What to Consider When Buying a New Facial Steamer


Buying the best facial steamer of 2019 may look like a daunting task, particularly nowadays when the market’s overflooding with products. All of the manufacturers claim their units are the absolute best, so which one should you pick? If you’re having trouble deciding on a particular unit, check out the buying guide we’ve created for your consideration. Before purchasing anything, read as many of the best facial steamer reviews as your time allows.


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Safety considerations

Some models specifically ask consumers never to use other substances aside from water. If the description of the product you have purchased specifies this detail, you should abide by the rule. In fact, some brands might go as far as state that some types of water are restricted from being utilized with their models. These may range from tap water to alkaline ionized water. Adding oils or lotion to some models may cause malfunctions or even affect the user’s skin.

All in all, it is best to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturing company as closely as possible. This practice makes it possible for the buyer to avoid being harmed. Furthermore, it prolongs the life of the purchased unit.


Why buy a facial steamer, anyway?

The benefits of using a facial steamer are countless. Perhaps you’re interested in cleaning your skin in depth. Maybe you’re tired of going to the spa and paying a lot of money for sessions you could do at home. Some people even use these devices to get rid of acne, while women over the age of thirty might be interested in fighting aging with the help of a face steamer.



Prices may vary depending on the manufacturer, the functionalities, and the reputation of the device. Reasonably priced units can be bought for around one hundred dollars, but the cost of some models can go up to two or even three hundred dollars.



To make sure that you’ll be getting the right value for the right price, you should try to invest some time into reading the best facial steamer reviews.


Top Rated Facial Steamers in 2019


If you have little to no experience when it comes to figuring out your needs or preferences, we have decided to give you a helping hand. The following list is composed of the three most remarkable facial steamers on the market today. All of these units have acquired excellent user reviews.


Spaire Nano Ionic Facial Steamer


1. Spaire Nano Ionic Facial SteamerThe Spaire Nano Ionic model is the top rated facial steamer in 2019, judging by the user ratings it has gathered over time.

The model can be utilized for a variety of tasks, ranging from cleaning hair follicles to detoxifying and hydrating the skin. As is the case with other products in the same line, this one is relatively well-known for being able to kill bacteria, as well as dead skin cells.

In addition, the unit does an excellent job at what it is supposed to do, which in this case means that it can remove all dirt that’s present on the surface of the skin. Some buyers even use it for removing makeup.

The package is composed of a user manual and the actual facial ionic steamer.

As we have previously mentioned, some manufacturers make a big deal out of pointing out that their products should be used with simple water. The same goes for the Sapire Nano Ionic unit, in which case consumers are advised to utilize distilled or purified water.

From what we have seen, this device has gathered a wide degree of appreciation from American customers, most of which have written detailed reviews on how the steamer is easy to use and provides the much-needed results.

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Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer


2. Secura Nano Ionic NanoCareThere are no significant price differences between the formerly mentioned item and this one. Even though it might not be the best in the line, the Secura Facial Steamer definitely does what it is supposed to do.

As with any other steamer featuring nano technology, this one makes it possible for the hot steam to go through the skin in a matter of just several seconds. Therefore, the process makes sure that the skin is left feeling and looking moisturized and rejuvenated.

Both oil and dirt can be removed on account of using this unit, as it greatly helps when it comes to preparing the skin for scrubs and peels. The neat thing about this model is that it can be used as a room humidifier, which means that it is versatile enough to address the needs of all the members of a family.

The product has been built in accordance with the North American Electrical Standards.

The user reviews we have consulted praise the high value of the unit. At the same time, some consumers feel compelled to point out that, even though the product is built in China, it still manages to perform very well.

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Kinga Nano Ionic Facial Steamer


3. Kinga Nano Ionic Facial SteamerCompared to the products we have showcased above, this one is considerably more affordable. Some online marketplaces might try to sell it for a little over one hundred dollars, but Amazon customers can get it at a much fairer price. After all, this trusted retailer is well-known for organizing sales and discounts and for offering skin care sets and products for meager prices.

In a nutshell, the Kinga Steamer does the same as the formerly mentioned models, even though it might not be as complex. On one account, the Kinga Steamer resembles the Spaire one, as the use of distilled or filtered water is recommended instead of regular tap. It seems that this type of water inhibits calcium build-ups and therefore contributes to the overall item durability.

The main difference between the Kinga and other products out there is that it allows aromatherapy, which means that consumers have the freedom to use scented oils with this device.

The vast majority of the reviews on this model are positive. The individuals who have purchased the unit claim that it’s the perfect alternative for deep cleaning the skin. Others state that they have been using the Kinga for over four years and have yet to experience an issue with the device.

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