What to Consider When Buynig a Top Gamign Adapter


Buying the best gaming adapter in 2019 may seem like a complicated thing to do, particularly if you’re a beginner in matters of online gaming. Adapters are crucial when it comes to capturing wireless internet signals, and one of the most important details to consider when browsing for models is compatibility.

While most modern consoles come with built-in systems that allow them to connect to the internet via WiFi, some older models require the use of an adapter. If you’re unsure about the specifications of the device you own, our advice to you is to look for them online or thoroughly read the manual. Going through some of the best gaming adapter reviews can help you pick the right model.


Consoles and gaming adapters

All consoles, regardless of how modern or old-fashioned they are, require the use of a wireless router. This device is needed in order to connect to the WLAN. If you’re looking for one of the top rated gaming adapters of 2019, you need to know the console model you’re the owner of. For example, if you own a Microsoft Xbox 360, a Sony PlayStation 2 or a launch model of a PlayStation 3, you need to purchase a separate adapter.


Wireless adapter compatibility

Consoles usually require adapters that are manufactured by the same brand. Even though there are many adapter models on the market today of which claim to be compatible with a large variety of consoles, that’s rarely true if you own one produced by Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is one of those devices that strictly requires an adapter manufactured by the same brand.

Be sure to read as much information as possible before choosing a model over another one, as this will save you both time and money.



Prices of gaming adapters largely vary according to the WiFi technology. Buyers are often forced to choose between products that offer either fast connection speeds or short range signals. Some models can cost as little as $30, but they generally come with a basic set of features and are mostly destined for people who plan on using them on a limited range.


Top Rated Gaming Adapters in 2019


To make matters easier, we’ve put together a list of the three gaming adapters that we’ve found to be popular and acclaimed. Make sure to remember that reading some of the best gaming adapter reviews can help you make up your mind about the model you need to buy and about what your needs and preferences are.


Netgear Universal WNCE4004 Adapter for Video and Gaming


1.NETGEAR Universal N900This Netgear model is among the most cutting-edge ones out there, considering it comes with not 3 but 4 ports. The device is capable of connecting via WiFi to a wide variety of electronic devices, such as game consoles, various media players (Blu-ray included) and even smart TVs. The data transfer rate of this one consists of a whopping 100 MB per second.

Since connectivity is a major issue for online gamers, we made sure to look for relevant information in this sense. Although it is not compatible with Microsoft Xbox consoles, it works wonderfully with the first generation of Sony Playstation 3, which do not come with built-in WiFi.

Thanks to a single device, users are able to watch HD TV and play hardcore games. This is one of the reasons why the Netgear Universal N900 has gathered some of the best gaming adapter reviews. According to some buyers, it works great with netbooks, notebooks, TV sets and PS3 consoles. An individual speaks highly about the power options of the device considering the fact that it can even be charged using a good old USB port.

Netgear is a company known for providing satisfactory customer support, which is why there are only a few neutral mentions belonging to customers.

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TRENDnet N450 TEW-687GA Gaming Adapter


2.TRENDnet N450 TEW-687GACompared to the previously described Netgear model, this TRENDnet one clearly has a more affordable price. It can often be bought for an afforable price, but it comes with a series of features which largely contribute to it being known as the best gaming adapter of 2019. As is the case with other devices belonging to the same line, this one can also connect to various electronic devices, such as DVRs, receivers and TV sets.

The theoretical wireless throughput of this one is estimated at around 450 MB per second.

As for compatibility, it seems to work even with the Microsoft Xbox, which can only be considered a pleasant surprise, since there are but a few devices that can work with this type of console. Users claim they successfully utilize this TRENDnet adaptor for PS3s and for streaming internet TV programs.

With this model, some buyers found the installation process to be overly complicated, while for others it was a breeze. Since setting up an electronic device sometimes depends on an individual’s technical abilities, it’s safe to say that reading the manual will make buyers get rid of any confusion. If possible, gamers are advised to test it in a showroom before finalizing their purchase.

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Cisco-Linksys WGA54G Gaming Adapter


3.Cisco-Linksys WGA54GWith a list price that’s usually under $100, this device is among the cheapest ones we’ve come across. Paying less money will cost you, however, considering the maximum speed of this one is estimated at 54 MB per second. Fortunately for people worried about connectivity, the device can be used with the majority of consoles out there, including the Xbox and the GameCube.

Unlike other models, the Cisco-Linksys unit is completely driver-free, thus eliminating the frustration behind any installation process. Customers that are looking for a basic model that they can use with multiple game consoles will be glad to stumble upon this one. It’s an inexpensive gaming adapter, but its capabilities are somewhat limited, since it cannot work with smart TVs or media players.

While a number of buyers have awarded the product some of the best gaming adapter reviews, some others frown upon the performance of the unit. It appears that, in spite of the device being driver-free, some people still manage to have a hard time when it comes to installing it. Various individuals have described the setup process as being complicated and time consuming, but the irony is that it was quite simple to install for others.

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