Top rated external hard drives in 2019


Everyone needs a bit more space in their virtual life to store files like music, movies, games or in order to back up their system. Men and women using a personal computer have need of extra space since everything is so large these days from high definition movies of 4+ GB and games  up to 12 GB+. Recent statistics have showed that more and more people want external drives to complete the ones they already have stored in their personal computers or notebooks. External drives can be easily connected to the computer and through its modern aspect the device can be carried in any location. Identifying the best device can be done once you read the current best external hard drive reviews.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Colors Connectivity Our Rating Where to buy

WD My Passport Ultra

500 GB – 2 TB $$ Black, Titanium and more USB 3.0 A+ AMAZON

Toshiba Canvio Slim II

500 GB, 1 TB $$ Silver, Black USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 A AMAZON

Seagate Expansion

1 TB -4 TB $$ Black USB 3.0 B+ AMAZON

WD Elements

1 TB – 3 TB $$$$ Black USB 2.0 B AMAZON

WD My Book

1 TB -4 TB $$$ Black USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 C+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices



WD My Passport Ultra External Hard Drive


best external hard driveWith a USB 3.0 connectivity, the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB External Hard Drive also contains an automatic and cloud backup. Aside from that, it gives you the best security it can give, with its password protection and hardware encryption features. This portable hard drive also has a WD SmartWare Pro backup software that enables you to back up to the drive itself.  I can also back-up to the cloud using Dropbox. In addition, it has a high capacity, storing for up to 2 TB, even in its portable design. This is one main reason why buyers that read the best external hard drives reviews love this model. Its remarkable speed also enables people to access and save files in handy, with its My Passport Ultra feature.

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Toshiba Canvio Slim II Portable External Hard Drive


This external hard drive gives you the freedom to store your files more conveniently, because you can have more access and organization in your files. In addition, it has a convenient back-up software where you can keep important files and put extra security on them in case of an emergency. In addition to the security, the Toshiba Canvio Slim II Portable External Hard Drive has a password lock feature that keeps it secured from unauthorized drive access. Another great feature is that it has an NTFS driver for Mac, giving you the freedom to keep and access files from your PC or Mac without the need to reformat it. It’s just delightful to have an external hard drive where you can easily access, upload and download files from any device or the internet.

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Seagate Expansion STBV3000100 External Hard Drive


 top rated external hard drives 2019External hard drives are getting bigger and bigger as memory capacities and technology advances. The Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive comes at an astonighing 3TB of memory space. With this much space you can put virtually anything on it and still have room to spare. There is no software installation required on Windows, you just need to connect it via USB and you are off and running. Simple to install and with a huge memory, the Seagete Expansion does everything it is required from an external hard drive and even surpasses some boundaries.

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Western Digital Elements external hard drive


The Western Digital professionalism and advanced technological features are embedded in the WD Elements hard drive model. The device can be connected through the USB 2.0 for reliable and professional add-on storage. All you have to do is plug in to a USB port of your personal computer and copy important files such as texts, movies, videos, music files or any other things that simply don’t have any room on your notebook anymore. Equipped with the power-saving WD GreenPower Technology and the EnergyStar compliant power supply the model is currently one of the top rated external hard drives in 2019.

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Western Digital My Book Essential external hard drive


When it comes to reliable and advanced hard drives, Western Digital is one of the best and to this extent people are constantly searching for the latest models. The Western Digital My Book Essential hard drive has 3 TB storage capabilities connectable by either the USB 3.0 or also USB 2.0 for next generation transfer speed (due to the presence of the SuperSpeed WD feature). Music, games, movies can be stored with ease in the additional external hard drive without causing any complications. This model is considered by users around the world among the top rated external hard drives in 2019.

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Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable hard drive


With an impressive 320 GB storage capacity and a USB 2.0 powered connectivity system, the Toshiba Canvio represents a solid and advanced extension to your notebook. With a sleek design this portable digital storage device is perfect to store movies, movies, clips, files, documents or any other things that simply don’t have room on your personal computer. The Toshiba Canvio Basics portable hard drive represents a professional and high quality device which people can use to store their additional files with confidence and also has received some of the best external hard drive reviews.

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WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive


Best external hard drive reviews

One of the top rated external hard drives out today is the the WD My Passport 1TB. From first glance it catches your eye with a sleek and compact design. Very light, it can be easily transported anywhere you want so you can take your data with you. The data transfer rate on USB port is an astonishing 5 Gbps. Data transfers are extremely fast and in no time you have everything copied and ready wherever you are planning to go. The size of the the WD internal memory is at your choice too, from 320 GB to 2 TB. With these fantastic features, there is no surprise that the WD is considered one of the best external hard drives.

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Western Digital My Passport Essential portable external hard drive


The unique and sleek design of the WD My Passport portable external hard drive has attracted thousands of people to buy and use it with confidence. With a maximum storage capacity of 1 TB and a high speed connectivity of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, the Western Digital My Passport external hard drive allows the user to transfer movies and other large or small files 3 x faster . The device has automatic and also continuous backup which allows you to safely store your important files without worrying about problems or other limiting factors. This is the reason why some of the best external hard drive reviews speak so highly of this particular hard drive.

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Products which are no longer available


Western Digital My Passport Essential ED


The Western Digital portable external hard drive is one of the next generation storage personal facilities currently available to the general public. With a stylish and modern design, the drive has 1 TB maximum storage capacity with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity allowing people take the product wherever they want. This external hard drive lets the user access up to 3x faster transfer rates, thus allowing the user to, for example, transfer a 2-hour high definition movie in just 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes. It comes as no surprise to see this WD model among the top rated external hard drives in 2019.