Top rated Electronic Dartboards in 2019


My friends and I are looking for a place where we can hang out, play games, drink, and watch our favorite series in. However, each of us has limited pad space so that’s out of the question. Now I thought about turning my basement into an entertainment lounge for me and my friends and now I am looking for stuff I would like to put in there. I have read the best electronic dartboard reviews online and it served as my guide in finding the best items on the internet.


Our Top Choices



Viper X-Treme


Best Electronic Dartboard ReviewsThe Viper X-treme electronic dartboard is highly recommended by the best electronic dartboard reviews because of its amazing features. It has a 15.5 inch diameter target face that has a wonderful LED display that comes with a scrolling screen. The Viper x-treme offers single and double bullseye options which you will surely love. The package includes 6 darts with free soft tip, an AC adapter, as well as a manual for the game.


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Arachnid E800FS1010


Take your dart games to the next level with this Arcade Style cabinet. It is a tournament style dartboard that has a very large storage space. This board can accommodate as many as 8 people and allows you to play 39 games. It uses the tradition O’s and X scoring and has 179 gaming options. This is a free-standing board that has a very traditional design and a gorgeous cherry finish. You can play the games and follow the simple instructions easily, that is why it is the best electronic dartboard in 2019.


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Arachnid Cricket Pro 750


The Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 dart game is the best electronic dartboard in 2019. It is ideal for family gatherings or for when you invite friends over. It is an excellent dart board with more than five different games and a large storage. There are three colors for the LED display which tracks the scoring. There is also a voice recording feature which is convenient for keeping track of the turns. You will also find the reset and sleep mode very helpful.


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Viper Solar Blast


Hone your skills in darts with the Viper Solar Blast electronic dartboard. It is a top rated electronic dartboard in 2019 that can allow 16 players in a game. There are 43 games stored in the electronic dartboard and there are 163 options. It also features an auto player change. It is the most high tech electric dartboard on the market. It can be the best gift you can give to a dartboard enthusiast.



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Arachnid Cricket Pro 800


Enjoy a tournament-quality dart game experience with the Arachnid Cricket pro electronic dart board. It can accommodate up to eight players and has enough memory for 40 games. The NylonTough property is added for better playability and greater durability. It has the ability to reduce the bounce-outs of darts with the super thin segment dividers. The board has an impressive design and it looks great. It can track the scores with the use of its color-changing LEDS.


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