If you’re here just to find the best flat iron straightener and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best flat iron straighteners on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products, we have looked at HSI Professional Styler 110/220 is the best because of its great features. Its adjustable temperature varies between 240F-450F, so it is a good fit for all hair types. Using the infrared heat technology, it protects your hair against heat damage and preserves its natural beauty. You can also use it for flipping and curling hair. If HSI Professional Styler 110/220 is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider HSI Professional E038 as it the second best option.



Buying guide


A lot of women love keeping their hair straight, but doing so is a painstakingly long process that often results in damaged hair since high temperatures are needed to turn frizzy or curly hair into straight tresses. The best solution is not to cut your hair short or simply deny yourself the pleasure to experiment with straight hairstyles, but to get a good quality flat iron straightener that will make your hair look great and even protect it against heat damage. This buying guide is focused on providing you with the best tips for getting a great reliable model.

Varying temperature and hair types

If you have thin, delicate hair, you know very well that styling your hair can be a hassle, since everything can ruin it in the blink of an eye. The best flat iron straighteners available are capable of styling any hair with great ease and without subjecting your mane to cruel and unusual punishments. That is why you can tell an awesome hair straightener from an average model, by the varying temperature feature it comes along with.

For women with really thin hair, a hair straightener that can work with temperatures as low as 200-240F is a fine choice. The delivered heat will not damage the hair, and you can still style your hair as you desire. Women with coarse, curly hair should pick a model that can work at high temperatures.

Thicker hair is more difficult to style, which is why people with naturally curly hair have a hard time trying to make it straight. A hair straightener that can reach up to 450F is your best bet if you have thick curly hair.


Technologies, lingo and what all these mean

As you read the description for a flat iron straightener, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the lingo used. For instance, solid ceramic, ceramic coated and tourmaline are a few terms you will see in the specs for this type of hairstyling device. Ceramic and tourmaline are high-quality materials whose main role is to distribute heat uniformly. This is quite important, as you will not want hot spots to cause damage on your hair.

Another thing you may read about with advanced infrared heat technology. What happens when your hair is subjected to a lot of heat is that it loses its natural hydration and natural oils and becomes frail.

To avoid this, use a flat iron straightener with infrared heat; this technology is designed to avoid affecting the internal structure of hair follicles, therefore preserving the natural beauty of your tresses.


Size does matter

The size of the plates is important if you want to achieve the best results within the shortest time possible. A model with about 1-inch plates is a great fit for many types of hair, but if you have short hair, you should aim for narrower plates. Just the same, if you have long hair, a model with larger plates than 1 inch in width would be a much better choice.


Top Rated Flat Iron Straighteners in 2019


The best flat iron straighteners on the market are showcased below. Based on the high number of positive reviews and on the multiple benefits they offer, all these products will help you achieve the hairstyle you like best, with minimum effort, while protecting your hair against damage.


Our recommendations


HSI Professional Styler 110/220 


The HSI Professional Styler 110/220 is praised by all the best flat iron on the market reviews for its outstanding features and functionality. The first thing that must be said about this model is that it allows you to adjust temperature between 240F and 450F, which means that it works like a charm for all hair types.

Even if you are wary of touching your hair with a hot stick because of its frail structure, you will have nothing to worry about this particular model. Working with low temperatures, it allows you to pick a straight hairstyle as you desire, without having to worry about the damage.

The plates on this model are made from solid ceramic tourmaline, and they are durable and sturdy. They distribute heat evenly so that you obtain results fast, without worrying that you will end up damaging your hair. This model comes with plenty of accessories, such as a heat glove, a small bottle of leave in conditioner with Argan oil, as well as a nice pouch for convenient storage.

You can use this model for more than just straight hairstyles. The round shape of the body lets you create beautiful flips and curls, so you can be as inventive as you like when styling your hair.

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HSI Professional E038 


You can use the HSI Professional E038 for straightening, flipping and curling hair for a large variety of hairstyles. No matter if you have fine or coarse hair, this hair straightener will not damage the follicles. It comes equipped with the latest technologies, and it does a fine job at preserving the natural moisture and oils that protect the hair.

The 1-inch plates are made from solid ceramic and treated with tourmaline for the best heat distribution. Also, the infrared heat technology used dries the hair on its surface, without penetrating the follicles. The flat iron consumer reports mention this model as one of the best you can purchase at the moment.

The flat iron is designed to be ergonomic and convenient. The swivel cord lets you move around while styling your hair, without twisting your hand at awkward angles. The leave-in treatment with Argan oil for conditioning your hair is a welcome addition, and you will love how amazing your hair will look, once you are finished with styling.

Your tresses will receive a shiny, silky finish that will make you look like you are ready to walk on the red carpet. Frizz becomes a long forgotten memory as your gorgeous sleek hair will look simply perfect.

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Jilbere de Paris 


The last model to include in this selection of the most popular flat iron straighteners is the Jilbere de Paris. With its instant heat up, the styling tool is ready to use, and you will waste not a moment when you are in a hurry, and you need to style your hair in record time. Because it can achieve temperatures as high as 455F, it is a good choice for those with curly coarse hair.

Everything you would expect in a high-quality hair straightener is found on this particular model. The floating plates are made from ceramic and tourmaline and are designed to offer your hair that great looking silky finish you usually see only in celebrity shows.

Your hair will benefit from the treatment offered by this hair straightener. The ceramic plates help with locking in moisture, so your hair will no longer look devoid of vitality and frizzy. The special materials used fight frizz efficiently and they manage to create beautiful looking tresses in no time. When you brush your hair, you will notice that tangles and frizz are a thing of the past, and overall your hair will look healthy and beautiful.

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