If you’re here just to find the best framing nailer and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected a wealth of information on various products for sale on the market by checking out what actual owner feedback says about different brands and models and then comparing the ratings and reviews with claims made in expert review sites. Fortunately, after that in-depth research and product evaluation, we have been rewarded with finding the best product in this category, the Hitachi NR90AE(S). This lightweight, 7.5-pound framing nailer is easy to use and ensures reduced hand fatigue thanks to its effortless maneuverability. Equipped with a non-slip elastomer grip trigger, the tool enables easy handling. This is complemented by the ergonomically designed simple flip actuation switch that enables hassle-free transition between successive and contact nailing. Repairs and replacements are easily done thanks to the two-piece anodized aluminum magazine that also ensures reduced operating expenses. If the Hitachi NR90AE(S) is unavailable, we strongly recommend getting the second best option engineered to be just as good, the BOSTITCH F21PL.



Comparison Table


Product Head Type Price Nails Power Source Our Rating Find more info

Porter-Cable FR350A

Round Head $$$ 2-3.5 inch Air Powered A+ AMAZON

Stanley Bostitch F28WW

Clipped Head $$$ 2-3.5 inch Cordless Electric A AMAZON

Hitachi NR90AE

Full Head $$ 3.5 inch Air Powered B Full review

Freeman PFR2190

Full Head $$ 2-3.5 inch Air Powered B+ AMAZON

Hitachi NR83A2

Round Head $$$$ 2-3.25 inch Corded Electric C AMAZON



Buying Guide


Nothing works better than a framing nailer when you have to nail large pieces of material together with efficiency and accuracy. Making short work of both contact and sequential nailing jobs, a framing nailer is a type of airgun designed to make carpentry jobs easier by eliminating the need for repeated hammering so you can handle high-powered projects quickly and with less effort while ensuring precision. When buying a framing nailer, what are the elements to look for?

1.Hitachi NR90AE(S)

Your preferred power source

A pneumatic framing nailer uses air from a compressor to propel nails through the workpiece. The requirements of the nailer should be equal to or less than the ratings of the compressor for volume and pressure. The compressor of the nailer should be able to accommodate the combined load if you intend to use the implement to operate other air tools. A pneumatic model can tackle heavy-duty tasks with enough power but the air hose and compressor can limit mobility. However, pneumatic nailers are best for daily use.

A battery-powered or cordless framing nailer overcomes the issue on mobility that pneumatic models are restricted by. This type doesn’t require a hose or air compressor. It also boasts quick start ups, but a drawback would be the reduced power compared to pneumatic units. Cordless nailers work fine for decking and installation of sidings.

Combustion is used to drive nails in fuel-driven, cordless models. Fuel flows to the combustion chamber from the disposable gas cartridge. An electric charge provided by the battery ignites the fuel, which results in an explosive force that propels the nail deep into the workpiece. You can drive large fasteners into hard materials and tackle other heavy-duty tasks using a fuel-driven nailer. Working in tight spaces is easier with a fuel-powered cordless model because of the absence of an air hose.


Reliable firing method

Framing nailers are equipped with different firing methods. Choosing the perfect method for your needs helps you avoid accidental firing and enables you to choose the tool you’re most comfortable working with. Firing methods can be given varying descriptive names by framing nailer makers. On most units, the operation of two controls determines the firing method. Those controls are the safety tip that is de-pressed against the work surface, and the trigger.

You can drive nails in succession using bump or contact firing. With the trigger continuously de-pressed, a nail is fired into the workpiece. Production work gets completed quickly although the pace can be somewhat tricky to control. Bump firing presents a higher likelihood of accidental firing compared to other firing methods.

With single-sequential firing, the accidental bump-firing of nails is prevented. The safety tip and trigger have to be operated in sequence to drive the first nail. However, you still have to option to have the safety tip pressed against the work surface before releasing and reactivating the trigger to handle each nail. With single-actuation firing, it is pretty much like single-sequential firing but the first nail is driven by operating either the trigger or safety tip in any order. You can bump-fire the first nail.

Operation is easy and safe with full-sequential firing, which requires sequential actuation of the trigger and safety tip to drive each nail into the work surface. Bump-firing can’t be done. The first nail is fired by releasing the safety tip and the trigger and then reactivating them in the right order. Full-sequential firing is slower than contact firing but it prevents accidental nail propulsion better.

Trigger-operated nailers are small and not equipped with safety tips. A nail is driven into the work surface using a single trigger of two. To drive a nail with single-trigger tools, you need to pull the trigger. On the other hand, you will have to pull the triggers in the right order when using a dual-trigger tool. Some machines come with multiple settings or optional accessories that enable you to select the firing method suitable for the task.


Features that make task completion easier

The nailer’s exhaust can be channeled using directional or swiveling exhaust systems, which are highly useful when working in dusty settings. Special tools for adjustment may be needed with some exhaust systems, but not with others. Maintenance is simplified thanks to jam-clearing systems that can easily handle the occasional nail jam. The nail can be driven to a precise depth thanks to a depth adjustment feature, which lets you sink nails flush, countersunk or protruding. In some nailers, depth adjustment can be done manually or using tools.

With nail size adjustment, you can use various nail sizes for different applications. You can have better visibility of the work surface with work lights on the tool. Protective guards are useful in preventing operator injury and tool damage caused by flying workpiece debris.



Top rated framing nailers in 2019


There are plenty of framing nailers on the market so even the seasoned carpenter or occasional do-it-yourselfer can have a difficult time making a choice. We urge you to look into the shopping information in the above buying guide for shopping assistance. To enjoy a smoother shopping experience, you can also refer to the showcased products below.


Our recommendations


Porter-Cable FR350A 


Best framing nailerAs one of the best framing nailers 2019, the Porter-Cable FR350A framing nailer is ideal for carpenters or woodworker who are used to work with professional and reliable instruments. With the solid 3-1/2-inch round-head nailer kit, compact structure, the Porter-Cable FR350A model allows you to adjust, build and create without worrying about any type of problems. The particularities of this framing nailer allows you to work faster and thus save important time that can be allocated to other activities. The model has in-line and ready to go up to 64-nails for use.


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Definitely one of the most popular Bostitch framing nailers on the market, the BOSTITCH F21PL is a round-head framing nailer equipped with awesome 1,050 inch/pound driving power. The tool comes with quick-change nosepieces to accommodate both metal connector and framing applications, so you can enjoy versatility in task completion. The adjustable nail depth comes with push-button simplicity as well, eliminating the guesswork and minimizing wastage of materials. Suitable for use with HurriQuake nails, this framing nailer boasts a lightweight magnesium housing that is quite durable, and integrated rubber skid pads and a rubber grip that contribute to easier maneuverability and handling. This tool is highly useful for framing, sheathing, subflooring and bracing tasks.


Buy from Amazon for ($205.71)




Stanley Bostitch F28WW


The Stanley Bostitch F28WW framing nailer can help you frame, deck, attach wood to masonry, renovate rooms or simply build something that requires nailing. With a modern and lightweight design, this clipped-head nail gun comes equipped with an efficient pushbutton customizable guide that drives the nail fast and without any hustle at all. Furthermore, the Stanley Bostitch has embedded the Smart trigger system that ensures the maximum control over the device, thus working faster and without dealing with problems. This is the reason why more and more specialists and technicians place this device among the best framing nailers 2019.


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Hitachi NR90AE


Hitachi represents one of the best manufacturers of construction tools which can be used with confidence by anyone for various projects. To this extent the NR90AE (S) full-head framing strip nailer makes no exception, offering through its light 3-1/2-inch round head and 7.5 pounds design a veritable tool, bent on delivering only positive results. Furthermore, the power-weight ratio of this model allows you to drive nails even in the toughest materials from floors, windows, and subflooring, roof or wall designs. This is why thousands of satisfied people place the Hitachi NR90AE among the best framing nailers 2019.


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Hitachi NR83A2


top rated framing nailer reviewsAccording to recent data, it seems that the majority of the present top rated framing nailer reviews give high marks to the Hitachi NR83A2 model. This high quality device has a reliable round-head 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch that permits a single or contact actuation without worrying about complications. Furthermore, the Hitachi NR83A2 is customizable thanks to the open-nose design, comfortable rubber grip and is ANSI compliant which allows for  greater control and implicitly better results. Performance and comfort will be present whenever you start working with the framing nailer at various tasks or projects.


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Stanley Bostitch PN50


Most of the current top rated framing nailer reviews underline the efficiency and solid functionality of the Stanley Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact model, known for its modern design and solid structure. This mini impact nailer has a rubber grip designed to insulate and diminish the experienced vibrations. Furthermore, weighing in just 1 lb. and equipped with an efficient 360o swivel air fitting you will be able to better control the Stanley Bostitch without dealing with unwanted surprises. The Stanley nailer is ideal for any type of projects, delivering good results irrespective of the material that needs to be nailed.


Buy from Amazon for ($35.99)