How to Buy One of the Best Elevated Toilet Seats with Handles


If you, or someone in your family has difficulties sitting down on the toilet, or getting up after having used it, getting an elevated toilet seat with handles is a great idea. Indeed, this will make life a whole lot easier for that person. Nevertheless, this is only true under one condition: if you get the best elevated toilet seat with handles for that person. If you get anything less than this, then they might actually get hurt using it, which is certainly not something anyone would want to happen.

Now, in order to ensure that you’re getting the best product out there, you have to do your research and understand what features make an elevated toilet seat with handles great, and which don’t.


Clamping Mechanism

Here’s the thing: you don’t want to be using an elevated toilet seat that slips and slides around on the toilet while you’re using it. This could lead to you or the person on it getting seriously injured, and you don’t want any of that. With this in mind, it becomes obvious why having a model with a great clamping mechanism is a good idea. Now, it might be hard to tell when you’re purchasing it online if the clamping mechanism is of any good, which is why we recommend you have a look at what users had to say about it.


Added Height

The next thing you have to check is the height the bowl is adding to the toilet seat. Indeed, there’s no point in purchasing a toilet seat that doesn’t really add enough height, because it will be of no use. On the other hand, there’s no use in getting one that’s too tall, because you won’t be able to use that one either.

The height we generally recommend, and which tends to work best for most people is of about  3 and a half inches.



Last but certainly not least is the sturdiness of the seat. You don’t want to purchase one that’s too flimsy, and which will crack right from the first use. Again, there is a potential for injury that we’re talking about here, so you should do your absolute best to avoid it. Also, you should be getting a model with sturdy handles, and if they can be removed, you should make sure that they attach back securely.


Highest Rated Elevated Toilet Seats with Handles


If you’re thinking that it’s far too difficult to find the best elevated toilet seat out there, we understand you. There are just too many models, and it’s hard to find the best toilet seats, when they’re lost in a sea of not so good products. The good news is this: we looked online until we found the top models, and we’re showing them to you right now.


Medline Locking Elevated Toilet Seat


Best Elevated Toilet Seat with HandlesThis toilet seat is perfect, because it comes with a clamping mechanism which locks the seat on the toilet. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry that it might slip and slide while you’re using it, or while you’re getting transferred from the wheelchair, if need be.

In addition, this model raises the level of the seat by 5 and a half inches, which is quite a substantial raise. With this, you don’t have to worry anymore about actually sitting down or getting up. However, you should make sure before this that it’s not too high for your toilet. If it is, then make sure to get one that’s a little shorter.

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Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser


2. Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms for Standard ToiletsThis particular model adds 3 and a half inches to the toilet seat, and, as we mentioned above, this is just the right amount for most people out there. It was made to fit standard toilets, so if that’s what you have at home, then we suggest you get this one.

Another thing that’s worthy of appreciation is the fact that the arms are padded, and that they can be easily removed and added without using tools.

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Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator


2. Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator with Handles for Standard Round ToiletsThis is yet another model that adds 3 and a half inches to the seat of the toilet, making it ideal for most people out there. In addition, the sturdy handles it comes with help by giving even more support to the individual in need. Thanks to them, you can rest assured that you’ll be feeling safe, even if you need to get transferred over from the wheelchair to the toilet.

Finally, this model can be installed under the toilet seat you already have, which means that you won’t need to purchase another one.

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