After testing dozens of baitcasting reels on the market, we have been able to gather more than enough information on what really makes the best baitcasting reels consistent top sellers. For one thing, we do not take our research lightly. We go through the most expert review sites we can find, aside from scrutinizing product prices and sales figures and doing crash-and-bang work on them against the social media attention they generate. All of this just to ensure that consumers get the exact quality and performance they pay for with their hard earned money. And it’s all been worth it, since we have found the Shimano Calcutta 400B to be genuinely the best of the lot. This impressive fishing implement has its basic design balanced with advanced features for an impressive ensemble that even the most seasoned angler can truly appreciate. The fishing reel has been designed to be 10 times more accurate at casting thanks to its anti-rust bearings (A-RB), compared to the standard stainless steel bearings that other reels are geared with. Users can expect better casting distance and control due to the variable brake system. The side plates and aluminum frame have undergone cold forging to make a strong and durable reel. If the Shimano Calcutta 400B is not in stock at your favorite online seller, why not give one of the best PENN spinning reels a try on your next fishing trip? Check out the PENN Spinfisher V that performs just as good as the Shimano Calcutta 400B.



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Whether you are tossing a line in for recreation or you are trying to catch tonight’s dinner, you need the best fishing reel for sale. Today’s fishing reels are designed to do more than simply hold your excess line, it can determine how successful you are at attracting and landing a bite. There are several types of fishing reels to choose from and each is designed for a specific use. To help you make an informed decision and choose the best fishing reel for the money we have included the following tips in the buying guide below.

Shimano Calcutta 400B



One of the first things to consider is what you are casting for. Different reels are designed for specific species of fish, and using the wrong one can make it almost impossible to bring anything in. Beginners often find that spincasting reels are the best choice for them. These reels are easy to operate, rarely snarl, inexpensive and extremely durable. Spinning reels are versatile, lightweight, and can usually be comfortably used by right or left hand anglers. These reels can be used to catch a variety of fish, but can also be prone to snarls and tangles in the line if the bail doesn’t close when you cast.

Bait casting reels come with a streamlined design and can be used in fresh or saltwater. These reels are typically used for catching larger fish, and some models are sturdy enough to handle 80 pound test line. Bait casting reels are often priced higher than other types, but are worth the added expense if you want to reel in heavier game fish. There are also fly fishing reels that are designed to be used in streams and some rivers. These reels might be simply designed, but it can be difficult to master the casting technique.



Once you have narrowed down the type of reel that best suits your needs, you will want to decide on the size based on where you will be fishing. The majority of the reels designed for freshwater fishing are too small for use in the ocean, and most saltwater models are too big to comfortably use when you are casting in a river or small pond. The type of fish you are casting for will also help determine the reel size. Researching the fish that are commonly in the waters you are planning to visit will help you narrow down your choices and choose the right size reel for your rod.



Fishing reels are comprised of several components and each one is important for optimal performance. The body of the reel should be lightweight, durable and constructed from plastic, aluminum or graphite, and you also want to consider the design of the handle. Some handles can be reversed for left or right hand users, and it should also fit comfortably in your hand.

You also want to look at the size and construction of the spool to ensure that it is designed to rotate smoothly, and is large enough to hold the amount of line that you need. Even though the style of the bail will vary depending on the type of reel, you will want to ensure that it is designed to easily flip open and snap close. Adjustable drags allow you to fight a fish on the line without losing it, and it also helps you securely set the hook. The reel should also be designed with multiple ball bearings and gears to ensure a smooth and reliable performance on every cast and retrieval.



Most fishing reels are constructed from plastic, aluminum or graphite for a long lasting performance. All of these materials are lightweight, durable, and generally resistant to rust. Plastic fishing reels are generally inexpensive, while aluminum and graphite models are usually priced slightly higher. The added expensive is often worth it if you are planning on landing big game fish. You also want to consider the ball bearings, and most experienced anglers recommend choosing a reel that comes with rust resistant stainless steel BBs.



Top rated fishing reels in 2019


Choosing the right fishing reel doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you know what you are looking for. To help you make the right decision and get you started casting for the “big catch”, we have the best fishing reels showcased down below.


Our recommendations


Shimano Calcutta 400B


best fishing reelThe basic design and extensive features of the Shimano Calcutta B reel make this model one of the best fishing instruments currently available on the market. The Shimano Calcutta B reel includes the carefully thought off A-RB (anti-rust bearings) that are 10 times more precise  than the regular stainless bearings. The variable brake system improves casting control and also distance, which ensures a complete fishing experience. Furthermore, the Cold forged aluminum frame and side plates make the reel strong and durable, and that is what most of the top rated fishing reels reviews point out.


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Penn Spinfisher V


The Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel now has a thicker and heavier aluminum bail wire, which also means increased performance and a sturdier build. What also adds to its strength is its 5 Shielded stainless steel bearings system with stainless steel main-shaft and alloy main gear. It also has an unlimited anti-reverse feature with a 7500-10500 sizes back-up ratchet. In addition, it also comes with a friction trip ramp to avoid premature bail trip when casting, and a triple supported and over-sized stainless steel main-shaft. To top it all off, the Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel is well insulated against saltwater so you won’t have to worry about it getting into the gearbox or drag system. Some of the best fishing reels reviews praise this product for its smoothness and longevity.


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Shimano Spirex RG 


1.Shimano Spirex RG

This spinning reel is lightweight, durable and capable of providing you with exceptionally smooth casts and retrievals. This is the best fishing reel with a gear ratio explanation of 6.2.1 for slower retrievals with plenty of control. The multiple stainless steel ball bearings will provide you with a reliably smooth performance, and you will appreciate having the advantage of the front and rear drag systems. The drag is easy to set with just the flick of the lever, and you will love how comfortable the rubber handle is to grip when you are fighting a heavier fish. Constructed from durable graphite with a lightweight aluminum spool, this spinning reel might be what you need on your next fishing trip.


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Abu Garcia 6500CSBPROROCKET 


2.Abu Garcia CS

This is often considered the best fishing reel for jigging tuna, and it is not hard to see why. This bait casting reel comes with a durable construction that has been rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Often used by professional anglers around the world it comes with multiple stainless steel ball bearings to ensure ultra smooth casts and retrievals, and it also has an anti-reverse BB. To provide you with plenty of control and to make it easy to securely set your hook this fishing reel from Abu Garcia also comes with a high performance drag system. Accurate and powerful, you will love seeing what you can catch with this fishing reel.


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Abu Garcia 6500C3 Ambassadeur C3


Abu Garcia 6500C3 Ambassadeur C3 Baitcast Round Reel

If you are practicing a type of fishing that requires you to cast long distances, then the Abu Garcia 6500C3 Round Reel is a great choice for you. Not only is the casting distance exceptional with this particular reel, but also the accuracy. The roller is made from stainless steel, making it extremely durable and solid. It also has an anti-reverse feature for hook-setting power, which comes in handy when you finally catch that big fish you have been dreaming of. Fishing can truly be enjoyed with a fishing reel with such fantastic features.


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Shimano Symetre


3The Shimano Symetre Spinning reel comes with a solid 5 point propulsion management system which allows you to make significantly longer casts, hitting the perfect spots with ease. This fishing reel is equipped with 4 shielded ball bearings and also a Dyna-balanced rotor for smoother, wobble free power, perfect for those hard casts. The reel also has the Fluidrive II precision cut which ensures a stable, powerful retrieve. Considered to be among the best fishing reels in 2019, the Shimano Symetre spinning reel ensures a smoother fishing experience for the user thanks to its advanced features.


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Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite


 Best fishing reels 2019A good fisherman always has the right gear. If bait fishing is your thing, then the Okuma Avenger is a very good choice. It will help you reel in those big fish that every fisherman dreams of. The materials from which it is built are corrosion resistant and will assure that the Avenger works just great for a long period of time. The Baitfeeding System allows the line to run free and the spool to disengage without opening the bail. Fishing is a great way to relax and using equipment like the Avenger makes it even more relaxing.


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Abu Garcia ProMax


This fishing reel has a 12 pounds/145 yards mono spool capacity and a 30 pounds/130 yards braid spool capacity. It can pick up 31 inches per turn because of its 7.1:1 high speed gear ratio. In spite of all these wonderful features being crammed into such a small package, the Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel is light, with a mere weight of 7.9 ounces. It is easy to use and durable, with one-piece graphite frame and side plates. Its compact design and smoother feel are especially built for excellent capability and quality, and that’s why most people choose it over other models. To top it all off, this fishing reel comes with a corrosion resistant, instant anti-reverse bearing.


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Okuma Trios High Speed


Okuma Trios High Speed Spinning ReelThis Japanese high quality reel, the Okuma Trios has the right features to aid you in catching a lot of big fish. The hybrid spool design is a very innovative one that comes with a graphite arbor and an aluminum lip. All the components are of high quality for an overall great final product that guarantees great fishing. The Precision Dual Force Drag System maximizes the drag pressure making the reeling process efficient and smooth. These definite qualities make The Okuma Trio one of the best fishing reels available today.


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Okuma Coronado Baitfeeder


If you are looking for one of the top rated fishing reels in 2019, then look no further. The Okuma Coronado has all the features needed to give you that extra edge in fishing equipment. Even though it is lightweight thanks to its graphite and aluminum construction, it is very sturdy, being able to resist the biggest and most active fish that you might be after. It will allow you to control the fish, not the other way around, and finally reel it in for the picture or dinner that you have been dreaming of. The amazing performance makes it one of the best fishing reels.


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Penn Gold Label series International V


Competitive fishing needs advanced and efficient equipment with the capacity to provide reliable performance. The Penn Gold Label series international V two speed reel has a full metal body and also side plates which maintain high precision gear alignment when facing heavy captures. It is equipped with the highly acclaimed Quick-Shift patented 2-speed system that allows the user to quickly shift into high or low gear without any problems of any sort. Furthermore, the reel has the Push-To-Turn pre-set knob that eliminates accidental changes to the predisposed drag. It comes as no surprise to see the Penn Gold Label as one of best fishing reels in 2019.


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Products which are no longer available



Penn Gold Label Series


Considered by many specialists among the best fishing reels 2019, the Penn Gold Label Series lever drag Baitcast reel is a lightweight, one piece aluminum frame which is perfect for saltwater fishing. Penn Gold reels allow the user to have greater precision during fishing, coming with a high-speed gear ratio of 4.4:1, which retrieves 20 inches of line within a short period of time . The reel is strong, designed with a bronze alloy main gear and also a solid machined stainless steel pinion gear which results in firm hook setting.



Abu Garcia BCX


 Abu Garcia BCX Baitcasting ReelA good reel gives you excellent control of the actual line retrieval,  thus making it faster and easier, so the fish doesn`t have a chance to escape. The Abu Garcia BCX fits this bill perfectly and helps you catch big quantities of quality fish. Casting is very well controlled with the 6-pin centrifugal break giving you that extra bit of accuracy. You will be able to cast exactly in the spot where the fish are. The anti-reverse feature is very reliable, resisting even the most energetic fish. This reel should be part of your fishing equipment because it has all the necessary characteristics.



Penn Gold Label Series Slammer


The Penn Gold Label series Slammer spinning reel receives extensive top rated fishing reels reviews, consolidating its place among current preferred fishermen tools. The Slammer reel combines strength and durability which is perfect for saltwater anglers due to its full metal body design and 5 stainless steel roller bearings and 1 infinite anti reverse roller bearing. The structure of the Penn Gold model offers great hook settings. It is equipped with 6 roller bearings and 1 infinite reverse roller triple and also with the HT 100 drag washer which protects it from harmful elements.