Tips for Buying One of the Best Gaming Monitors under 150


Whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer, having a good gamming monitor will allow you to fully enjoy your latest games at maximum quality. Having to choose from so many models and products, it is sometimes hard to find the one that perfectly satisfies your needs. Reading this article will allow you to know all about gaming monitors, helping you save a lot of time and money on your next purchase.


Screen size

While larger monitor models help the user immerse in the action on the screen, smaller models may come with fast response times and better image quality. Choosing a medium size monitor will offer you both visual comfort and the quality you need.



Unlike other monitors, a gaming monitor must be particularly good at displaying fast moving images. This aspect is extremely important when playing fast action, shooter or racing games. Keep in mind to check the monitor’s response time and choose the model with the lowest latency available.



Having a monitor capable of higher resolutions will allow you to play the latest games at maximum details. Today, a full HD 1080p resolution will enable you to play all the new games at their highest graphical settings.


Highest Rated Gaming Monitor under 150


Searching through all the best gaming monitors around, we found three models that stand apart from the rest. Loved by their users and earning top scores in consumers’ reviews, each of these models impresses with its beautiful and functional design, superior image quality, fast response time and excellent resolution capabilities.


Asus VS228H-P LCD Monitor


1.ASUS VS228H-P LCD MonitorWith its sleek, modern design and smart configurable VESA mount, this gaming computer is one of the most beautiful and easy to adjust models on the market. Using its powerful backlight, the ASUS VS228H-P provides an excellent 50,000,000:1 contrast ration, allowing it to display any images with maximum clarity.

Its Integrated Aspect Ratio controller allows the user to select the desired aspect ratio in order to match with the game’s requirements. With a single push of a button, this monitor will switch from a standard wide screen to a 4:3 type without the need of any adjustments from the user or the game. Regardless of the used aspect ratio, the final image will be picture perfect without any distortions or artifacts.

Coming to gamers’ aid, the ASUS VS228H-P boasts a super low 2ms response time, allowing it to rank on top of many other gaming monitors. Designed to be as versatile as possible, this gaming monitor can also be used at home or anywhere else, making it the best gaming monitor under 150 you can purchase right away. Fast, responsive and versatile this gaming computer is a top choice for all those who like to play their games at maximum quality.

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BenQ GL2460HM Monitor


2.BenQ GL2460HM MonitorWith a focus on image quality, this gaming monitor comes with plenty of color settings, configurations and presets, making it a perfect choice for movie watching, gaming and office work. Using its innovative BenQ Senseye Human Vision system, the BenQ GL2460HM will adapt its colors to the images on the screen in order to deliver the best image quality and clarity possible.

Featuring a native full HD 1920×1080 resolution, this monitor will allow its users to fully enjoy all the next gen games at their maximum possible graphic quality. With its fast 2ms response time, the BenQ GL2460HM will not interfere with the fast pace of the game, making it ideal for car racing games or first person shooters. A zero flicker design removes any unwanted flickering, keeping the players’ eyes free of additional visual stress during gaming sessions.

Two stereo speakers allow users to listen to their favorite songs, play games or watch movies without the need for an additional speaker system. Using nothing but its multimedia HDMI port in order to connect to any type of device, from computers to smartphones and tablets, the BenQ GL2460HM can turn into a fully featured home entertainment system.

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Acer G246HL Monitor


3.Acer G246HL MonitorSleek, fast and functional, this gaming monitor is one of the most praised models available on the market today. With brilliant colors, functional design and perfect quality image, this could easily be best gaming monitor under 150 you can buy right now.

Unlike other gaming monitors, this model is designed to please its user with picture perfect images. With its full HD 1080p resolution and an incredible 100-million-to-1 contrast ratio, this monitor is one of the best when it comes to clarity and image definition. Capable of replacing a graphic station monitor or a home cinema display, the Acer G246HL is a perfect choice for all those who want the best quality image.

Using a stable 5ms response time, this gaming monitor avoids any tearing and shadowing even on fast moving games, keeping its user playing for an extended period of time without any additional eye strain.

Large, comfortable and adaptable, this gaming monitor is intended for players who like to be amazed and get immersed in their games. Featuring incredibly vivid colors, high contrast and perfect high resolution, the Acer G246HL Monitor is a dream choice for all those who appreciate image quality above all else.

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