Are you looking for the best filing cabinet on the market but you lack the time to go through all the reviews we have put together on this topic? We can help you out! After taking into consideration aspects such as users’ feedback, sales figures, and specialized reviews, we have reached the conclusion that the Sauder Edge Water is the best option out there at the current time. Among the features that recommend it, we have to point out its overall classy design, its great price to value ratio as well as its personalized interlocking safety mechanism that allows its users to open only one drawer open at a time.  If the Sauder Edge Water is out of order or unavailable, you should consider the Z-Line Designs model, as it is a practical alternative.



Buying Guide


If you have been looking into best file cabinets for home office category in search for a new acquisition, but you have been having troubles selecting a model that is both practical and great looking, we are here to lend you a hand. Because we know how challenging it is to select such an item given the multitude of models that are out there, we have put together a short list of most important features to consider before placing that order. So, keep on reading and see what features you should not settle without.


What is the best filing cabinet for home offices you wonder? Well, one of the most important features this type of furniture item should have is a stylish appearance that goes together well with the overall design of the room you intend to set it in.

Because filing cabinets are usually built so that they blend well with the average office furniture, many models have a plain cut setup that seems unnoticeable in such environments. However, if you intend to install the model in a home ambiance, such a product might seem a bit ill-fitted.

So, before you place that order, take a moment to consider if the model you have set your mind on works well with the general look of your home. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy your new purchase for both its looks and practicality.



Another important aspect all best filing cabinet reviews are prone to point out is the fact that the size of such a product is also important. This feature is decisive due to the fact that it could be a deciding factor in the purchasing process. Our advice to you is that you find time to figure out how spacious do you need the filing cabinet to be. So, consider a number of documents you want to store in it and determine how many layers should the model come equipped with.

Moreover, don’t forget to check the depth of the drawers, as this aspect is capital when it comes to understanding just how much you can store in it.



Because this type of furniture item comes to be quite heavy when used to the maximum of its potential, all prospective buyers should consider settling for a model that comes with safety precautions.

To ensure your safety and the safety of those using it, you should buy a product that has an interlocking safety mechanism that allows for the opening of only one drawer at a time. By doing so, you will avoid unfortunate accidents when, due to its weight, the cabinet can tip over when more than one drawer is open.

Moreover, to ensure the safety of the files you deposit in it, keep in mind that there are models that have a lock that keeps your files away from intruding eyes.



Top Rated Filing Cabinets in 2019


Below, you can find a list of what we consider to be the best filing cabinets on the market at the current time. In the making of our selection, we took into consideration the features such as overall brand quality, buyers’ reaction to the products as well as price to value ratio. So, because this choice is all yours, keep on reading and select the model you believe best fits your needs.


Our Recommendations


Sauder Edge Water


A favorite among buyers, the Sauder Edge Water is the perfect example of how practicality and good design can work great together. One of the key features that recommend it is the fact that the model comes equipped with what the manufacturer calls a `patented, interlocking safety mechanism`. Thanks to this system, that allows for only a drawer to be opened at times, the users can rest assured that they will not have to worry about getting injured in case of the cabinet tipping over.

As a plus, the model stands out due to its overall look that is both modern and stylish due to its chalked chestnut finish.  Also, the two drawers that the product comes outfitted with have full extension slides that are capable of holding letter or legal sized files.

The most appreciated feature of the model is its ability to blend in with other furniture pieces. Therefore, if you end up settling for this product you won’t have to ponder whether or not your new acquisition fits your home décor. Moreover, due to its size, you can easily use it for additional purposes, such as a TV stand.

Buy from Amazon for ($218.95)




Z-Line Designs 


Another model we just had to mention is the Z-Line Designs. Well ranked by users, this two drawers vertical file cabinet is made from a material that mimics real wood and has an espresso finish that combines very well with the silver powder coat handles. Therefore, this cabinet stands out as both practical and good looking.

Capable of accommodating letter size hanging files, the product allows for easy access to the stored files thanks to the fact that the drawers glide easily when they are fully extended. Moreover, the model ensures that the files you place in it are kept safely away from others. For this reason, the manufacturer included a discrete lock that secures the closing of the top drawer. Therefore, all your important documents can be kept separate in a more secure place.

Last but definitely not least, this model is one of the products in this category that come shipped with clear and simple instructions that make assembling it a very easy job. To make sure all buyers don’t experience troubles while setting the cabinet up, the manufacturer labels everything clearly from the panel parts to screws, bolts and the glue one needs to use.

Buy from Amazon for ($115.27)





Lorell 14341 18 


We couldn’t have ended this top without mentioning the Lorell 14341 18. One of the best-priced models out there, this filing cabinet is, according to users, prone to fit everybody’s expectations. Because it was built on a steel construction, this product is quite durable and sturdy and therefore capable of being used for years and years to come.

Moreover, this 2-drawer file cabinet can accommodate letter sized documents and still be space efficient. As a plus, the glide suspension allows for a smooth movement of the drawers when file retrieval is required. However, users are advised to pay attention and not imbalance the model by opening more than one drawer at a time as this may cause the product to tip over due to its weight.

As current users have pointed out, one of the main features of this product is the fact that it is extremely lightweight and small. Due to this feature, the model can be easily moved from place to place, without any inconvenience.  Also, to make users feel safe, the manufacturer designed a small lock on the bottom drawer so that any important documents can be safely stored.

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