Best discounts for fishing reels


Penn Gold Label Series Slammer Spinning reel


Best fishing reels discounted Penn Gold Label series Slammer spinning reel is one of the best fishing reels discounted for a reason. The Slammer reel combines strength and durability which is perfect for saltwater anglers due to its full metal body design and 5 stainless steel roller bearings and 1 infinite anti reverse roller bearing. It is also incredibly durable through its full metal body with a one-piece construction, machined aluminum frame and side-plates which offers the ultimate in gear alignment. Slammer Live Liner allows anglers to maintain control over various sized live baits, making it an ideal reel for game fish. It is also equipped with an automatic live liner feature to increase the usability of the reel and in response to requests and feedback from multiple anglers, captains, and skippers. Liner has a 240-yard/15-pound mono capacity, and high-performance 30-inch line retrieve per crank.



Penn Gold Label Series Lever Drag Bait cast reel


Penn Gold Label Series is a lightweight lever drag Baitcast reel and has one piece aluminum frame which is perfect for salt water fishing. Penn Gold reel allows the user to have greater precision during fishing made possible by a high-speed gear ratio of 4.4:1 which within a short period of time retrieves the 20 inches of line. Its HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads and its two aircraft quality, sealed stainless steel ball bearings and one-way roller bearing are corrosion resistant, built for the long haul. It also features an ergonomically designed infinitely adjustable star wheel, positive level wind system, zirconium oxide line guide with titanium nitride coating, positive push button free spool, auto engage with turn of the handle, adjustable three-level centrifugal brake casting control, and stainless reel seat, loud easy-to-use clicker.



Penn Gold Label series International V Two speed reel


 Penn Gold Label series International V has two speed reel has a full metal body and also side plates which keep a high precision gear alignment under any heavy loads. It is equipped with the Quick-Shift patented 2-speed system which allows the user to quickly shift into high or low gear quickly. It also has Push-To-Turn pre-set knob which eliminates accidental changes to the predisposed drag, and Dura Drag washers virtually which eliminate hesitation, even under extreme drag settings. It also boast its Shimano® Symetre front drag spinning reel, and Propulsion Line Management System which features Propulsion spool lip, SR one-piece bail wire, Power Roller® III, redesigned bail trip, and S-arm cam.



Shimano Symetre Spinning Reel


The Shimano Symetre Spinning reel is one of the best fishing reels discounted available in the market today. It is equipped with a new ultra-thin M Compact Body design, and comes with a solid 5 point propulsion management system allowing you to make significant large casts, hitting the fishing spots with more ease. Shimano Symetre Spinning reel is equipped with 4 shielded ball bearings and also a Dyna-balanced rotor for a smoother, wobble free power, perfect for those hard casts. Moreover, it has 4 shielded corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings which ensure a smoother fishing experience for the user. It also features new Varispeed II oscillation, durable stamped bail, super stopper II, Aluminum Cold Forged Spool, S-Concept, SR-Concept, Propulsion Line, and Management System.



Shimano Calcutta B reels


Shimano Calcutta B reel is equipped with cold forged aluminum frame, aluminium Side plates and Aluminum Spool which provide the tightest tolerances for excellent smoothness and legendary durability. It also includes the carefully thought off A-RB that are 10 times more precise corrosion resistant than the regular stainless bearings. Its variable brake system is designed for enhanced casting control and for distance providing professional fishing experience. It also features a 3-Position Power Grip this Septon coated handle grip which allows for 3 different hand positions for various fishing techniques, and a Drilled Crossbar reduces the overall weight of the reel.