How to Buy One of the Best Flat Irons under 50


Let’s face it; no one likes frizzy hair, and using a hair straightening tool is the best way to get rid of all the frizz and make your hair look shiny and healthy. Knowing how difficult is to choose from a large variety of flat irons that all seem to be the same thing, we put together a buying guide to help you identify the best flat iron under 50 you can purchase at the moment.

A.Best Flat Iron under 50

Plate size

Depending on your type of hair and its length, you may have to choose between different plate sizes. Wider plates are ideal for longer hair, and they are also easy to handle for straightening more hair at the same time. However, people with shorter hair prefer narrower plates, and these are also useful for creating elegant curls and other hairstyles.


Safety features

Newer flat irons are equipped with special technologies to prevent burning your hair. There are also models that come with a shut off feature, to avoid such accidents.


Anti-frizz technologies

The enemy of any hairstyle is, without a doubt, frizz. Ionic, tourmaline and ceramic technologies are now used by high quality flat irons to leave your hair frizz free, shiny and healthy looking, while avoiding heat spots and accidental burning.


What Are the Most Appreciated Flat Irons under 50?


Are you looking for the best flat iron under 50? We searched for the best models on the market that also sell for competitive prices. The following products are praised by all consumers and they rank high in all the aspects, from ease of use to outstanding results for hairstyling at home.


HSI Professional 1 Flat Iron


1.HSI Professional 1A flat iron is actually much more than a simple hair straightener. The HSI Professional 1 can curl, flip and straighten your hair, delivering the same great results each and every time. Enjoying an overwhelming number of positive reviews from users, this particular flat iron comes equipped with a 1 inch plate width, which is enough for dealing with longer and shorter hair. Whether you want to create stylish bangs or straighten your short hair, you will find this product to be reliable and efficient.

If your hair is thicker, you can set the iron to a higher temperature; if, on the other hand, your hair is thin and frail, you can use the lower temperature settings available.

The HSI Professional 1 comes equipped with all the anti-frizz technologies known so far. The ceramic parts make sure that the heat is distributed evenly, and the tourmaline technology gives your hair that satin finishing that makes it look healthy and youthful.

Forget about dull hair; if you choose this flat iron, your hair will always look like in shampoo commercials.

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BaByliss Pro BABP9557 Flat Iron


2.BaByliss ProMany consumers consider 1 inch plate width enough for handling a wide variety of hairstyles, and the BaByliss Pro is another product that fits the list of requirements from most users. The plates are made of porcelain and they have 4 inches in length, so they are ideal for dealing with many lengths of hair. The porcelain is a material that distributes heat evenly, which means that there will be no heat spots that can burn your hair.

Another feature to be expected in a good quality flat iron is temperature control. You can set the temperature as you see fit, up to 450F, which means that even if you have curly thick hair, you will still manage to do a great job with the help of this particular product.

An issue many consumers often mention related to flat irons available is that their electrical cord is too short; the 8 feet swivel cord this model comes equipped with provides you with plenty of space to move around, and it doesn’t tangle either.

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Conair CS710R Infiniti Pro Flat Iron


3.Infiniti Pro by ConairOn any list containing the best flat irons on the market, you will also find the Infiniti Pro by Conair. The anti-static technologies this product comes equipped with makes sure that your hair always looks sleek and manageable. The tourmaline ceramic technology protects your hair against accidental burning and it also fights frizz effectively, leaving nothing but good looking hair behind.

Another great plus of this flat iron is that it doesn’t take much for it to heat up. 15 seconds are enough and the iron will be ready to use. With 30 heat settings at hand, you will be able to control the operation of styling your hair to the minutest details and obtain shiny, frizz free hair in no time.

The product is sold with a small sample of argan oil, ideal for deep hair conditioning. In case you fear using a flat iron, because your hair is damaged and cannot handle any more hairstyling procedures, always consider using high quality natural oils for hair repair, such as argan oil.

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