If you don’t have much time to search for the best games for toddlers and reading our excellent reviews is more than you can afford, this short paragraph sums up everything you need to know. It’s based on information gathered from expert review sites and customer feedback. It turns out the product you should have in mind is the Think Fun Move and Groove. It’s really fun, and it provides a wide range of advantages. It helps toddlers improve their coordination and spatial orientation. It also makes them cooperate better and increases their attention. As it uses simple rules, you can start using the game when the baby is just 18 months old, and you can continue playing it until they’ve reached 3 or 4 years. The game is unrestricted and relaxed, encouraging expression and affective growth. If the Think Fun Move and Groove is out of stock, you could take a look at the Skoolzy Peg Board Set.



Buying guide


We’ve written this guide in order to help you find the products easier and faster. Here’s what should matter most when you have to make a decision.


Some of the parenting guides are so precise in their recommendations that they include a month by month elaborate program for introducing new toys and games to your kid. A parent can’t keep up with that, and individual differences have to be considered.

Still, there are things that babies enjoy more depending on their age, and the best toddler games are those well adapted to this principle.

As the newborn starts to explore the world, bright colors and multiple patterns attract their attention. They also love toys that make squeaking sounds or have a soft texture.

Then, 1-year-olds prefer toys that can entice them with the fascinating relationship between cause and effect. They need objects that respond to their actions and make them find put to use the motor skills they recently acquired. That’s why stacking or nesting objects, sorting shapes and solving simple puzzles is what attracts them most.

2 or 3 years old toddlers are now fine-tuning their motor skills and enjoy a good pretend play. So props for make-believe games are ideal as are toys with buttons, musical instruments, and ride-on toys.



Good games for toddlers achieve more than just keeping the baby busy and quiet. They are the ideal way to facilitate the proper development of a child and help them reach developmental milestones.

Toddlers learn from experience, so if you want to emphasize progress in a particular area of their development, then you should pick the types of games that are suitable for that.

There are 5 major areas you need to pay attention to. The games have to involve cognitive development, fine motor skill development, gross motor skill development, speech and language development and social and emotional development. Fun is always important when learning takes place, so always keep that on the list, too.



Toddler games reviews point out how certain games can influence a baby’s progress. Some of the skills need specific attention, and you can encourage advancement in the associated area.

If the baby has to run, balance or hop, it helps them with their gross motor skills. If they have to draw lines, use buttons, build with blocks or stack, put puzzle pieces together, they’re going to improve their fine motor skills.

Games that involve role play, understanding, and following directions or naming things will boost their communication and language development. Classifying, counting and identifying colors are part of cognitive development.

Games that are played in small groups and require children to take turns are great for social development, and the same is valid for activities that involve cooperation.



You can buy cheap toddler games, but there’s always a risk. Be cautious when it comes to low prices because low-quality materials are not safe for kids. Besides checking for symbols and tags that can reassure you, stay away from toys that can break or tear easily and become dangerous.

When you read about the products, determine whether the game can be played safely when parents are not around. It’s important to know If the game requires your presence all the time. On the other hand, it’s also a good thing to know if you’ll have fun along with the kid.



Top Rated Games for Toddlers in 2019


If you want to explore some of the toddler games for sale, our top picks are showcased below so you can take a closer look. We hope you and your toddler will have lots of fun with them.


Our Recommendations


Think Fun Move and Groove


Based on an idea related to Roll & Play, this game offers kids a fun way to move and improve their spatial orientation, build balance coordination and gather confidence. It also increases their attention span and their natural disposition to cooperation.

This is a dance game that can be used for toddlers 18 months of age and older, as it addresses their basic development stages. Some customers use it successfully with children that are 4 or 5 years old, and it can be used by adults just as well for more family fun.

The pack includes a large plush cube made of washable material. The cube has a storage pocket that contains 48 dance move cards. The rules of the game are quite simple. Once you roll the cube, the color on the side determines the color of the card. The player has to perform the movement described on the card.

The Think Fun Move and Groove is great for introducing gameplay to toddlers as they can enjoy movement without fear of doing things wrong or pressure to execute them the right way. This interpretive gameplay stimulates creativity and helps children develop coordination and flexibility while maintaining balance. It’s funny and instructive at the same time.

Buy from Amazon for ($19.99)




Skoolzy Peg Board Set


If you want to offer your toddler a game that can enhance a multitude of skills and still be entertaining, then you should give Skoolzy Peg Board a try. The product contains 30 pegs and a large foam pegboard. That makes it simple enough to understand and manipulate and it also provides plenty of ways to organize the game.

Little babies have difficulties in grasping small items with their fingers, that’s why the product uses oversized pegs. It makes it easier to grab and stack the pieces on the board. Some of the buyers found the size of the pieces and the game plan ideal for occupational therapy.  

You can give it to your baby as a parent, teacher or therapist and expect them to improve their capacity to recognize and match colors, count, sort or stack objects in a particular pattern.

As it’s a good way to improve fine motor skills, you can expect great results when you’re using it as a resource for the Montessori method. People expressed their preference for it when they chose preschool toys or learning toys for toddlers. Manufacturers also recommend it in autism cases or for babies with special needs.

By playing with the pegs, kids make noticeable progress with their coordination and start to develop and strengthen visual perception.

The game includes a drawstring tote for easily storing the pieces. You can travel with it and keep the room clean.

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The Learning Journey Match It


If you don’t know how to train your baby’s math skills without making it sound like a boring activity, you can use The Learning Journey Match It. This is a fun memory game that transforms problem-solving into something playful.

The game is based on finding and matching pairs of cards that complete the equations and give them the correct form, so that will also help your toddler develop their memory skills. You can introduce them early, helping the children go through the recognition process easier.

The cards are just what the baby needs for making contact with counting, addition, and subtraction. They also provide a good opportunity for the contact between the parent and the baby, supporting cooperation skills. When the game is played, a parent must always be present to interact with their child.  

The game includes 30 double sided pairs. These 60 game cards are well-illustrated with bright colors and are made of high-quality cardboard. The solid feel of the elements was outlined by most of the buyers.

Using simple tools to help the baby in their development is a great solution, and it’s preferable to complex game sets that can prove tiresome and overcomplicated. You can start using the game when your baby is 36 months old.

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