What to Consider When Buyong a Fire Safe


Everyone needs to check out the best fire safe reviews in order to ensure that they have a premium means of storing important documents and valuable possessions that can’t simply be left lying around in plain sight. Your precious family photos and other such items can be stored worry-free and protected from fire.

A.Fire safe

Fire Resistance

The primary reason why you buy a product you see in the best fire safe reviews is to ensure that what you store inside is kept from the damaging effects of fire. Fire-resistant safes are rated by the UL and Intertek based on the type of material they can shield from fire and the length of time they can protect it. For a safe rated to protect paper documents, the inside of the unit should not get any hotter than 350 degrees when fire occurs. For storing 35mm slides or old tape recordings, you need a safe rated not to go over 150 degrees inside.

To keep computer disks and DVDs protected, check out the products rated not to exceed 125 degrees inside in the best fire safe reviews. The most common length of protection of home safes is 30 minutes, although there are models that provide protection for an hour or more during fires.


Water Resistance

An added feature for the products highlighted among the top rated fire safes 2019 is water resistance. Some manufacturers subject their products to water submersion to simulate the effects of a broken water line or a flood, to test how far their products can go to protect what’s stored inside. One organization that tests home safes awards a mark of verification to ensure that the unit has met specific manufacturer criteria in this aspect.



The best fire safe 2019 should not only protect valuables and important documents from getting destroyed during fires but should also offer reliable burglary resistance, which directly corresponds to product quality. Expert testing includes using torches, tools and even explosives to determine how strong the product is. Many safes are equipped with a bolt-down kit, which effectively discourages thieves who operate on a grab-and-go principle. Anchoring the safe to the concrete floor, as well as wall concealment, can also thwart thieves. Otherwise, you can choose the type of lock you prefer the safe to have. A fire safe can be outfitted with a deadbolt lock, tubular lock, electronic lock or combination lock. A safe with both an electronic lock plus a backup lock offers a pretty much reliable sealing in of contents from any unauthorized tampering with the main lock.


Top Rated Fire Safes in 2019


Finding a safe good enough to hold your important documents and small valuables is not easy. There are many brands and models to choose from, which somehow becomes a limiting factor in itself. Before settling on just any product on the market, why not check out these three bestselling products?


SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire-Safe


1.SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23Earning high marks in the best fire safe reviews, the SentrySafe SFW123DSB offers protection for your digital media, documents and other valuables from fire, theft and water. This combination fire safe is equipped with 4 one-inch steel bolts designed to be 60 percent bigger than those commonly found in traditional safes. The dual combination lock and key is supplemented by the pry-proof hinge, giving you peace of mind by making it more difficult for unauthorized people to access your valuable documents and possessions.

Organizing your stored things is made much easier with the pocket on the door, the tray and the adjustable interior shelf and key rack. Rated to provide one-hour protection, the fire safe boasts a solid construction that ensures security and protection. This fire safe can provide protection you can rely on for years, as well as dependable service. The solid steel exterior is formidable in itself, working well with the live-locking steel bolts. Anchor the safe confidently to the floor using the supplied bolt-down kit.

Certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), along with Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL), the SentrySafe SFW123DSB can hold up against up to 8 inches of water for up to 24 hours, while staying strong against water damage.

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Honeywell Model 1104 Fire/Water Chest


2.Honeywell Model 1104Providing solid one-hour fire protection for up to 927 degrees Celsius or 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, the Honeywell Model 1104 deserves a shot as the best fire safe 2019. Store your valuables with complete peace of mind in this fire safe designed to offer a 48-hour waterproof seal that ensures the contents are dry in 39 inches or 1 meter depth of water. This is definitely good news for those who need a surefire (pardon the pun) means of keeping valuables safe during fires and floods. The interior provides enough space to fit letter, legal and A4 size documents laid flat. The interior storage capacity is 0.38 cubic feet.

The Honeywell Model 1104 1 Hour Fire/Water Chest has a waterproof seal complemented by two side latches that work together against water damage or emergency sprinklers. This fire safe protects paper documents along with digital media such as DVD’s, CD’s, USB flash drives, etc. The innovative size configuration allows you to keep the fire safe under a bed. The durable handle is tough enough to allow problem-free transport. When you want a convenient and ironclad means of keeping your valuables and documents safe, the Honeywell Model 1104 1 Hour Fire/Water Chest provides the solution, and the 7-year limited warranty and lifetime after-fire guarantee are huge selling points.

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SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe


3.SentrySafe HD4100CGUL-verified to provide 30 minutes of proven fire protection, the SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe offers a solid means of storing valuables while keeping them protected from theft, water and fire. This fire safe is ETL verified as well, ensuring you that it can provide 30 minutes of fire protection for a variety of digital media as well, including memory sticks, USB drivers, DVD’s and CD’s, up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. It has also been ETL verified to be waterproof, so floods, broken water lines and water sprinklers won’t wreak havoc on the things you store inside the fire safe. The unit features a privacy key lock for easy use by the owner but not intruders.

The in-lid holder is perfect for storing digital media. A ridge can hold a hanging folder just off the bottom, with just enough headroom for folder tabs to be clear of the top when the safe is closed. By keeping all your valuable documents neatly stacked together, the safe enables you to just pick up one single container when you have to quickly evacuate. This means no more rummaging to get things together while worrying about getting those vital documents wet, crumpled or just totally ruined. Stay prepared for any eventuality with this reliable fire safe.

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