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Top rated electronic drum sets in 2017


In the present, millions of people want to learn how to play on drum sets or have already mastered the instrument and desire to improve their skill set. This is why whenever new and exciting products come out they are in the front row, listening in on all the marvellous music created. Now, if you are on the lookout for a great drum set, take things slowly because probably there is a product out there, specially designed for your musical needs. All you need to do is consult with attention some of the best electronic drum set reviews and choose the perfect product!


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


ProductMIDI outputPriceNo. of piecesJack for mp3 playerOur RatingWhere to buy

Alesis DM10X


Alesis DM6


Alesis DM Lite


Yamaha DD65


Pyle Pro PED02M




Alesis DM10X kit Premium Six-Piece professional electronic drum set


Best Electronic drum set reviewsHow can you choose the best electronic drum set in 2017? Well, you might want to learn more things about Alesis DM10X kit Premium Six-Piece professional drum set, which delivers high definition sounds, every time you start playing. You will be able to choose from HD sound library of uncompressed samples from different drums or cymbal sets, through the USB and MIDI outputs. This particular drum set features exclusive Dynamic Articulation technology which manages to drum timbre, while playing dynamics. You will enjoy realistic tonalities thus keeping the musical experience at high levels. It is by far a smart investment in your musical know-how.

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Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic Drum set


Most of the present best electronic drum sets reviews, written by specialists in the field, underline the efficiency of Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic drum set. Very popular among young drummers, this 5-piece set includes DM6 module which ensures crystal clear sounds every time you play. The drum set comes with 5 realistic feeling drum and special cymbal pads which translate hits in clear sounds, maintained at highest standards by DM6 module. The drum set comes with the following components: snare, kick 3 tom, 2 cymbals, hi-hat pad, hi-hat ad, hi-hat controller and kick pedal, which represent all you need to play music.

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Alesis DM Lite Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum set


Are you on the market for a professional drum set? If you are then you might want to learn more things about Alesis DM Lite Kit 5-Piece Electronic drum set. This model comes with light-up LED pads, which can accommodate with beginner and more experienced players. It comes with over 200 sounds and DM Lite Module which offers great assistance as you play different songs. It also includes stereo 1/4 inch outputs which allow you to connect the device to amplifiers and enhanced sound system, for better performance. You can even connect it to your computer through USB port, and thus benefit from popular recording programs.

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Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad Premium Package


One of the best electronic drum sets in 2017 comes from Yamaha, DD65 already present in thousands of home studios. This advanced musical instrument offers a tight control over different projects, which you might set out in the comfort of your home. It features 8 Touch-sensitive drum pads which give you the opportunity to expand musical creativity, and ultimately end with something beautiful. It comes with AUX in jack whom you can use in order to connect and also play along MP3 player. This professional drum pad premium package includes headphones, drum pedals, drum sticks and also power supply.

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Pyle Pro PED02M Electric Thunder drum kit


When it comes to musical clarity, you need to pay close attention to the workings of Pyle Pro PED02M Electric Thunder drum kit, which is very popular among new and seasoned players. Placed among the top electronic drum sets in 2017, this particular model was designed in order to meet any user’s musical desires. The medical instrument is fully customizable and lightweight which makes it great to carry around wherever you may want to go. It includes pre-recorded sound kits such as soft rock, electronic, hard rock, jazz and pop. The kit features MIDI, which ensures high clarity during everything you play.

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