If you’re here just to find the best game console and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. In our effort to find the best game console we have read expert reviews, feedback from consumers, followed activity on social media sites, and compared value, prices, and brand quality so we could gather all of the available information needed to help you make a smart purchasing decision. While we were researching the best gaming systems one model, the Sony Playstation 3 caught our attention with its wireless connectivity that includes two USB ports, powerful graphics processor that ensures a crisp, clear picture, and innovative dualshock 3 controller that comes with pressure sensors that are designed to provide you with a more realistic experience. While this is the best video game console we understand that this might not be priced to fit all budgets, immediately available or designed to support the specific games you love to play. The Wii from Nintendo is a similar product, even though it does not support as many game formats as the top rated console it is priced slightly lower and comes with a convenient remote control, along with an ATI graphics chip which helps to ensure every image is crisp and true to life so you can still enjoying your gaming experience.



Comparison Table


Product Storage Price Graphic Quality Backwards Compatibility Our Rating Where to buy

PlayStation 3

160GB $$$ 1080p Offers compatibility with PS1 games A+ AMAZON

Nintendo Wii

No $$$ 480p Plays all GameCube game titles A AMAZON

Xbox 360

4GB $$ 1080p Over 300 titles developed for the original Xbox B+ AMAZON

PlayStation Vita

64MB $$$ 960 x 544 resolution
(16:9 aspect ratio)
Plays all PSP games available via download and PS1 games for PSP B AMAZON

Nintendo 3DS

TBD $$ Top adjustable 3D screen – 800 x 240; lower screen – 320 x 240  Plays most DS and DSi games C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Choosing a video console can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to consider your budget, but also the type of games that are compatible with the unit. Performance and memory are also important considerations, especially if you are playing RPGs and action games. Whether you are looking for your first game console or simply want to upgrade the following tips can help you make an informed decision.

1.PlayStation 3


There are three main types of gaming consoles, and each has its own games and specifications. Understanding the differences between the different consoles will make it easier to choose the right one. Manufactured by Sony, the PlayStation 3 is priced slightly higher than some of the other consoles but it does come with impressive graphics. It also has advanced system specifications which are evident its high performance capabilities.

The XBox 360 was released by Microsoft one year before the PlayStation 3, and it is also known for its powerful system capabilities. The XBox 360 also offers advanced play online, which allows users to take advantage of even more games. Manufactured by Nintendo, the Wii is in a class of its own. The controller allow players to use it as a pointing device so game play responds to your movements. Its ability to let users interact with the game is what makes this such a popular console. Nintendo also manufactures the best handheld game console so you can enjoy your games on the go.




Avid gamers will want to pay close attention to the performance capabilities of the console, but it is also important to remember that this can also affect the price. If you need plenty of power you might want to consider a game console from PlayStation or XBox. With processing speeds of 3.2 GHZ, these consoles are noticeably faster than the Wii. The XBox also larger memory capabilities  which is important if you plan on playing a lot of RPGs.

When it comes to the graphics processors the XBox has the other two consoles beat. This ensures that colors are crisp and clear, without any lag times. This is especially important when you are playing online, since a brief dark spot on the screen could hide a potentially deadly enemy. The PlayStation and XBox also come with HD capabilities, while this is not an option on the Wii. If you are a casual gamer this might not be so important, but being able to clearly see images in sharp detail could make the difference between beating or repeating a level.

It is difficult to judge internal memory in game consoles since each company has released several “improved” versions of the same product. Typically XBox and PlayStation come with more internal memory than the Wii, but this will depend on the model.

2.Nintendo Wii


Each game console comes with controllers unique to it, along with a few fun accessories. One of the advantages associated with Sony game consoles is the fact that the controllers have remained basically the same while still keeping up with technological advances. This familiar design makes it easy to use the controller regardless of the model. The PlayStation 3 can support up to seven controllers so you can easily play multiple player games with friends or even family.

Controllers for the XBox can be wired or wireless, and some come with “rumble” functionality. Most XBox game consoles can support up to 4 controllers, and users will appreciate being able to easily replace the batteries when needed. Wii controllers have very few buttons but are motion controlled so you can interact with the game. Some controllers also come with a “rumble” function, along with audio.

If you want to enjoy the fun and convenience of motion control with a PlayStation you can purchase a small wand shaped device. It uses a tiny camera to detect the player’s movements and then transmits it to the screen. XBox offers its customers the Kinect, which is slightly more advanced than some other motion controlled pointers. It is also able to follow audible commands, and comes standard with the XBox 360. Wii already comes with motion enabled controllers, but consumers can also add the “Balance Board” for an additional fee. The Balance Board is designed to encourage exercise, which it combines with a few of the console’s games.



Top rated game consoles in 2019


While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you narrow down your choices, and you will find the best game consoles showcased below.


Our recommendations


PlayStation 3


Best game console

Considered by millions of people as one of the best game console in 2019, the PlayStation 3 comes with a solid 160 GB memory that allows you to play your favorite games with no restrictions at all. The PlayStation 3 represents the highest evolution of Sony’s console gaming system embodying the latest technological findings. Using the PlayStation 3 you will be able to enter the realm of the Next-Generation entertainment in any given moment of the day. With the IBM “Cell” processor and the NVIDIA graphics processor you will be greeted by high definition images and clear videos as the game evolves.


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Nintendo Wii


One of the most popular game consoles currently available on the market is the Nintendo Wii, as it has already captivated thousands of people around the world. Including some of the most modern digital technologies available on the market, the Nintendo Wii represents the best way to enjoy quality moments with our friends and even with family members. The Nintendo Wii integrates with ease into any existing home entertainment system, delivering hours of pleasure and excitement. The current top rated game console reviews underline the efficiency and fluid functionality of the Nintendo Wii.


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Xbox One 


1.Xbox One 1TB Console

If you love playing XBox games but can’t afford a 360, this game console might be what you need. It is capable of playing all of the iconic games, along with some of the newer ones designed for the 360.  It comes with the Gears of War game set, along with one controller, and you can also download Blind Forest and Ori for more options right out of the box. With the headset jack you can play for hours without disturbing others, and you will love how clear the images appear with the console’s HD capabilities. You can even switch instantly between your games and live TV, along with several video apps.


Buy from Amazon for ($399)




Sony Playstation 4


2.Playstation Console Bundle

With 500GB of memory you can easily play and save your progress on all of your games, and the Sony Playstation also comes with everything you need to start playing without any additional expenses. It comes with one downloadable game, along with a controller and HD cable. You can also connect to an online community for even more gaming options. Compatible with Playstation headsets and capable of producing wireless surround sound this gaming console by Sony can help you stay entertained for hours.


Buy from Amazon for ($459)




Xbox 360


These days, millions of people have a Xbox 360 4 GB game console in their homes, known for its solid construction and advanced features. The Xbox 360 S console includes the Kinect Sensor and the Disneyland adventures game which is more than entertaining. Furthermore, this game console includes the Xbox 360 wireless controller and the highly anticipated Kinect adventures game. This is the reason why a growing of the current top rated game console reviews underline the awesomeness of the Xbox 360.


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Sony PlayStation Vita


Considered by thousands of people as one of the best game consoles in 2019, the Sony PlayStation Vita represents a reliable method to obtain hours of excitement while playing your favorite games. You will experience a revolutionary gaming setup, due to the dual analog sticks, front and rear camera and the front multi-touch display. Furthermore, the model comes with a multi-touch rear pad and a new specific media flash-based storage that makes the whole gaming experience a lot more delightful irrespective of the hour of the day.


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Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue


It can be pretty difficult to find the best game console capable of delivering hours and hours of excitement and joy. This is the reason more and more people are using with confidence the Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue game console.  The Nintendo 3DS delivers a variety of new ways of play, in the highly appreciated 3D option without using special glasses. You can play games in 3D while also taking photos in 3D with the Nintendo console. Furthermore, the model has one inner camera and also two outer cameras making it one of the best game consoles in 2019.


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PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Bundle


Game technology has slowly  won more and more customers so there is no wonder why newer models appear so quickly. The PS4, one of the best game consoles in 2019, brings some new features: a touch pad that helps you improve your gaming, a more sensitive sensor and a share button so the other players see your winnings. You can use a smartphone or tablet as a second screen, download new applications and watch the skills of your friends a at specific game. The graphic is noticeably better and durability taken to a higher level. It is designed so as not to get overheated in case you will get carried away.


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PlayStation 2


Even though it is a bit outdated, the PlayStation 2 is still a legend in the game console world and if you are an enthusiast it can still be fun if you buy it, remembering the good old days. It has the DVD playback and Digital surround sound. The nice and sleek black design, just 2.8 cm, features two memory cards slots at the back. This makes it extremely easy to carry and move around. You even get the integrated Ethernet and modem ports for easy online play. The PlayStation 2 remains a heavyweight and can be bought to feel the thrills of years past once more.


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