If you want to buy the best front load washing machine, but you don’t have a few minutes to go through all the research listed below, spare less than a minute to read this short paragraph. According to sales figures, buyer opinions, and overall value for the price, the Crossover Metered WHWF09810M is the washing machine you should consider investing in. First of all, this unit is designed to last longer than other similar appliances, which says something about its performance and reliability. Another great plus is that it can save you up money in the long run since it uses 60% less water than other similar models. Energy Star compliant, it consumes less power than other washing machines, as well. It is also faster when drying your laundry. If the Crossover Metered WHWF09810M is discontinued, you can go for the Blomberg WM77120, a washing machine that offers almost the same value for the money.



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When it comes to a front load washing machine vs top load, a front loading one may be the more expensive option. However, the best front-loading models deliver better cleaning aside from being gentler to clothes compared to the best high-efficiency top loaders, in addition to using less water. With faster spin speeds, longer wash cycles, greater water extraction and faster drying times, front loaders offer the best deals in the long run. So what makes a premium front loading washer better than others?

1.Electrolux EWFLS70JSS

Has the right capacity and size for your needs

Your neighborhood laundromat may need a washing machine that can handle up to 22 full-size bath towels all at once but your family may not. A good machine can take in about 17 towels while the better ones can accommodate up to 21 towels. Machines with small dimensions can handle around 7 to 8 towels. Ultimately, the tub capacity will depend on your preference, laundry space size and budget. When determining the ideal machine size for your needs, do factor in the one-inch space on either side needed by washers and dryers for circulation. There’s also hookups, dryer vents and door clearance to consider, and you may need to add 6 inches more to the overall machine dimensions. The door of a top loader will need an extra 20 inches for above-machine clearance, but front loaders don’t carry the same issue. Stacking is a sensible option for space-saving use.

A large-capacity tub means fewer loads. This is ideal for laundering bulky items and for growing families. Up to 30 bath towels will fit into a 4.5-cubic foot tub. It is always best to choose the largest capacity your laundry space will allow.


Offers both water and energy efficiency

Front-load washers are designed to save on space while being efficient on water and energy usage. The best indication that your choice of machine complies with the stricter government regulations on energy and water consumption is an Energy Star qualification. An Energy Star compliant machine is at least 20 percent more energy efficient compared to a standard unit.

You can do your own product evaluation on this element by checking the machine’s performance based on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE).

Tiers are employed by the CEE to evaluate a unit’s Modified Energy Factor and Water Factor. The higher the tier or MEF given to a unit, the less water and energy it uses to clean clothes. This is shown using a low water factor number and a higher energy factor. This will help you save on operating costs per year while enabling you to contribute to efforts on conserving water and energy. An Energy Star qualified washer uses Modified Energy Factor (MEF) as the energy performance metric. The MEF is an equation showing the amount of dryer energy needed to squeeze out the remaining moisture content in laundered items. This is aside from the water heating energy and machine energy of the unit.

2.41073 Kenmore Elite 5.2

Helpful features

An automatic dispenser is geared to conveniently dispense detergent, bleach and fabric softener at the proper time. Some washers have dispensers that can even hold a few months’ worth of detergent, eliminating the need for frequent refilling. A stainless steel tub is resistant to chipping and corrosion and can handle faster spin speeds while removing more water from clothes to shorten drying time. With automatic temperature control, the machine will not simply mix hot and cold water in predetermined proportions but actually adjusts the temperature of the water to optimal levels according to the selected setting. Machines that emit an end-of-cycle signal via beeps or a tune offer efficient use of laundry time as they enable you to promptly move the laundered items to the dryer.

An Extra Rinse Cycle helps get rid of pet hair and other stubborn messes that may still be clinging stubbornly to washed items. It will also help prevent skin irritations due to detergent residues. With Sound Dampening technology, a machine can be placed near the bedroom or family room and will not generate disturbing noise during operation. Find out if the unit comes with load balancing, vibration reduction or extra insulation plus improved suspension to combat noise. Fabrics will get softened enough for easy stain removal if the machine offers a steam cycle, which also sanitizes clothes. Other helpful features include time delay, activewear and allergen-removal cycles.



Top rated front load washing machines in 2019


There are plenty of options on front loading washing machines on the market, which can overwhelm consumers and complicate the entire shopping process. We urge you to look into the tips presented in the above buying guide for a more stress-free shopping experience. We have also showcased the best products on the market in the succeeding paragraphs for even more help.


Our recommendations


Crossover Metered WHWF09810M


This front load washing machine is designed to offer superior performance. According to the manufacturer’s description, the Crossover Metered WHWF09810M will last thrice the time other appliances in the same category will serve you. What is equally important, the machine is built to save up energy and water.

It takes 60% less water for washing, and drying time is cut by 15 minutes. The 8-point suspension ensures that the machine will not be noisy during operation. It serves to know that the model is Energy Star certified, and CEE Tier III rated. It is also ADA compliant.


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Blomberg WM77120


You can use from 12 different programs when you need to wash laundry, which is essential if you want your clothes to remain in good condition for a long time. The Baby Protect program, for instance, is useful for families with small kids who need to make sure that their babies’ clothes will not retain detergent flakes.

The machine heats up the water inside and makes sure that all the bacteria and grime is blasted away. The maximum speed is 1200 rpm, enough for cleaning even stubborn stains. A great thing about this model is that it comes with a child lock that prevents any changes to the settings used.


Buy from Amazon for ($849)




Miele W3038


The 2.02 cubic feet capacity of this model can be considered enough for a small family who needs to do the laundry regularly. There are 11 MasterCare programs available, so you can easily choose one that will take care of your garments the right way. The other 7 standard programs will serve you when you do not require anything extra.

You can choose from 6 different temperatures, and the maximum spin speed is 1300 rpm. The honeycomb wash drum does not allow residue to gather inside the machine, and you can count on this model to be a sound investment for years to come.


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Electrolux EIFLS20QSW


1.Electrolux EIFLS20QSW

Proven by users to be gentle on clothes, the Electrolux EIFLS20QSW offers a space saving option for the modern city home. This machine is stackable so you can save on space. The 3 Steam Cycles offer a more thorough cleaning as they soften the fabric for the easy removal of stubborn stains and also provide an effective means of sanitizing clothes for a truly fresher cleaning result every time.

This Energy Star-qualified model comes with 6 wash cycles for customized cleaning minus the guesswork, helping you select the right setting according to the kind of fabric of your laundry items. The five temperature settings enable you to select the proper water temperature for optimal cleaning results.


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Electrolux EWFLS70JSS


3.Electrolux EWFLS70JSS

Measuring 31.5 x 27 x 38 inches, the Electrolux EWFLS70JSS will easily fit into your standard laundry space to give any modern home the chance to experience 21st century clothes cleaning. This machine boasts a huge 4.42 cubic foot capacity to handle a lot of items per cycle and for fewer loads for faster washing sessions.

The machine has an amazing 92 total wash cycles in all, so finding the best setting will not be hard work. The machine delivers an awesome 1,400 RPM spin speed for easier extraction of moisture from clothes for a faster drying time. The LCD display provides convenient control and selection of settings for a more efficient laundry experience.


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Kenmore Elite 41073


2.41073 Kenmore Elite 5.2

Equipped with the revolutionary Smart Motion Technology, the Kenmore Elite 41073 is powered by a Direct Drive Motor that incorporates six different wash motions for customized clothes care according to the type of fabric, for a truly reliable cleaning result. Get total in-and-out cleaning thanks to the Steam Treat cycle that virtually eliminates the need for pretreating fabric while handling the most common type of tough messes using steam for deep cleaning power.

The NSF-certified Sanitize Cycle allows you to launder from cloth diapers to thick work clothes with its cutting-edge technology for raising water temperature to ensure that nearly 100 percent of specific types of bacteria is killed without the need for harsh chemicals such as bleach.


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EdgeStar CWD1510W


best front loading washing machineThe EdgeStar 2.0 Cu. Ft. Ventless Combo Washer/Dryer has a built-in water heater and wonderfully textured work space top, which are the two special features that separates it from other washer and dryer combos. It has a 15 pounds wash capacity and a 7.71 pounds drying capacity. With seven wash cycles, three wash/rinse temperatures, and five spin speeds all your clothes will surely be given the cleanliness, fragrance and protection they need.

Its front-mounted control panel & LED display adds a modern touch to the washing area, which also brightens up any laundry room. Other awesome features that made this unit a customer favorite include: Customizable settings on all cycles; Triple compartment dispenser for detergent, and automatic door lock.


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Samsung WF56H9100AW


1.Samsung WF56H9100AWGeared with Super Speed, the top rated Samsung WF56H9100AW Front-Load Steam Washer is capable of washing a full load in just 36 minutes. The washing machine saves on water with its front loading design. It offers a total of 15 wash cycles, enabling you to customize the washing according to the specific load.

The 5 temperature settings enable you to select the optimum temperature to wash dirt and stains off most effectively. The washer also comes with 5 spin settings, 13 options and 5 soil settings, so your clothes get the proper care and handling they deserve. This also prevents complaints of over-washed or under-washed items.


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Electrolux EIFLS55IMB


One of the best front load washing machines in 2019, known for its advanced features and efficiency is the Electrolux EIFLS55IMB model. Coming with a professional user friendly IQ-Touch control system, the EIFLS55IMB washer allows the user to control most of the aspects of the cleaning cycle with ease and no problems.

Furthermore, with the 18 minutes to wash and 18 minutes to dry feature, this washing machines gets the job done fast while also cleaning the fabric of the clothes with attention.


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Bosch WAP24200UC Ascenta


2.Bosch WAP24200UCEngineered with 15 wash programs, the Bosch WAP24200UC Ascenta Front Load Washer lets you launder your clothes efficiently. Select the best option to clean clothes optimally. The stainless steel drum ensures durability and long life, as it is made resilient against chipping and corrosion. Use the Quick Wash Cycle for immediate yet reliable washing results.

The Bosch WAP24200UC Ascenta Front Load Washer is designed to use water and electricity most effectively, as proven by its being Energy Star certified. The Water Softener feature ensures that washed fabrics are softer without the hard minerals that get trapped in them. This ensures long life and brightness for fabrics and whiter whites.


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Products which are no longer available


LG WM2650


LG WM2650If you already have a dryer or have an external ventilation source, you may only need to purchase a quality washer that will fit your washing area well. The LG WM2650 comprises all these qualities while also saving you money and energy because of its energy-saving feature. This washing machine’s striking color is just one of the factors that makes it stand out. LG WM2650 contains 9 Washing Cycles,a  Steam Wash Cycle and Duel LED Display. Aside from that, some of the best front load washing machines reviews mentioned that people love this unit because of its quietness and its ability to wash clothes in the most efficient way possible.

“Both an impressive set of features and reviews made me invest in this washer from LG, and the way it performs makes me know I have made a really smart long term investment which is going to be in my home for a long time. The steam wash cycle is my favorite thing about it.” – Elisa Moore



GE profile PFWS4600LWW


Many of the top rated washing machines reviews are speaking very highly of the GE profile PFWS4600LWW front load washer, emphasizing on its capacity to clean fast and in complete silence. With a 4.3 cu. Ft. capacity which is more than enough to accommodate a  significant number of clothes, the GE through its overnight ready cycle does the job while you get much needed rest. Furthermore, the washer has special wash cycles which enable the user to obtain clean clothes without any stains or fabric problems whatsoever.



Danby DWM17WDB


 top rated washing machines reviewsOne of the very best top load washing machines on the market in 2019 is the Danby DWM17WDB. It has everything you desire from a washer and more, making your laundry clean in no time. The cabinet is made from galvanized steel and is rust resistant with a stainless steel tube and trim. The parts from which the washer is built make it extremely durable over the years. You have 8 washing programs to choose from so every type of fabric can be nice and clean. With these fantastic features there is no wonder why the Danby DWM17WDB has such great quality.



Speed Queen AWN412S


 Speed Queen AWN412S 26 Top-load Washer 3.3 cu. ft. CapacityThe key for your clothes to be clean and well taken care of is to have a top washer in your home. One of the top rated top load washing machines on the market today is the Speed Queen AWN412S. It is very fast while still managing to make your clothes look like new every time. Its load capacity is impressive, 3.3 cu. ft, allowing you to wash all your clothes in one go. It has a dispenser for bleach and fabric softener, so your clothes are properly looked after. The Speed Queen brand is known for its durable washers that last for years and years, making the AWN412S even more reliable.



Amana 6.5 cu. ft.


 Amana 6.5 cu. ft. Traditional Electric DryerIn order for your clothes to dry faster after washing, having a dryer is always a good idea. The Amana Traditional Electric Dryer is a very reliable appliance that is there for you in your time of need. There are 11 drying cycles from which to choose from. With this much variety your clothes have the best care possible. The Wrinkle Prevent Option solves the problem which is encountered in other dryers and gives you the possibility to forget about ironing. A speedy and high quality drying cycle is what this dryer offers you, making it a very good investment.



Vermillion Red


The Vermillion Red Front-load washer is considered by many technicians and specialists as one of the best front load washing machines 2019. This model is known for its unique features like the eWash options, adaptive vibration control and also speed wash cleaning cycles that can handle the 4.1 cu. Ft capacity. The Vermillion red front-load washer has an internal water heater and also has the CEE Tier III energy star compliant feature which helps the user clean fast also knowing the fabric of the clothes are taken care of. It comes as no surprise to see families think of the Vermilion washer as a top and smart investment to their homes.





Best front load washing machines 2019

Small apartments often have limited space. A washer/dryer can take care of the space problem to a certain extent. The LG WM3455HS is such a machine which can do both jobs with amazing efficency. It washes you clothes like a normal washer would  and then dries them in a jiffy. The sound level is adequate so you don`t wake the neighbors when you start it. If you don`t have an external venting source than this is the right machine for you because it is able to do the jobs of two separate machines with great results.

“Space problems in my not so big apartment led me to buy a washer/dryer and what better one to get than the LG WH3455HS. It has the capacity, the cycles both for washing and drying and frankly there is nothing I can ask it more to do.” – Amelia Sanders



Samsung WF210ANW


The current top rated washing machine reviews show that the Samsung WF210ANW 4.cu. ft. front load washer is one of the most efficient and safe devices available on the market today. Through 6 wash cycles and 3 wash options you have the possibility to clean your clothes while knowing that the washer will take extra care of the fabric and texture of whatever is placed in the machine. Furthermore, due to the VRT plus Vibration reduction technology, you have the possibility to do laundry in silence, without that loud noise that other washers produce once they are turned on.



Electrolux IQ-Touch Series EIFLS60JIW


Some of the most appreciated and used washers around the world carry the Electrolux badge. These devices are known for their efficiency and professionalism in all of their features and wash options. To this extent the IQ-Touch series EIFLS60JIW front load washer makes no exception helping thousands of people across the world clean their clothes in a safe environment that takes extra care of the fabric and texture.

Programming the washer is very easy and the modern aspect enables the IQ-Touch to blend in with ease in any surroundings. It comes as no surprise to see this model among the best front load washing machines in 2019.