler that is designed to let you control when it is activated, which will make it easier to place the staple exactly where you want it.



Some additional features to consider can include longer power cords that make it easier to move the stapler around, along with rechargeable batteries in portable models. Indicator lights the alert you when the staples are running low is always convenient, and you will appreciate models that include storage compartments that are easy to open. Some models even feature built in removers that will quickly pull out any misplaced staple without tearing the document. Anti jamming technology is always an advantage when you are stapling large piles of documents, and included traction on the bottom will keep the convenient office tool firmly in place.


Top Rated Electric Staplers in 2019


While we can’t choose the right tool for your office, we can show you the top rated electric staplers of 2019. Designed to be convenient and easy to use and affordably priced, maybe one of these electric staplers is exactly what you need to keep your office functioning efficiently.


Bostitch Office 02210 Electric Stapler


1.Bostitch Office 02210With its durable construction and compact design, it is easy to see why this is one of the best selling electric staplers on Amazon. It features a sturdy construction that can take a pounding, along with a seven year warranty for additional peace of mind. Its compact design fits easily on almost any crowded desk top, and you will also appreciate how convenient it is to use.

You have the advantage of the long 5′ 6″ power cord that gives you plenty of room to move around, and it also features “anti jamming” technology which can eliminate the hassle of removing stuck staples. With the ability to staple up to 25 sheets of paper at a time, you can quickly and easily collate large stacks of documents with this electric stapler.

With 3 times the stapling speed as other models, you never have to worry about being stuck in the office collating large stacks of papers. The stapler also includes a convenient light that will alert you when the staples are running low. It also includes a convenient compartment for storing extra strips of staples, and the included magnet lets you keep pins and paperclips close at hand.

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Swingline S7006701 Electric Stapler


2.Swingline S7006701This heavy duty electric stapler is designed to keep up with your busy office, and you will love how easy and convenient it is to use. It features a durable metal construction that can withstand repeated heavy use, and its compact design makes it perfect for crowded desks and document tables. You will also appreciate its affordable price that will fit into almost any office budget.

The compact design fits easily on your desk or table, and you will appreciate the small rubber feet that provide stability and traction. This keeps the electric stapler firmly in place even during repeated hard use. The small rubber pads also help to prevent the metal stapler from scratching or marring the surface of the desk.

With the ability to staple up to 20 documents at a time, you can easily collate larger packets. The stapler is also designed to be easy and convenient to reload, and you have the added advantage of the included paper guide that will align your papers perfectly for neat and precise staple placement. Designed to be dependable and easy to use, this electric stapler might be the perfect tool for your office.

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Universal 43067 Electric Stapler


3.Universal 43067Designed to be easy and convenient to use, there is very little not to like about this electric stapler. It features a durable plastic and metal construction that can withstand repeated hard use, you will also appreciate how dependable it is. Capable of stapling up to 15 sheets at a time, this convenient office tool can help you collate large and small document packets.

There is a convenient release button that makes reloading quick and easy, and the electric stapler is also designed to hold a full strip of staples at a time. The 6 foot long power cord gives you plenty of room to move around, and this electric stapler also features a compact design that will easily fit on most desktops.

This electric stapler also features a flat design that makes it easier to load stacks of documents, along with helping to ensure perfectly even staple placement for a neat and professional appearance. The electric stapler is also designed to stay securely in place, which is always an advantage when you are stapling documents in a hurry. This also helps to prevent unsightly marks on your desk which can occur when the electric stapler is sliding around during use.

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