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Product Capacity Price Bown material How to wash Our Rating Where to buy

OXO Good Grips

2.3 quart $$$$ Stainless Steel Dishwasher safe A+ AMAZON

RSVP Endurance

2.5 quart $$$ Stainless Steel Hand wash A AMAZON

RSVP International

2.5 quart $$ Plastic Top rack dishwasher safe B+ AMAZON

Mirro 50024 Foley

2 quart $$ Stainless Steel Hand wash B AMAZON

Acea Food Mill

3 quart $$$$ Stainless Steel Hand wash C AMAZON



Top rated Food Mills in 2019


I’m on the process of remodeling my kitchen and I decided to replace my old kitchen tools with new ones. One of the tools I need to replace is my food mill. I am looking for a food mill that is made of high quality materials and does not easily corrode. I looked up the best food mill reviews online and I was not disappointed with what I found. I have here a list of five of the best products to choose from. I hope you will find this list helpful for your shopping as well.


Our recommendations


OXO Good Grips


Best Food Mill ReviewsIf you are looking for a food mill with just the appropriate size and an excellent style, you should check out the OXO Good grips food mill. Aside from its sleek design, it is made of high quality stainless steel. There are three discs which lets you prepare foods into three different textures: fine, medium, and coarse. The inner bowl is designed to accommodate hot food without staining. All its great features really justify the positive feedback coming from the best food mill reviews online.


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RSVP Endurance


If you need a food mill that does not use up a lot of space on your kitchen counter, this is the best food mill in 2019 for you. It has a great exterior that is polished for an excellent style. The brushed finish for the interior is perfect for hiding the scratches. Because it has really high quality, the stainless steel parts safe for dishwashing. The wooden handle is perfect for easy grip and comfortable handling. The package includes three interchangeable disks.


Buy from Amazon for ($39.95)




RSVP International Rotary


Are you looking for food mill that is not only economical but is also an efficient tool for pureeing potatoes, tomatoes, and various fruits? The RSVP International Rotary food mill is the perfect food mill for you. It may be made of plastic but it sure is very durable. There are three stainless steel blades that come with the package. It is a very sturdy plastic bowl which is safe for dishwashing. The RSVP rotary food mill is absolutely the best food mill in 2019.


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Mirro 50024 Foley


This is a top rated food mill in 2019 that makes excellent chili sauce, mashed potatoes, and apple sauce. It is made of high quality stainless steel that is easy to disassemble for effective cleaning. The Mirro Foley stainless steel food mill is very effective; it saves you a lot of time for preparing food ingredients. The best thing about this particular food mill is that it peels off the skin and deseeds boiled tomatoes. It has a very sleek design which is convenient and comfortable to use.


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Acea Stainless Steel


Making puree has never been this easy. With the great Acea stainless steel food mill, you can prepare food ingredients quickly and easily, allowing you to save more time from cooking. The stainless steel handle is very comfortable to use and the interchangeable disks made of high quality stainless steel is ideal for pureeing fine, medium, or coarse ingredients. You will surely love this food mill and consider giving it as a wonderful gift for your friends who love to cook.


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