How to Select the Best Foot Spa


A foot spa is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. The soothing water can ease sore and aching feet, and some models even state that continued use can also improve your overall health. There are several models to choose from and finding the right foot spa that fits your needs and budget can be frustrating. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide you will be able to confidently choose the best foot spa in 2019.

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The Benefits

According to the best foot spa reviews one of the first things to consider is the type of benefits you are looking for. Once you know what you want to treat, finding the best foot spa in 2019 will be significantly easier. Some of the benefits to consider include exfoliating rough patches of skin, which can help to improve the appearance and general health of your feet. Relaxation and easing painful tendons and muscles are other benefits that you can get from using a foot spa, along with improving circulation in your lower legs and feet.



Once you have decided on the benefits you need from a foot spa, it will be easier to choose the right type. Massaging jets, rollers and vibrating models are excellent at relieving aches and pain, along with helping to energize tired, sore feet. Heated foot spas can also help you relax, and are ideal for softening the skin before exfoliating. There are also foot spas that can help detoxify your body, along with models that use paraffin wax to relax and soften your feet. Massaging foot spas are can also be used to improve circulation caused by stress and certain diseases.



The best foot spa reviews also recommend choose a model that includes all of the necessary features that you need. Splash guards are a convenient accessory that will prevent water from spilling out onto the floor, while included storage compartments are ideal for keeping track of extra attachments. Some foot spas also include accessories for pedicures and exfoliating, while others can be used with gel or aroma therapy inserts. While the added features are always a bonus, the best foot spa reviews also state that you want to choose one that is easy and convenient to use.


Top Rated Foot Spas in 2019


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the top rated foot spas for 2019. Each of these foot spas is easy and convenient to use, and priced to fit most budgets. Perhaps one of these models is exactly what you need to ease your sore, aching feet.


Kendall MS0809M Foot Spa


1.Kendall MS0809M Foot SpaAs stated in the best foot spa reviews everything you need to relax at the end of the day is included with this model. The durable construction is designed to last for a lifetime, and you will also appreciate its affordable price. The included splash guard helps to prevent messy spills on your floor, and you will love the basin that is deep enough to cover your ankles.

This foot spa is designed to be easy to use, and the controls are conveniently placed on top. You have the advantage of choosing from three settings that are pre programmed for your convenience. Along with being designed to be durable and withstand years of frequent use, this foot spa also includes several innovative safety features. The device is insulated for your protection, and it is also designed to power off to prevent overheating.

You have the advantage of the heating and vibration massage therapy, along with massaging bubbles and an infrared setting. Improve circulation in your feet and ankles, along with relaxing strained tendons. The oxygenated bubbles can also reenergize tired feet, and this foot spa can also help improve your metabolism.

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Conair FB52 Waterfall Foot Spa


2.Conair Waterfall Foot SpaThere are several reasons why this foot spa is so popular with consumers  and that includes it easy to use design, and affordable price. The included splash guard prevents spills on your floor, and you will love the non slip surface that keeps you safely on your feet. With plenty of features to relieve aches and pains, it is easy to see why this foot spa remains a popular model.

This foot spa is designed to help you relax, and the included waterfall will help ease stress and tension. The soothing flowing water also helps to ease aches and pain, along with reenergizing tired feet. You also have the advantage of the included LED lights that help to set a quiet and relaxing mood. The controls are located on top of the device, and you will appreciate the preset programs that let you tap a button to get started.

Along with settings for heat and bubbles, you also have the advantage of the included 3 piece pedicure set. You can keep your feet looking pretty and healthy, while also relieving aches and pain. Easy to use and affordably priced, you will love how relaxed and rejuvenated you feel after using this effective foot spa.

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Dr Scholl’s DRFB7010B4 Invigorating Foot Spa


3.Dr Scholl's Invigorating Foot SpaOne of the first aspects that you will notice is its lightweight and durable construction, along with the conveniently placed control panel. This top foot spa is designed to be easy to operate, and to effectively relieve tendon and muscle pain. The plastic foot spa is designed to last for years of continual use, and you will also appreciate the included 5 piece pedicure set.

Along with being able to ease aches and pain and reenergizing tired, aching feet, you can also use this foot spa to soften hard patches of rough skin. You will appreciate the continual flow of warm water when you are soaking your feet, and the included heating system is design to keep it at a constant temperature. Sooth sore tired feet and with the included pedicure set you can also improve their appearance so you can enjoy wearing sandals again.

While this foot spa can improve the appearance of your feet, it can also help you with your overall health. The massaging bubbles and warm water relaxes aches and pains, while also helping to improve circulation. The massaging rollers also relieve muscle and tendon aches and pains so your feet will feel and look better, even after a long and busy day.

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