Tips for Buying the Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels


While the rod and reel are important, you also need the right type of fishing line. If the line is not designed for the type of reel that you are using, then the fish that you hooked will probably become infamous as the “one that got away”. If you have a spinning reel then you need a certain type of line, and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you choose exactly what you need for your next fishing trip.



Even the best spinning reel needs the right type of fishing line. While the type of fish you are casting for will occasionally make a difference, spinning reels work best with a thinner line. You also want the fishing line to be limp instead of stiff, so the reel can easily spin without becoming stuck.



Where you are fishing should also be considered, and clear lines generally work best in water with a high rate of visibility. Strong, thin lines are recommended for casting around thick vegetation, and if you are fishing around underwater obstacles the best fishing line for spinning reels will resistant to breaking.



While most fishing lines designed for spinning reels will be thin and durable, some manufacturers include convenient extras. Attached cutters make it easy to remove the line if it becomes tangled, and custom designed spools are often more convenient to attach. You might also want to look for  line that is stretchable, which will give you an advantage when you are trying to land a big fish.


What Are the Most Appreciated Fishing Lines for Spinning Reels


While we can’t choose the right gear for you, we can show you some of the best fishing line for spinning reels. Designed to be durable and strong enough to land your big catch, maybe one of these fishing lines is just what you need the next time you are out on the water.


Power Pro Microfilament Fishing Line


Best Fishing Line for Spinning ReelsThis microfilament line is perfect for fishing almost anywhere, especially in clear water. While it is designed to be thin enough for your spinning reel to operate smoothly, it also features a tough and durable design. There is very little you can’t catch with this strong braided line, including large catfish and bass.

The sensitive line lets you know when you have a nibble, and you will love how smoothly it reels back in. While this line is affordably priced, you will appreciate the innovative package that protects the unused portion so it doesn’t go to waste. The included cutter also makes it easy to cut the line if it becomes tangled. Strong and designed for your spinning reel, you will love seeing what you can catch with this fishing line.

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Berkley Trilene Fishing Line


2. Berkley Trilene Fishing LineIf you have a spinning reel then you need a strong, thin line, and this might be the perfect choice for your next fishing trip. The monofilament line is designed for smooth casts, and it features the strength you need to wrestle in the big fish. The clear fishing line is also perfect for areas with good visibility underwater.

The added strength of this line gives you the added control you need when you are trying to reel in your catch, and its tough design is resistant to breaks. When you have control over the line, it is easier to find the confidence you need to finally land a fish worthy of a good tale. This fishing line is also resistant to shock which only adds to your control, and you also have the advantage of the slight stretch which gives you more power when you are fighting a monster of a fish.

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Spiderwire EZ Fishing Line


3. Spiderwire EZ Mono 220-Yard SpoolThis high quality fishing line is perfect for fishing in murky water, and it is strong enough to handle most obstacles without breaking. The durable monofilament fishing line is designed for versatility, and there is very little you can’t catch with it. The thin multipurpose line is designed to give you a smooth, easy cast, and you will also love how sensitive it is.

The line easily responds when you get a nibble, and the slight amount of stretch gives you plenty of power and control to bring in large channel cats. What really sets this fishing line apart is its strength and durability. It is constructed from the same fibers used in bullet proof vests, so you know this fishing line won’t easily break. The included spool makes it easy to wind up, and you will also appreciate its affordable price.

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