Top rated gaming mice reviews


Any professional gamer understands the importance of owning a reliable gaming mouse, capable of accurate control during each game. Searching for the best gaming mouse 2019 requires patience since the multitude of products grows with each passing month. This is why we carefully tested 20 of the most popular gaming mouse models available for purchase. After 70 hours of attentive tests, we were able to select five models that are simply amazing in the right hands. Each mouse can be used during adventure, FPS, strategy or racing games!


Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse


Best gaming mouse 2019A good gaming mouse can make all the difference in the world during a game! This is why we recommend the G700s Rechargeable gaming mouse from Logitech. With this powerful gaming mouse, anyone can play the game without restriction. Gamers will absolutely adore this product. It packs precision, comfort and reliability! The mouse includes 13 programmable buttons, capable of improving the gaming experience. Complex macros become easier to handle during the most important parts of games! It has USB recharging which works even during games. The G700s gaming mouse from Logitech helps gamers reach their full potential due to the precise control over each step of the game!

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Razer Naga 2019 MMO Gaming Mouse


Among the best gaming mice 2019 we find the Naga 2019 MMO from Razer. This gaming instrument packs 12 mechanical thumb grid buttons which help gamers react faster during games. How? This device includes fast actuations and a fast tactile feedback system. The gaming mouse has an ergonomic design which feels very comfortable in the hand. This device features Razer Synapse 2.0 technology for precise response during game changes. The gaming mouse has 8200dpi 4G laser sensor and a fast tilt click scroll wheel. The mouse fits fairly easy in any gamer’s hands! It is fully compatible with Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Windows Vista and Mac OS X!

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Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Gaming Mouse


With the best gaming mouse 2016 serious gamers can control every moment of the action easier than ever. Now, for amazing gaming experiences we recommend the R.A.T.5 mouse from Mad Catz. Designed for long sessions of fun and enthusiasm, this gaming mouse is perfect for Mac and PC. This model enhances gaming performance for a unique experience, capable of transforming regular gamers into real pros. The mouse has an ergonomic design, which easily fits hand size and ensures proper grip. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that enhances proper grip during games. The gaming mouse incorporates 6 programmable buttons with a user friendly scroll wheel.

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RazerDeathAdder Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse


Picking a model from the best gaming mice 2019 can be pretty difficult. Thousands of gamers use with complete confidence the DeathAdder Ergonomic PC gaming mouse from Razer. This powerful gaming mouse uses the world’s first 6400dpi optical sensor for enhanced gaming performance. The gaming mouse uses a 4G sensor for optimized response during games. It has an ergonomic design with advanced textured rubber for amazing gaming experiences. The device includes a gold-plated USB connector and weighs only 0.23 lbs. This powerful gaming mouse from Razer is perfect for FPS gamers that want to win games by quickly killing enemies.

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Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Weight Tuning


It is important to have access to a professional gaming mouse in order to perform during any game. One of the most popular models people can buy comes from Logitech, the G500s! This powerful laser mouse has adjustable weight and offers proper balance. This gaming mouse includes 10 programmable buttons and special on-board memory for proper management during games. It features dual-mode scroll wheel for safe clicks to hyper-fast scrolling and amazing results. Professional gamers should use this high quality gaming mouse in order to expand their skills and win game after game. This is a smart investment which won’t disappoint!

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