If you’re here just to find the far infrared crystal healing mats and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. By comparing ratings in actual owner feedback with those in expert review sites for wellness products, we have been able to collect plenty of information about the best far infrared crystal healing mat, which, according to our research, is the MediCrystal 791082942554. This product surely outperforms earlier-generation far-infrared mats because it carries twice more temperature sensors aside from its heat timer, and this is something that other brands can’t boast. Aside from delivering precise heating and longer life, this model is a US-made product with an included free waterproof cover with multiple layers to protect from spills and sweat. The integrated 3D pad provides consistent support by uniform pressure distribution. If the MediCrystal 791082942585 is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the MediCrystal 791082942585 as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


If you want to kick fatigue and stress out, have relief for back pain and boost your immune system aside from restoring energy or detoxifying, a far-infrared heating pad or mat is your best option. Considering how this type of product relaxes you, a heating mat or pad of high quality enables you to become energized after a serious session on it. How can you distinguish top-quality products from less stellar ones?

Infrared Heat

The products that do well in the best far infrared crystal healing mats reviews are those that provide far infrared heat. As part of the electromagnetic light spectrum, far infrared heat offers the same proximity to the light frequency of natural sunlight, except for the latter element’s harmful UV and UVB rays. NASA undertook research some decades ago on far infrared prior to the scientific community paying particular attention to it.

According to many recent studies, far infrared gives rise to greater production of disease-free cell tissue that promotes faster and more extensive healing capabilities. Therapy using far infrared also promotes the removal of cellular toxins and wastes.

Heat is proven to be the body’s natural mechanism when fighting infection, and this is why you get a fever when your body fights a disease. For detoxification and maintenance, people turn to saunas and heating mats.

That said, far infrared heat penetrates more deeply into the human body compared to regular heat. The body’s superficial surface makes it difficult for regular heat to do the same thing.



The best crystal healing mat uses high-quality amethyst in its construction. Amethyst used in producing far infrared heat offers the ability to go 6 inches deeper while working up powerful apportioned heat by energizing our cells to get mobilized. This is exceptional compared to other mats that use other types of crystals, which only penetrate to a depth of 2 to 3 inches.

Low-quality heating mats and pads only work half the time and often come with too many hot spots that result in burns on your skin. What’s even more appalling with cheap heating pads is how they only warm the superficial skin layers so once they are switched off, the pain comes back with a vengeance.

This is aside from cheap heating mats or pads posing a serious fire hazard that can be attributed to poor manufacture quality and shorting within their circuitry.



The best amethyst crystal healing mat offers safety and ease of use. Regular electric heating pads merely generate an electromagnetic field or EMFs that tend to interfere with bodily functions and may be linked to a weakened immune system and cancer. A high-quality far infrared heating pad doesn’t produce EMFs and can home in on the pain and speed up natural healing.

Check out products with adjustable heat settings or an automatic comfort control to provide the exact level of heat you need without the danger of overheating. A far infrared heating mat has a flexible yet robust construction to ensure lasting use and easy contouring to the shape of your body.

Stay away from rigid and stiff mats that make it virtually impossible to get relief where you need it most.

The mat should be able to deliver heat quickly and in just a few minutes. Pay attention to the shut-off system, as manual shut off would mean you have to stay awake while on the mat, aside from posing a risk of fire. An auto-shut off mechanism ensures the pad mechanically turns off by itself to allow you to fall asleep during use.

One factor that speaks of high quality is a dependable warranty to cover premium workmanship.


Top Rated Far Infrared Crystal Healing Mats in 2019


There is a large variety of far infrared heating mats on the market, and while this can complicate the making of an informed decision, the buying guide above will hopefully help you overcome that very issue. The best products are also highlighted below for even more shopping guidance.


Our recommendations


MediCrystal 791082942554


The main selling point of the MediCrystal Amethyst is its thick layer comprising thousands of unpainted and untreated purple 100 percent natural amethyst crystals that deliver healing heat. This product is equipped with nearly 6.5 pounds of 2 to 7 mm mixed amethyst gems from Brazil, and that generate negative ions along with deeply-penetrating far infrared heat.

Perfect for those who want genuine value for money, this far infrared crystal heating mat comes with a protection cover pad, a controller, a user guide and a handy storage and carry bag.

The amethyst crystals in the mini-mat focus the isolated healing infrared rays into a condensed and easily absorbed wavelength range from 4 to 16 micrometers to enable a deep-penetrating capability to 8 inches into the body.

This brings about quick soothing of stiffness and pain in the muscles, joints and soft tissues while also effectively reducing or eliminating the symptoms of rheumatism, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, as well as chemotherapy effects, sports trauma, insomnia, minor strains as well as other conditions.

The heated amethyst stones also help combat sickness, enhance drainage of the lymphatic system, detoxify the body, and control weight by natural burning of fat. The mat also promotes the biosynthesis of heat shock proteins, enzymes and serotonin aside from improving blood circulation and metabolism while boosting the body’s ability to fight disease.

Buy from Amazon for ($345)




MediCrystal 791082942585


A high-end B-shaped pillow, the MediCrystal Pillow is outfitted with approximately 2.7 pounds of 100 percent natural purple amethyst gemstones from Brazil. The crystals are recognized for their ability to generate far infrared crystal rays and produce negative healing ions.

With a weight of around 5.5 pounds, the pillow has a zipper on the backside of its case to facilitate easy removal of the insert. You’ll love the luxuriously soft yet durable eco-leather cover with a color that matches the MediCrystal Mats collection in reddish brown.

Manufactured by an FDA-registered company, this far infrared crystal healing mat comes with two components. The core insert is constructed of special, heat-resilient hard memory foam that provides robust cervical support. The luxurious cover contains natural precious mixed amethyst crystals embedded along the entire length of the pillow case.

You can even put your own pillow into the case to enjoy more comfortable sleep and relaxation. The hard core of the pillow delivers enhanced neck and head elevation as you go through the far infrared heat therapy session on a heating pad or hot stone mat.

This amethyst pillow recovers the far infrared heat from a heating mat or pad then gives it off at a lower intensity that can prove to be advantageous to the effectiveness of heat detoxification processes at high heat.

Buy from Amazon for ($149)




Ereada Corp. Bio Amethyst


Helping you sleep better and get re-energized, the Ereada Corp. Bio Amethyst Pillow comprises rows of amethyst crystals sewn into the unit’s whole length. This product contains about 2.2 pounds of 100 percent natural Amethyst gemstones from Korea.

Amethyst has long been known to be a healing crystal and as nature’s very own tranquilizer. It has calming and sobering capabilities. This pillow coordinates with the rest of the luxurious Ereada Brown Amethyst Mats collection. That said, it can still be used on its own.

With a total weight of 5 pounds, the pillow doesn’t run on electricity as it is able to emit negative ions and far infrared rays gently as it reflects the head and body’s heat to get the amethyst crystals embedded in the pillow to activate far infrared heat.

This pillow recovers the warmth from the zones of the head that get overheated then throws it back to the parts that have a lower temperature, thus improving the circulation in your neck and head.

When using a heating mat or hot stone pad, this pillow supports the head in an elevated position. The pillow comprises two main parts: the crystal-encrusted cover and the memory foam insert. The zippered cover enables the removal of the insert at your option for replacement with your favorite pillow.
Buy from Amazon for ($195)