Top 10 French Door Refrigerators Compared


Built with the most advanced features available, the best French door refrigerator has emerged as a highly popular model that has given top freezer and side-by-side refrigerator brands a run for the money. Combining the drawer-style freezer of a bottom-freezer unit with the low clearance doors of a side-by-side model, the full-width double-door fridge offers plenty of storage space. With the refrigerator door split into two, you won’t be letting too much cold air out when opening just one door to get a single item. You can find a wide variety of options that offer top-of-the-line features, with some models enabling you to upgrade their look to match your kitchen.



Samsung RF28HMEDBSR French Door Refrigerator


2.SAMSUNG RF28HMEDBSRBuilt with an ultra-large capacity, the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Energy Star 28.2 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator offers reliable storage of essential items. The FlexZone drawer enables effortless placement of irregularly-shaped items including legs of ham, etc. It also offers four temperature options and comes with a smart divider, so you can store everything from frozen meats to party trays and your kids’ favorite snacks. The tempered glass spill-proof shelves ensure a durable storage space and mess-free positioning of items. The ice and water dispenser lets you enjoy cold water or ice for your favorite beverages.

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LG LFX28968ST French Door Refrigerator


3.LG LFX28968STThis French Door Refrigerator is built with spill protector glass shelves that enable mess-free storage. The Glide-N’-Serve Pantry Drawer allows you to stock up and store food essentials for safe cold storage. The huge 27.6 cubic feet of space provides the necessary storage capability for the family’s favorite foods while keeping everything conveniently organized and within reach. The ice and water dispenser offers convenient release of cold water and ice, so you won’t even need to open the refrigerator or use up shelf space. The humidity crispers enable fresh storage of vegetables without the annoying and waste-causing freezer burn.

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LG LFX29945ST French Door Refrigerator


4.LG LFX29945ST 29.0Thanks to its Energy Star certification, this model is one of the top rated French door refrigerators on the market. The refrigerator enables you to save on electricity costs by letting you open just the compartment you want to get what you need. The door-in-door bins enable efficient use of storage space. The temperature controlled drawer ensures premium freshness levels for any item you store in cold storage. The external water and ice dispenser ensures there’s always ice and cold water available to keep you cool. The spill protector shelves ensure easy and mess-free storage any time.

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Samsung RF25HMEDBSR French Door Refrigerator


5.SAMSUNG RF25HMEDBSRThe Samsubg RF25HMEDBSR is most certainly one of the top 10 French door refrigerators thanks to how it makes efficient use of its 24.7 cubic feet of storage space. This stainless steel model offers durability against rust due to its construction. The Twin Cooling Plus functionality ensures that high levels of refrigerator humidity are maintained so perishable fruits and vegetables are kept fresh longer in dry freezer conditions, ensuring less freezer burn plus better tasting frozen foods. For optimal family organization, the Counter-Height FlexZone™ Drawer with the adjustable Smart Divider offers easy access for kids.

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Samsung RF20HFENBSR French Door Refrigerator


6.Samsung RF20HFENBSR 33Get the ample storage space you want in an elegantly designed refrigerator. The Samsung RF20HFENBSR offers a 20-cubic-foot capacity in a sleek 33-inch wide design. The onboard Twin Cooling system ensures optimal temperature plus better humidity control for storage of perishable fruits and vegetables, keeping everything truly crisp and fresh minus the freezer burn that gives an annoying taste to foods. The LED lighting keeps the interior gently brightened up. The door alarm alerts you when the refrigerator doors are accidentally left open. The automatic filtered ice maker in the freezer ensures there’s always enough ice for use.

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Samsung RF28HFEDBBC French Door Refrigerator


7.Samsung RF28HFEDBBCWith the built-in Icemaster icemaker system in the fridge, the Samsung RF28HFEDBBC Energy Star French Door Refrigerator ensures you always have something cool to drink every time. The innovative external filtered water and ice dispenser saves on costs for purchasing bottled water every time you need to satisfy your thirst. The generous 28-cubic-foot total capacity offers plenty of storage space for the food items that need to be preserved and kept fresh. The CoolSelect pantry built with divider and temperature control ensures proper temperature and humidity levels so food items are kept fresh and free from freezer burn.

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GE GFE28HSHSS French Door Refrigerator


8.GE GFE28HSHSSWith an icemaker in both compartments, you are assured of more ice whenever you need it, making the GE GFE28HSHSS Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator always ready for small parties where a constant supply of ice is needed. The refrigerator is built with three accurate settings that deliver the optimal temperature for your favorite foods. The colored lights show you the chosen setting, eliminating guesswork. The refrigerator provides separate climates in the freezer and fresh food sections so food is kept constantly fresh. The showcase LED lighting is positioned throughout the interior and under the doors of fresh food compartments so foods are spotlighted inside.

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Frigidaire FFHB2740PS French Door Fridge


9.Frigidaire FFHB2740PS 26.7Offering over a hundred ways for you to organize and customize your refrigerator, the Frigidaire FFHB2740PS 26.7 cu. ft. French Door Fridge provides more than enough adjustable interior storage. The refrigerator also boasts PureSource Ultra ice and water filtration, so you can constantly enjoy pure, clean and refreshing water where the impurities are removed from the unit before ever touching your drinking glass or pitcher. The sliding SpillSafe glass shelves offer convenient slide-out for effortless access and are designed to contain messy spills, ensuring easy cleanups. The large-capacity Cool Zone drawer extends fully and offers enough space so you can store anything ranging from large platters to sheet cakes, and snacks and juice boxes.

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Frigidaire Gallery Series French Door Free-Standing Refrigerator/Freezer


10.Frigidaire Gallery Series 27.8With the Frigidaire Gallery Series 27.8 Cu. Ft. French Door Free-Standing Refrigerator/Freezer, you need not figure out how to best place items inside the spacious interior. This unit offers adjustable interior storage, giving you limitless ways to organize and customize the fridge. The SpillSafe Slide Under shelf enables you to easily make room for large or tall items. The Glide Crisper drawers can be configured in a number of ways, and the humidity control in those components ensures problem-free and freezer burn-free food that is always crisp and juicy. The unit is constructed of smudge-proof stainless steel, so the sleek surface resists fingerprints and cleans easily.

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Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator


1.Whirlpool WRX735SDBM 25The Whirlpool WRX735SDBM 25 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator carries qualities that make it undoubtedly one of the most sought after models on the market. It boasts tap touch electronic controls that make it effortless to adjust and use. The four convenient spill guard glass shelves provide mess-free storage and convenient, easy access to stored food items. The measured fill feature of the dispenser ensures just the right amount of ice and water dispensed every time. Developed with 6th Sense Technology, the appliance provides reliable temperature management so you can enjoy efficient cooling.