Top rated gaming monitors in 2016


A high quality monitor can enhance the clarity of movies, games, TV-shows or concerts thus making such activities real viewing pleasure. Once you gather information on the top rated gaming monitors in 2019, you will be able to identify one that suits your cinematic or gaming needs. Still, it is important to know that choosing a monitor is not that easy as one might think since there are certain features which need to be present. If you are one of the people who spend hours in front of the computer for hours then a HQ and high definition monitor is mandatory, in keeping your eyes healthy.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Display size Price Resolution Weight (lbs) Our Rating Where to buy

BenQ RL2455HM

24″ $$$ 1080p 9.03 A+ AMAZON


24″ $$$$ 1080p 12.13 A AMAZON

Asus VE278Q

27″ $$$$ 1080p 15.5 B AMAZON

Asus VE228H

21.5″ $$ 1080p 9.04 B+ AMAZON

Dell E Series E2414H

24″ $$ 1080p 6.75 C+ AMAZON


How to choose a good gaming monitor – Professional buying guide


gammonGaming is a growing phenomenon and more and more people are taking it up. With 4% of the world population into hard gaming we can understand why it has become a huge deal in modern times. If you are a gaming enthusiasts then you want to play your favorite PC games in the best way possible, you will be required you to have the right gaming configured PC and other top pieces of hardware. The monitor will enhance your visual ability and if you want to purchase one you should read the following lines.

The first obligatory thing a top monitor must have is a warranty from the manufacturer, which is normally 2 years. If the warranty is lower than this level then you shouldn’t even consider giving it a try. Now for a gamer image quality is essential and for this you will need a Full HD monitor or a simple HD one, depending on the performances of your actual PC. But try out the monitor for yourself before you buy it, to see with your own eyes if the image is flawless. Now the size aspect is up to you and just so you know the bigger they are the more expensive they get.

Top 24 inch monitors for instance are above $600, so be prepared to spend big if you are after that special monitor. Now you can either go for the common WLED monitor which has some very good all balanced features or for the RGB LED which is better but is much more expensive at the same time.

Now that you know some basics about monitors you can choose which one fits your possibilities the most so you can enjoy your gaming time that much more. Check out also the customer reports and reviews because they will point out great models for all price ranges.


Our Top Choices



BenQ Gaming Monitor RL2455HM


best gaming monitorBenQ is known in the wide world for producing the best gaming monitors in 2019 and this model is one of them. Every competitive gamer is aware of how important visibility and speed are for victories. Due to the Black eQualizer technology this monitor is capable of adding more light to dark scenes. This feature brings extra advantages to those who prefer to be a shooter or fighter. Fast paced action games can benefit now of 1 ms GTG response time without experiencing blurry images. It is compatible with Windows 8 color system and has a headphone jack so those around will not be disturbed by noise.

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ASUS VG248QE LED-lit Monitor


This LED monitor can bring more reality to your games and also help improving your performances. 24 inches of high resolution and ultimate technology in terms of smooth motion (1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate) are just few from many features that are lauded in the best gaming monitors reviews. This purchase gives a new dimension to your matches because it is equipped with NVIDIA 3D Light Boost Technology. If you are used to be luckless try not to worry because it comes with a 3 years warranty. It also has inbuilt speakers and a large range of connectivity options.

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Asus VE278Q 27-Inch LED Monitor


Best gaming monitor reviewThe Asus expertise in designing monitors is without question one of the best. To this extent is not a surprise to see the Asus VE278Q 27-Inch model is set among the top rated gaming monitors in 2019. With a full definition 1080p resolution and a 10M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, the Asus VE278Q 27-Inch LED monitor offers the user clear and in-depth details images in any context whether you are watching movies, concerts, TV-shows and games. This monitor has 2 HDMI ports which enables you to connect it with PC’s, notebooks and even cameras, fast and without no issues or restrictions.

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Asus VE228H 21.5-Inch Ultra-Thin Full-HD LED Monitor


Asus VE228H 21.5-InchFor years now the Asus monitors have been in the centre of attention due to their life expectancy, efficiency and clarity in display. It comes as no surprise to see the Asus VE228H 21.5-Inch LED Monitor as one of the top rated gaming monitors in 2019 enriching the quality of the cinematic or gaming experience within any context. With the 21.5” LED widescreen, a full 1080p high definition and also the unique Asus display technology, VE228H monitor is a channel of viewing pleasure, worth sharing with friends and even family members.

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Dell E Series E2414H 24-Inch Screen LCD Monitor


The Dell E Series E2414H 24-Inch Screen LCD Monitor contains wonderful features such as an HD widescreen with a 24 inches display, excellent display quality through color and quality, LED backlighting, Fast 5ms response time and 83% color gamut; among others. Any gamer would surely love this because aside from its functionality, convenience and quality, there is also a spacious 16:9 widescreen format for them to play and be entertained. With the accessible plug-and-play VGA and DVI-D ports, you can easily access your peripherals. And with its Dell Display Manager, you can also preset auto modes easily. And since you tend to enjoy the game for a long time, you can adjust your monitor in different angles so your neck won’t hurt.

“I wanted to go for LED backlight technology so this is why I opted for this monitor from Dell. The image quality is something special which makes me feel like I am in the actual game. I certainly have enhanced my gaming experience with this monitor.” – Robert Wright

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BenQ XL2420TE High Performance Professional Gaming Monitor


The BenQ XL2420TE 144Hz, 1ms High Performance 24-Inch Professional Gaming Monitor is ideal for all types of gamers who don’t want their eyes to get hurt. It is because it has a ZeroFlicker technology that delivers visual comfort so you don’t have to worry about enjoying the game longer. Moreover, it has a height adjustment, Black eQualizer, S Switch, FPS Mode, Display Mode, Smart Scaling and game mode loader, so gamers would really have a blast without the unnecessary hassles. Ideal for FPS game play, BenQ obviously kept its reputation as the world’s leading brand in gaming monitor, obtaining numerous recommendations from best gaming monitors reviews. This feature further provides Optimization Management (GROM) that gives the remarkable gaming performance.

“This BenQ monitor is so much better than my old one which for which clearly the time had passed. The great images make me love certain games even more and I have nothing to complain about their visual quality. Plus it actually has a decent price, for its features.” – Steve Buckley

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Viewsonic VX2450WM-LED Monitor


top rated gaming monitors in 2019Receiving one the best gaming monitor review, in the last couple of months, Viewsonic VX2450WM LED model is ideal for passionate people who spend many hours at a desk. Situated in an affordable price range, this monitor is one of the best products that combine quality and professionalism. With a full HD 1920×1080 resolution and a solid 20.000.000:1 MEGA Contrast Ratio with all the features needed to offer clear and beautiful images. The LED high definition system of the Viewsonic VX2450WM doesn’t disappoint. Furthermore with the 5ms response time pattern the games will register no blurs or shades.

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Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED 24-Inch Ultra-thin widescreen LED Monitor


Reading the best gaming monitor review will help you to understand why Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED 24-Inch model as one of the most efficient and advanced, still remains in the top positions each year. With an ultra-thin widescreen LED Monitor the Viewsonic model is considered one of the best gaming monitors currently available on the market. The monitor has a 2MS response time frame which is just right for games, movies or other visual experiences. Weighing in just 9 pounds you can also take the monitor at LAN game parties or rooms with your friends thus adding more fun to the game experience.

“I think I hit the jackpot when I bought this LED monitor from Asus for such a reduced price. The 27 inch screen makes me totally captivated by the game world that I am in. It provides such good experiences for me, making me recommend it to other part-time gamers.” – Andrew Carson

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Products which are no longer available



Viewsonic VA2231WM-LED 22-Inch Widescreen LED Monitor


The Viewsonic VA2231WM-LED monitor has a 22-inch widescreen full high definition 190 x 180 resolution and 10 million to 1 dynamic contrast ration display that offers clear pictures in any circumstance, day or night. Furthermore the design of Viewsonic helps the user save by up to 50% more energy efficient than other products in its category, placing this model far ahead from the others. With a subtle price quality balance, the Viewsonic widescreen monitor is a smart investment to any home, enriching the quality of the images and videos or games environmental challenges.

“I read a lot of reviews about the Viewsonic VX2450WM-LED monitor and it seemed to be extremely solid with a high detailed picture quality. I went and saw it for myself, I was impressed and now I have it on my desk, providing the visual content of my games.” – Jack Lawrence