Comparison Table


Product Lumens Price Length (inches) Battery life (hours) Our Rating Where to buy

Streamlight 88040

600 $$$$ 5.25 1.5 A+ AMAZON

Streamlight 88031

260 $$$ 4.72 3 A AMAZON

Nebo 5581

220 $$ 4.5 N/A B AMAZON

MagLite ST3D016

N/A $$ 12.34 10+ B+ AMAZON

Dorcy 41-4750

190 $ 7.5 5 B AMAZON



Top rated flashlights in 2019


One of the things that should always be present in your emergency kits is a functional and fully charged flashlight. And even if its sole purpose is to give alternative light during black outs and typhoons, it should be able to have maximum functionality and be as durable as possible. If you think choosing a flashlight is really easy, well you may be right – but only if you are not really practical with the quality and the price. But if you are, you might find these best flashlight reviews really helpful. I probed the internet searching for the best flashlight units and I listed five of the best.


Our recommendations


Streamlight 88040 ProTAC


Best Flashlight ReviewsWith its ability to reach 253 meters of beam distance with 600 lumens intensity of light, this ProTAC HL unit is a respectable kickoff unit for the best flashlight reviews. Offering an incredible and latest innovation in LED technology, the C4 LED technology can provide extreme brightness. There are three selectable programs that the user can choose. The best thing about it is that it has shock absorbency properties and a very long 50000-hour lifetime. For its strobe mode, it can last up to 2.5 hours of runtime.


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Streamlight 88031


2Another C4 LED technology flashlight joins the list for the best flashlight in 2019. This is specifically designed for professional purposes, especially for law enforcement functions. It is very lightweight and its small size is perfect for carrying anywhere. It is compact, powerful, and multi-functional. There are three selectable programs that the use can choose from. This is the perfect lighting tool for security, law enforcement, and even personal use.


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Nebo 5581


3Being in the list for the best flashlight in 2019, the Nebo 5581 tactical flashlight has the grounds for showing off. With its 3 Power levels of brightness, you can use it for different lighting functions. It has emergency flashing strobe mode too. The Nebo 5581 has a compact built and its small size is perfect for carrying anywhere. With just one click of a button you can change its functions. It has an aluminum body which is conveniently water proof.


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MagLite ST3D016


4As a flashlight model with features such as the LED-type bulbs, this is absolutely a top rated flashlight in 2019. Led bulbs are definitely more efficient than the normal incandescent bulbs. The model runs on three D-type batteries. It balances extended battery life with different intensity of brightness. The Maglite ST3D016 has a durable aluminum case alloy. It has water-proof and shock-resistance abilities. Its super lightweight packaging is convenient for carrying around.


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Dorcy 41-4750


5If you are looking for a high flux LED bulb with an amazing light output of 190 lumens and can last for 5 hours even in continuous use, this flashlight model will be perfect for you. This cyber light flashlight is made up of materials with great quality and highest strength. It is extremely durable and it can even withstand a drop test of up to 8 feet without any damages. Generally, this flashlight is great in producing really bright light with a very narrow beam. It can last at least a 4 day power outage if used conservatively.


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