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Top rated gaming mice in 2017


Gaming is not just something, fun it is a form of art where people can master their skills set and general creative and intuitive pattern. Still, in order to evolve during any game it is essential to have at your disposal efficient tools that can provide aid. Most gamers in the world are very attentive when it comes to their mouse structure, design and extended features. A professional gaming mouse gives the user a huge advantage, helping him control better the character through a faster response rate. Today, after reading the best gaming mouse reviews you will be able to identify the product suited to your needs thus creating the prospects for better results during any game.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


ProductWireless – WiredPriceLaser SensorWeightOur RatingWhere to buy

Logitech G9X

Wired$$$$5000 dpi5.4 ozA+AMAZON

Logitech MX518

Wired$$$1800 dpi15.2 ozAAMAZON

Logitech G500

Wired$$$5700 dpi4.6 ozBAMAZON

Razer Deathadder 3500

Wired$$$3500 dpi14.4 ozB+AMAZON

Razer Naga MMO

Wired$$8200 dpi4.8 ozB+AMAZON


Logitech G9X mouse


Best gaming mouse reviewsIn the present the Logitech G9X gaming mouse is considered to be the best tool a passionate gamer can ever hope to use. Customizable from top to bottom and in a low price range the G9X model fits anyone’s personal preferences and style within the environments of any game, with ease and no fuss. The interchangeable grip allows you to select a fit and feel, suited to your basic playing style. Furthermore the next-generation laser gives you more precision during the game at any hand speed thus getting the upper hand against your game enemies. It is no surprise to see the Logitech G9X mouse considered being part of the current top rated gaming mouse in 2017.

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Logitech MX518 gaming mouse


The best gaming mouse reviews underline the efficiency of the Logitech MX518 model in the hands of anyone that wants to expand its gaming potential. The mouse has a 400-1600 Dpi, precise accuracy, targeting and more importantly high speed handling, useful in any given game moment. Designed to fit right in the palm of your hand with ease, the MX518 will glide with ease over approximately any surface without experiencing problems. The model has in game switching which allows you to control over cursor speed and with an efficient response time without any issues registered during the actual game.

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Logitech G500 programmable gaming mouse


Passion within any gaming experience needs a firm instrument of control which is mostly found in the Logitech G500 programmable gaming mouse that truly raises the bar. Combing efficiency and affordability the G500 enables gamers to expand their skill set and potency during any type of game without worrying about problems or issues. The model has 27 grams which is not much taking into consideration other products available on the market. Coming with a solid 5700 dpi accuracy rate and 10 programmable buttons for all your in-game macros/keys it comes as no surprise to see the Logitech G500 as one of the top rated gaming mouse in 2017.

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Razer deathadder 3500



Razer deathadder 3500The Razer deathadder 3500 combines both comfort and a high level of precision which can help any gamer has a subtle advantage over his adversaries. The right handed design melds with the hand and due to the scroll wheel there are 24 individual click positions which expand the regular control over the character. With 3500 dpi and steady 3.5G infrared sensor you will manage to precisely play any game. Furthermore with the response time of 1000Hz due to Razer’s ultra-polling technology you will be able to adapt faster to any of the game’s development.

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Steel series Xai High performance laser gaming mouse


The Steel series Xai laser gaming mouse is not just a simple gadget it is a precise tool that can help people achieve their best during any game. Featuring state of the art technology and the latest ground-breaking technical findings, the Xai performance mouse has one important objective: to strengthen the user’s basic performance. The sensor of the Xai lase mouse offers important improvement over other products, processing by up to 12.000 frames per second at movement speeds of 150 inches per second which is more than enough for an experienced gamer. To this extent the best gaming mouse reviews underline the professionalism put into the design of the Xai laser.