Gaming mice Price comparison


To get the most out of a game, the equipment that is used must be above reproach. A proper mouse is a must-have equipment for any serious gamer. Best gaming mice ratings help you know about the most recommended gaming mouse.


Logitech G9X


Best Gaming mice Ratings

The Logitech G9X with its array of fabulous features is an expected entry in the best gaming mouse poll. It’s very futuristic looking body offers you next generation laser gaming, which allows you precise handling at any hand speed. This mouse also provides you with a variety of grip options so that you can choose one best suited to your gaming style. The adjustable weight feature is also directed towards this end. This mouse is customizable from top to bottom and easy to operate. The in-built MicroGear Precision Scroll wheel allows no fuss weapon selection functionality in game mode.



Razer deathadder 3500


This gaming mouse combines an ergonomic design with precision handling. The right-handed design along with the rubber coating make this mouse extremely comfortable to use, and suitable for extended gameplay. Additional control is provided by the mouse’s 24 position scroll wheel and its 3500 dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor- which offers you 4 times more precision than a standard mouse. The response time taken by this mouse to execute an action is very less due to its Ultrapolling technology. Overall, this mouse is built in such a manner so as to provide you with an advantage over your opponents.



Logitech MX518 


The Logitech MX518 is a high performance optical gaming mouse. In one click you can instantly change the dpi from 400 to 1600 (and anywhere in between). This allows you to customize the mouse’s precision settings according to the requirements of the game. The mouse’s buttons and various controls are also customizable. Besides this, the mouse also offers features that are useful in any game like high speed handling, accurate targeting and pinpoint precision. PTFE coated feet allow the mouse to glide smoothly across any surface. Best gaming mice ratings show this mouse to be immensely popular among serious gamers.



Logitech G500


This is a programmable gaming mouse that comes with 10 programmable buttons with in-game macros access. Gamers love the game-grade laser functionality provided by this mouse. You can even save your game settings in the mouse’s onboard memory. Another feature included in this mouse – to add to the gamers’ comfort – is the extra 27 grams of weight that can be personalised to suit your needs. The adjustable dpi which can be adjusted up to 5700 allows you a wide range of values, from which you can choose the setting best suited to your needs. This mouse allows very precise handling.



Steel series Xai laser gaming mouse


According to the best gaming mice ratings, this mouse is ground-breaking. It is designed in a manner so as to provide a perfect fit and grip to the gamer. It provides very smooth tracking and movement. The technology and features fitted into it make it a state- of-the-art precision tool. Its design and development are targeted towards providing an advantage to the person using this mouse. It can process up to 12,000 frames per second, moving at 150 inches per second. The macros capabilities supported by this mouse are very advanced: up to 200 strokes per button. It is the ultimate gaming mouse.