How to Buy the Best Fishing Rod


One of the most popular outdoor activities, fishing allows us to relax and enjoy nature, while rewarding our patience and skill. Getting a good fishing rod is the first step to ensure the success of a great fishing trip and increase your chances of catching that elusive big one. Sadly, today, with so many different quality models available, finding a good fishing rod is quite a difficult task. This article will tell you all about the most important aspects to look for whenever you buy a new fishing rod.

Best Fishing Rod


Start by taking a closer look at the durability factor. All fishing rods must be able to sustain the weight and full force of the largest fish you intend to catch without cracking or breaking. Durable fishing rods will endure lots and lots of abuse, making them ideal for long term use on both salt and fresh water fishing trips. Aim to get the most durable and resistant model and you will surely get a fishing rod that will serve you for years to come.



All the best fishing rod reviews give extra points to fishing rods that can bend properly during casting and reeling. A flexible fishing rod will help its user to cast further and more precise, giving them maximum chances to get the lure as close as possible to the intended target area. Withstanding with ease the reel force, good elastic fishing rods will keep their shape and will not break even under intense pressure and stress.


Comfort and weight

A new fishing rod must be as comfortable as possible. Good, comfortable models will help their users keep fighting the fish for a longer period of time without feeling any extra fatigue or discomfort.  Praised by all the best fishing rod reviews, lightweight models are easier to carry and use than heavier fishing rods.



The price range of the fishing rods varies a lot according to the model, brand and materials used. While some expensive models may indeed come with additional features, it is better to start by choosing an affordable model that offers a good quality for the price and then move on to other models as needed.


Top Rated Fishing Rods in 2019


Knowing the difficulties encountered by all those who want to buy a new fishing rod, we did our research and found three top rated fishing rods 2019 that you can purchase right away. Each of these fishing rods is a perfect choice for both beginners and advanced fishermen.


Plusinno TM Fishing Rod


1.Plusinno TM Fishing RodPerfect for any type of fishing, whether saltwater or freshwater, this technologically advanced fishing rod is one of the most durable and flexible models available for purchase right now. Featuring excellent flexibility and superb durability, this fishing rod is rightfully called the best fishing rod 2019. Using a smart material composition and ingenious design, the Plusinno will keep its elasticity and durability for years to come.

Compact and portable, this telescopic fishing rod is extremely easy to carry around. Folding back to less than a fifth of its full size, the Plusinno is the perfect choice for all outdoor campers and fishermen. Using an innovative mix of glass fiber and carbon fiber, this high quality fishing rod is both flexible and durable. Lightweight and versatile, this fishing rod will bend under high pressure but never crack. Thanks to its smart design the Plusinno will always return to its original shape, ready for another cast.

Used with great success by all the fishermen, this fishing rod is one of the best choices for anyone who wants a universal model for any type of fish and water. Durable and extremely versatile, the Plusinno will keep you company on many memorable and exciting fishing trips.

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Okuma Tundra TU-80 Spinning Rod


2.Okuma Tundra TU-80One of the most popular and effective fiberglass fishing rods, this model is designed to be as simple and comfortable as possible. Loved by all pier and surf fishing enthusiasts, the Okuma Tundra TU-80 boasts excellent flexibility, allowing for an extremely long and accurate cast. Durable and resistant, this is the ideal choice for all those who want to have a successfully day at the pier.

Made from high quality glass fiber, this fishing rod can deform without ever breaking. Perfect for any type and size of fish, the Okuma Tundra TU-80 will be able to reel in even the strongest and heaviest of them all. Praised by all its users for its capacity to cast the lure at extreme distances, this fishing rod will give you plenty of range without requiring you to move around and change location.

Best used for pier and surf fishing, the Okuma Tundra TU-80 can also be used from a boat on both saltwater and freshwater expeditions. Using durable ceramic guides, this fishing rod will keep the line steady avoiding any type of unwanted friction and tangling during both cast and reeling. Best for all type of fish, this rod is particularly good for large, seashore fishing.

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Shimano Stimula Spin Rod


3.Shimano StimulaWith a clear focus on affordability and efficiency, this comfortable fishing rod gives us back the joyful days of lake fishing. Designed to be as simple as possible, the Shimano Stimula is the perfect choice for all those who wish to lay back and enjoy a good fishing day. Best used on fresh water, this rod is also surprisingly good for saltwater fishing as well.

Made from high quality glass fiber, this long and durable fishing rod has plenty of elasticity and durability, allowing it to reel in almost any type of catch. Perfect for freshwater and especially good for lake fishing, the Shimano Stimula is capable of reeling in even larger species like salmon or even catfish, offering you unrivaled satisfaction for its price.

Used with great delight by both beginners and experienced fishermen, this ultra-affordable fishing rod can compete even with some of the most expensive models available on the market. Light and flexible, durable and resistant, the Shimano Stimula is perfect for all those wishing to enjoy fishing in complete comfort at a reasonable price. Simple, fun and durable, this model is one of the best value fishing rods money can buy today.

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