If you’re about to move to a dorm room soon, and you are worried that you don’t have the time to look for the best fridges for dorms, or to compare the deals and the models manufactures have to offer, then you’ll be pleased to know that this guide is here to rescue you. A good product will help you save money when buying a refrigerator and while you use it, which means it is vital to find the ones that have the features and the functions you need in order to have a smooth transition to college, and to the student life. By analyzing what the experts had to say, and by going through the best reviews on quality refrigerators, we have concluded that the Danby DAR026A2WDB is the finest model you can buy without ever regretting your decision. It is well made, it doesn’t require a lot of electricity to run, and it is young and trendy. As an alternative, you can buy the Igloo FR326M-C, if the first item is not for sale anymore.



Buying guide


There are a few essential features of the best mini fridge for dorms to help you take a decision faster, and why not, wiser, some of which we have explained in detail in the quintessential guide below. Look out for a compact design that is going to fit in your available space, see if it’s energy bill friendly and of course, if it has enough room to store all your favorite teas, so you can have a meal ready when you want.

Tiny house, big living

Dorm rooms are notorious for how small they are, especially when you have to share them with someone else. That’s why it is important that all the appliances you buy are small, compact, without sacrificing any utility for a tiny footprint. Which is a hard feature to pull off, but the best manufacturers do a great job anyway.

It is important that the fridge you’re buying fits even in the smallest corner of your room, that it has a sturdy top, so you can stack up your course books on top of it.  And the space inside the product should be nicely divided, because this way it can fit all our shopping lists, without having to improvise.


Class act

Looks are important for everybody, but especially to students who are about to embark on a new journey for the very first time. That’s why even the best refrigerator for dorms have to be cool-looking, so they can impress all your guests. All of this is going to help you build a reputation as someone who has great tastes.

When it comes to colors, most reviewers agreed that three of them should be on your list: white, black and metallic gray. These are the ones that can match any type of decor, and that are the easiest to clean. Furthermore, these are the colors that won’t fade in time, and they won’t get that ugly beige tint some other colors get, according to dorm fridge review.


Small bills, expensive tastes

Like most students, you’re probably going to be poor most of the times, because tuition and the constantly rising cost of living are real struggles for the modern human. And you want your fridge to be your best ally. Not only it should be cheap when you buy it, but it should also be efficient and to run on as little electricity as possible.

This is going to be a massive bonus since you can save that money and go to parties or travel across the whole world, as every good student should do, reviews of fridges for dorm rooms reiterate. Besides, if it is not a power-draining monster, it means it will be quiet most of the time, which is a bonus since you can study without being distracted.


Top Refrigerators For Dorm in 2019


These are a few of the things you have to consider if you want to make a regret-free buy when it comes to cheap fridges for dorm rooms. Next, we’ve detailed some of the best models on the market, what their highlights and downsides are, all so you can find the product that speaks the most you, and that will ultimately help you survive college.


Our Recommandations


Danby FR326M-C


Most of the models on the market don’t even compare to this item. It has a neat design, that revolves around the idea of space-saving appliances, so the body is compact and lightweight. This means that moving won’t be a task that requires a lot of muscle power or effort.

It starts preserving your food almost instantly, since it is very efficient. You will be thankful for that on those summer days when you want a cold drink to cool you off. With the help of the bright lights that it comes with inside, seeing in the dark won’t be a problem, so you can grab a snack even at midnight.

The door has many dedicated holders, including a handy one for bottles and one for eggs, which will help you be organized. It is easy to clean, and the materials it is made of help repel bad smells, and make it survive heavy-use. It really is a sturdy product, ideal for someone who doesn’t want to replace their fridge in the near future.

This is a choice you can’t go wrong because it was made for a young person that cares about commodity and about saving time. It highly organized and budget-savvy, and it will prove to be a product that doesn’t disappoint.

Buy from Amazon for ($149.99)




Igloo FR326M-C


If you want a product that keeps on giving, this one’s for you. It is more than a fridge, it is an innovative model that can also act as blackboard where you can write your dinner menu, your to-do list, or even the ingredients you have inside it.

This fridge can be bought if you want something compact to use in your dorm, or maybe for an office space, and it could even be given as a gift to someone that is a new homeowner. It can fit bottles of any size, and even bigger pots with soup without bending or breaking.

Just be careful not to place any hot items inside, as that usually makes fridges malfunction. And it might look small, but the device is actually designed to be used by up to three people, and not just one, so if you share your room, it would be a great investment to buy it together.

And because time is expensive, cleaning it will be easy and hassle-free, so you can catch up for finals, and you won’t have worry about how long it will take you to clean the device. This is the real deal because it offers a lot of value as it doubles up as a blackboard.

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GZ Compact


This model is worthy of a praise for the fact that is so compact, yet it fits so much food that it’s unbelievable. It has a capacity of over 2.7 cubic feet, and even a small freezer, where you can keep your favorite ice cream flavor to keep you cool, or to keep you focused while studying.

The cooling is done via an energy efficient compressor, which is both quiet and low power, all so you can leave a worry-free life, and not stress about paying bills. It can fit in any space, and since it’s black, it means it will be barely noticeable.

In the box, everything comes already pre-assembled, so all you have to do is plug it in and go shopping for things to fill it with. And the fact that it comes from a trusted seller, it’s definitely a highlight of the product.

You can even place this item on the kitchen table if you lack any other space, or you can as well place the microwave on top of it so you make the most out of the available counter space. It’s a versatile option that will surely satisfy your needs.

Buy from Amazon for ($109.11)