Things to Consider When Buying An Electronic Picture Frame


Electronic picture frames are becoming more common in homes and offices, as digital photography continues to improve and advance. Digital picture frames are also improving, and now you have more options than ever. Electronic picture frames can be found in a variety of styles and sizes, and different models often include unique features. With so many options to choose from, finding one that is right for you can be difficult. That is why we have included some helpful buying tips so you can make an informed decision and find the best electronic picture frame in 2019.


One of the most important aspect to consider is the design and style of the electronic picture frame, and where you are going to place it. You need to consider where the outlets are in the room, and if the electronic picture frame will be constantly plugged in. The frames are available in almost any style and color, and can match almost any décor. Some borders on the frames to consider include wood for a rustic feel or contemporary shiny metals.


Aspect ratio

As stated in the best electronic picture frame reviews you want to make sure that the aspect ratio fits your images. This ratio refers to the width and height of the image it is displaying. If aspect ratio is too small only part of the image will be shown. The two common sizes for electronic picture frames are 4 x 3 and 16 x 9. Some of the higher priced digital frames also offer the option of a panoramic setting, but this will not work for all images.



The best electronic picture frame in 2019 will include of all the features and functions you need to display and share your favorite images. Some digital frames are compatible with mobile and Bluetooth devices which lets you send your images directly to your electronic frame. Other electronic picture frames let you program your images to be displayed as a slideshow and printed with a simple command. You can also find wireless digital picture frames that can connect with your laptop or other internet device.


 Top Rated Electronic Picture Frames in 2019


Digital pictures are quickly replacing standard photographs, and electronic frames are becoming more common. With hundreds of models to choose from we wanted to help you narrow down your choices. Here are the three top rated electronic picture frames of 2019.


Nixplay W12A Digital Photo Frame


The sleek black border gives this frame a modern appeal, and you will love how easy it is to set up and use. According to the best electronic picture frame reviews this is the perfect model to use with your GoPro camera. You can easily connect this digital frame to your mobile device, and instantly send and receive photos. This gives you the option of sharing all of your images with family and friends as you send your photos directly to the electronic frame.

You’ll love the convenience of the power saving motion sensor that automatically turns the digital frame on when there is movement nearby. The electronic picture frame will also let you remotely control your images, and you can choose who receives each one. Create different accounts for friends and family with each one able to hold up to 10 images.

Play back HD videos and enjoy watching it all on the 12 inch viewing screen that can also be mounted on a wall. You can remotely edit and delete images from different accounts, making it possible to continuously share all of your photos. It is easy to use from any mobile device, and its affordable price also makes this electronic picture frame an ideal present.

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Photomate PM1500 Hi-Resolution Digital Picture Frame


According to the best electronic picture frame reviews this is the perfect model for consumers who are always looking for new ways to “live green”. The power saving motion sensor ensures that you do not waste electricity with the picture frame, and that it only turns on when there is movement in front of it. Along with this money saving feature, the electronic picture frame is affordably priced. It features 4GB of memory for storing all of your digital images, which can also be expanded with the addition of a flash drive or SD card.

Along with plenty of memory for storing all of your precious memories, you can also program your images to play in a slideshow. Share and show off all of your photos at once, and the 4 x 3 aspect ratio ensures that all of your images are clearly and vividly displayed without appearing stretched. You will also enjoy watching your images appear on the 15 inch viewing screen.

Not only can you proudly display your favorite digital images, but this electronic picture frame also features MP3 audio. Keep track of the days with the built in calendar function, and never miss a meeting with the included alarm.

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ViewSonic VFM820-50 Digital Media Album


You can enjoy seeing all of your digital photos displayed on this affordable electronic picture frame. As stated in the best electronic picture frame reviews it includes several additional features, including the ability to support SD cards. The frame is convenient and easy to use, and its contemporary style is perfect for any décor.

With an aspect ratio of 4 x 3 all of your images will be perfectly displayed and the 8 inch viewing screen will show all of your pictures in high resolution color. You can program the digital frame to display single images or run a slideshow set to background music. There is also a conveniently placed power switch to help conserve electricity.

Use the calendar function to keep track of the days and different appointments, while the built in alarm will ensure that you are never late. The affordable price of the electronic picture frame makes it a great present, and its included features make it both fun and practical. It features a contemporary and stylish design that looks great in any room, and it is ready for you to start uploading photos as soon as it is unpacked.

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