If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best fishing reels for bass money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best fishing reels for bass on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, price and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Piscifun PF1400 Baitcasting Reel is the best, as it brings a super-fast 6.3:1 gear ratio with a maximum line capacity of 12 lbs. Suited for right handed or for left handed users, this piece of attentive craftsmanship weighs only 7.3 oz and casts smoothly and quietly. If is the Piscifun PF1400 is unavailable, you could also consider the Noeby Baitcasting Fishing Reel as it is the second best choice.



Buying Guide


Any fisherman that ever walked into a tackle store knows that there are tens of options at hand for any type of fishing in any type of environment. Whether you are a beginner or you want to take on a different type of fishing, a good reel is what’s going to get you there. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right reel for fishing bass.


Type of fishing reel

Bass is known to be a big fish and a stubborn opponent. Its strong jaws and determination to live are going to need a firm and well balanced equipment, and while the rod is very important, the type of reel you employ is critical. There are three major type of reel used in fishing and they range based on their complexity and targeted species. Spincast reels are the preferred choice for beginners, meaning they are the simplest to use and will help you catch less pretentious and less large fish. They are made so their spool will hold light and short line, so catching a medium-sized bass with one will be a long shot. Spinning reels, on the other hand, while not the top choice for the experimented caster, are the hometown sweetheart of any fishermen and are versatile enough to let you use heavier line. Spinning reels will work on both saltwater and freshwater and can help you fight larger, meaner fish. Lastly, the baitcasting reel is a tool that requires a little more practice, and a little more precision but in return renders much more durability and strength to fight big bass.


Drag Capacity

Every reel has a drag system that prevents the line from snapping or for the fish to drop the hook before you set it. Usually, this drag consists of a number of washers, or discs that apply pressure on the line as you set it, and while your ability to do that is very important, so is the material of the discs. Cork and textile will only hold for so long, before they disintegrate or get corroded, while metal or even carbon fiber will endure the pressure for a long time and won’t have you desperately try to replace them all the time. Another consideration is how smooth is the drag, for if it applies too much pressure at once on the line, it will probably snap.



Most reels nowadays are made out of various materials, from plastic to graphite or cast aluminum. While plastic has the advantage of being cheap, it is by far the less durable option. Graphite and aluminum are durable, light and give a good performance as material for both the body of the reel, and for the spool as well.



Top Rated Fishing Reels for Bass in 2019


Other features you need to consider are the gear ratio, which tells you how fast you can retrieve the line, the weight of the reel and the type of the spool, as a skirted spool on a spinning reel, for example, will help you avoid entanglements.


Our recommendations


Piscifun PF1400


1-piscifun-baitcaster-reels-leftThis smooth and quiet reel from Piscifun is likely to turn your fishing experience into a feast of victory. Nylon glass fiber body and machined aluminum spool make this a fine and durable piece of equipment. Easy to cast, the PF1400 has a gear ratio of 6.3:1 and allows smooth retrieval by left handed and right handed casters as well. With a drag capacity of 8.8 pounds and a maximum line capacity of 12 pounds, you can be sure you’ll get your medium sized fish with no trouble. While designed for freshwater fishing, this model comes in a durable construction and with all the right features, such as a low noise structure and 13+1 ball bearings, all for in an incredibly affordable package. If you share our opinion, you can find it for sale on Amazon and other online retailers.


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Noeby Baitcasting


2-noeby-baitcasting-fishing-reelJust as speedy as the previously shown model, this 6.3:1 gear ratio reel can get your fish into the bucket in no time. A nylon body and aluminum spool in a super-lightweight package make it even easier for you to cast and retrieve. Brass gear and 10 +1 ball bearings are accompanied by a magnetic braking system. This model has a maximum drag capacity of 11 pounds and will hold line up to 12 pounds, but some reviewers have reported they were able to use braided line of 20-pound capacity on this reel. This Noeby product also gives you the advantage of changing your line really fast, as it has a quickly removable cover and is subjected to be used with either hand. While slightly cheaper that the above presented Piscifun, this model has been reported to cause entanglements and knots.


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Piscifun Thunder


3-piscifun-thunder-aluminum-saltwater-high-speedFor those of you who are fans of speed and performance, this is the reel that can hold up to such standards. Aluminum alloy body strengthened with stainless steel gear and carbon, magnetic drag gives you all the confidence you need in pursuing strong, large fish. The gear ration on this baitcaster is 7.1:1, so not only that you have strength on your side, but you will also be a fast player in the game. The maximum line capacity for braid is 30 pounds, while the drag system can hold up to 18 pounds, making sure you can carry out the job until the end. 8 ball bearings keep the friction on the line at a minimum level, while an instant anti reverse system smooths up the retrieval process. However, if you do feel the need of such a powerful tool, be prepared to spend a little more than for your average reel.


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