If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best flatware set money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of information in regards to the best dinnerware sets on the market by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, the value offered for the money as well as what several expert review sites had to say about the thousands of products we have analyzed. Out of all the alternatives we have looked at, the Lenox Portola is the best as it’s one of the largest sets we’ve come across and can comfortably accommodate the needs of twelve people at a time. The model is composed of pieces that are dishwasher-safe and tarnish-resistant. Furthermore, the Lenox Portola is one of the most attractive options out there, having gathered over two hundred positive Amazon reviews. If the Lenox Portola is out of stock, you could also consider the J.A. Henckels Premier Series Opus as we’ve found it to be the second best alternative.



How to Choose a New Flatware Set


At first sight, buying flatware doesn’t look all that complicated. However, we’ve seen many buyers struggle with their options in the search for the right product. These prospective shoppers have to correlate their needs with the features of the best cutlery set they can afford. Because the market is overflowing with many models, we’ve decided to take the hassle out of anyone’s research and put together a short guide. Read on if you want to know the features you should look for in such a product, be it Ikea flatware or some that are for sale.

3.Lenox Portola 65-Piece Flatware Set

The main purpose

While it might seem like the simplest thing in the world, it’s still worth mentioning that one has to consider the way he or she is going to employ the cutlery set before deciding on a certain model. For example, we’ve seen that some conventional units differ in terms of design and even convenience from the ones you may regularly use with your family, on a daily basis. Sterling silver and silverplate seem to be the top choices when buying flatware sets for 12, just because they deserve to be on display a lot more than stainless steel flatware. While the latter takes the cake when it comes to convenience, you might be less inclined to use one if your future in-laws are coming to visit and you want to impress them.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Pieces Price Origin Stainless steel Our Rating Where to buy

J.A. Henckels International Provence

45 $$$$ China YES A+ AMAZON

J.A. Henckels Premiere Series Opus

45 $$$$ China YES B+ AMAZON

Oneida Mooncrest

45 $$$ Indonesia YES A AMAZON

Oneida Flight

45 $$$ Vietnam YES B AMAZON

International Silver American Bead

53 $$ China YES C+ AMAZON




Just how much time are you willing to spend cleaning and maintaining cutlery? If you’re not a big fan of scrubbing forks, spoons and knives all day long, you might benefit from owning and utilizing a set that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. In this case, you should check the product description in order to find out this exact detail, because there have been cases where the dishwasher accidentally damaged several pieces in a set, thus rendering it entirely useless. Also, while you’re at it, you need to check whether or not the manufacturer is willing to sell several pieces separately as you really can’t know when you’ll be needing replacements.



Dinnerware can be made of various materials. We’ve seen that some of the most common ones are sterling silver, silverplate, and stainless steel. Each of these comes with advantages and disadvantages regarding cleaning and maintenance. For example, because it is significantly more demanding compared to its counterparts, sterling silver has to be hand washed and hand dried. In order for it to keep its luster, the set has to be polished now and then, which might be an inconvenience for some people. The same rules apply with silverplate. The only one that seems to be different is stainless steel as it is dishwasher-safe and requires very little maintenance and just the occasional polishing.


Shine and finish

While prospecting the market, you’re likely to stumble upon all sorts of information in regards to stainless steel alternatives. What you ought to ask yourself in this case is what preference you have regarding the shine of the cutlery you use. If you prefer a matte finish, you should pick an 18/0 stainless steel set, as it is made with no nickel and therefore, it cannot shine. On the contrary, if you like your forks and knives shining on the dinner table and while you use them, we recommend choosing an 18/10 set, as the amount of nickel is high and the finish is mirrored. Traditionally, people prefer using a shinier set when the occasion arises, and they’re in a formal ensemble.

4.J.A. Henckels Premier Series Opus

Place settings

An additional factor you should take into account is the number of people you’ll have for dinner. Bigger is usually better, or so they say. In this case, this is actually true, as you’ll have more than enough replacements if you go for a larger set that allows you to serve up to twelve people. Accidents can happen, and someone at the table could or could not drop a fork on the floor at some point. Instead of panicking about getting a different fork from a different set, if you choose a larger one, you’ll have plenty of replacements. Since more extensive options tend to be more expensive, we recommend starting out with the bare necessities by choosing a model that can be used to serve around six people.

Some of the best products in the line are showcased below. We took the time to analyze some of the user feedback gathered from these models and were impressed by the amount of appreciation they have collected over time. They’re among the most esteemed cutlery sets out there.


Top rated flatware sets in 2019



Lenox Portola


1.Lenox Portola 65-Piece Flatware SetThe Lenox Portola is a set made of 18/10 stainless steel. What this means is that the flatware is convenient as owners have the freedom to clean it using the dishwasher. Second, it’s possibly the best choice for people looking for a somewhat shiny alternative even if they’re not willing to invest in a silverplate or sterling option. The set is the best deal for the money in regards to the weight, shine, and even elegance of pieces. Plus, this model consists of 65 individual pieces that are tarnish-resistant. More than two hundred people took the time to write positive reviews on the Lenox Portola, and that should count for something.


Buy from Amazon for ($94.99)




J.A. Henckels Zwilling Provence Flatware Set


Best Flatware Set ReviewsThis set is composed of 45 pieces and can serve up to 8 people. As it has been noted in the top rated flatware set reviews, this is a good choice basically because of the elegant size and look of the set, which will make it a perfect addition to any kitchen that envisions creating a sophisticated look. It is also a preferred choice because of its ability to easily match existing décor. There is nothing too loud about the design of such, which is why it is the preferred choice of people who would like to achieve a minimalist appeal.


Buy from Amazon for ($97)




International Silver 5114325 


2.International Silver Arabesque FrostCompared to several other models we’ve showcased above, this one definitely seems to be the most affordable one. Depending on the online retailer you will choose for your purchase, you might be lucky enough to buy it for as little as twenty dollars. The International Silver model is composed of just 20 pieces, so it might not be the best choice when it comes to formal events. However, it will do its job properly as it features an 18/0 stainless steel construction. Plus, it’s even backed by a lifetime limited warranty. This set has acquired over 350 positive user reviews.


Buy from Amazon for ($21.99)




J.A. Henckels Premiere Series Opus Flatware Set


If you are still looking for the best flatware set in 2019, this is another option that should not be missed. This is from the same manufacturer as the model that has been mentioned above and can also prove to be good for the service of 8 people. The turns and curves that have been incorporated in its different pieces have received words of praises from many users because they are not only stylish, but also very practical to use. If you are too tired to wash them manually, there is no need to be worried as they are dishwasher-safe.


Buy from Amazon for ($94.95)




Oneida Mooncrest Flatware Set


The gently rounded line that can be found in this flatware is perhaps one of its greatest assets. This can be great for everyday use or for special occasion that deserve nothing but the best table setup. The glossy finish of the set is one thing that will surely captivate the attention of other people. Some might not like to settle with this choice because of its simplicity. Nonetheless, the latter remains to be another good reason on why it is a popular choice. As many would say, the flatware set does not need to be too loud or elaborate so that it can get the attention that it deserves.


Buy from Amazon for ($44.49)




Oneida Flight Flatware Set


Being produced by the same company as the one that has been mentioned above, this is also a popular choice for many people basically because of the fact that it is simple yet elegant. Upon reading the reviews that have been shared by others, you will notice that many of them have reported a high level of satisfaction with the use of 18/0 stainless steel, comparable to the materials that are used in the products mentioned above. This means that this set is not also durable, but will never require polishing to maintain its best possible quality.


Buy from Amazon for ($79.99)




International Silver American Bead Flatware Set


As it has been stated in the best flatware set reviews, one of the best things about this set is that the pieces never need polishing. Even when used for an extended period of time, you can be assured that it will never lose its shine and that it will remain good-looking. This is also made possible by the use of high quality stainless steel that has the ability to resist a variety of external elements that can prove to be damaging to its appearance in the long-term. It is an option that will be maintenance-free and that will make sure of having an elegant addition to any dining table.


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