Top rated external hard drives deals


Keeping your data backed-up is one of the wisest decisions you could make as accidents of all kinds happen and everything you have worked for could be gone in just seconds. It is best advisable to purchase an external hard drive from the best external hard drives lists to be safe and be certain you have made a really good deal for your computer.


Western Digital My Passport Essential ED portable external hard drive


Best external hard drives deals

In search of the storage facilities with latest technology advancements one can definitely find the Western Digital model in one of the best external hard drives due to its stylish looks and 1 TB of storage capacity. Additionally, it can connect with USB2.0 and USB 3.0 and it also allows its users to benefit from its transfer rates that are 3 times faster compared to similar products. For instance, if a 120-minute HD movie needs about 15 minutes to be transferred; with the Western Digital hard drive model you will need only one third of that time, which is just 5 minutes.



Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable hard drive


A hard drive with a profound storage capacity of 320 GigaBytes is one of the best external hard drives deals you can’t afford to miss. The deal is for the Canvio Basics model by Toshiba that comes with a modern design and a powered connectivity system of USB2.0. It is a perfect representative of all the best external hard drives due to its mobility and capability to store any kinds of files, documents, movies or clips easily and fast without never ever having to worry about losing any precious data or something you are particular fond of. Be sure you are dealing with a highly professional device that respects its users and provide the high standards of quality and efficiency.



Western Digital WD elements 2 TB USB 2.0 external hard drive


Western Digital is once again in the best external hard drives lists with its WD elements model. It is a device with carefully designed and created supreme technological features. It can connect via the USB 2.0 and ensure a professional-like storage process. Moreover, it can be easily connected with your pc or notebook through a USB port and quickly store all kinds of files like, documents, clips, movies and videos. What is more, the WDGreenPower Technology allows users to save power and the EnergyStar power supply are certainly great factors that have determined the WD elements’ position in the highest places of all the best external hard drives.



Western Digital My Book Essential 3 TB external hard drive


It seems that Western Digital models have dominated the tops of the best external hard drives deals and this time the My Book Essential speaks out loud with its reliability and utmost technological features.  It comes with a 3TB hard drive storage capacity and can connect through a USB3.0 or a USB 2.0. The most characteristic feature of this model is its transfer rates that are sky high due to its SuperSpeed WD feature. No matter what it is you want to transfer : a document, a movie, a music video, a file, you can do it easily and quickly in this external HD that has proven its title as one of the best external hard drives, right.



Western Digital My Passport Essential portable external hard drive

My Passport Essential has conquered the best external hard drives deals all throughout the country this year and it is for good reason. It is a stylish model that is appealing to more and more young people every day. Its storage capacity reaches a full Terabyte and it can connect via USB2.0 and USB3.0 with utmost speed due to its advanced features that allow users to transfer any kind of files and movies 3 times faster than before and compared to other products of the same kind. In order to ensure its users safety, it comes with an auto-backup as well as a continuous backup that releases from all sorts of worries once and for all.