How to Buy One of the Best Flat Irons for Short Hair


Flat irons are a great styling tool, because they can help you create many hairstyles, if you know how to use them properly. Using them properly is one thing, but the all the knowledge in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the right tool to begin with. As such, if you have short hair, you should be looking for irons for short hair.

While this does narrow things down a bit, it doesn’t point to a specific product. In order to get there, you have to do your research, because it’s only by doing your research that you’ll get the best flat iron for short hair.


Size of Plates

The first thing you should be careful about is the size of the plates. The reason for this is that if you get a model with plates that are too big, you’ re going to have a hard time straightening your hair smoothly. The most you might be able to get from this is a choppy look, and that’s never attractive. With this in mind, you can probably see why the best flat iron for short hair is one that has narrow plates.



Generally speaking, the higher the temperature an iron can reach, the better it is. However, there are some considerations here as well, in that you have to think of the makeup of your hair. If it’s very thin and fragile, you can get an iron with lower heat. However, if you have unruly hair, then go for the ones with higher heat limits.



The size of the plates matters a lot, but so does the material covering them. Generally speaking ,the best flat irons out there are ones that have ceramic on them. That’s because ceramic plates protect the hair much better than other ones, leaving it smoother.


What Are the Most Appreciated Flat Irons for Short Hair


If you’re having difficulties finding the best irons for you online, don’t worry; we get it. There are far too many models out there for you to be able to look through them all. The good news is that we’re here to help. We looked online through the best rated products, until we found the ones best suited for short hair.


H2Pro Vivace Professional


1.H2Pro Vivace ProfessionalThis iron is perfect for those with curly or otherwise hard to deal with hair, because it reaches up to a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, this doesn’t means that you have to use it at that temperature; you can set it to a lower one, in case your hair won’t be able to take it. However, it’s always great to have the option.

In addition, this model has plates that have been covered with 3 layers of ceramic. Thanks to it, you can rest assured that your hair will be in good hands (or should we say between good plates?). After having used it, it will be shinier, smoother, and better looking than before. Not only this, but it will also be less affected than if you were to use another model.

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Jose Eber Petite Flat Iron


2.Jose Eber Petite Flat IronThis iron is great for several reasons, one of which being that it’s perfect for traveling. Indeed, its small  size allows you to throw it inside your bag, and forget that it’s in there, since it’s both small and light. Thanks to this, you can make sure that your hair always looks great, whether it’s at work, after gym, or on a trip.

Another thing we’re sure you’ll appreciate is the cheap price. You might be shocked that something so great costs so less, but it is the truth. Now, when we say that it’s great, we don’t just mean because of its size, but also because of other little things that add up, such as the fact that the handle doesn’t get too hot when you’re using it.

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Luxorpro TS-2 Detailer #1944


3.Luxorpro TS-2 Detailer #1944Once again, this model is very small in size, being only 6 inches long, and 3/4 inches wide. This is plenty enough for those with short hair. In addition, it makes it ideal for traveling, just like the one we spoke of above. That’s because thanks to its size, you won’t even realize that you have it in your bag.

Something we noticed being mentioned in the comments quite often is the fact that this iron is perfect even for those with very textured hair. In fact, one reviewer talked about the fact that she is African American, and that her hair is normally very hard to manage. Nevertheless, she was able to tame it with this iron.

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